One Week Old!

Wow, I have today managed to have breakfast before midday. Not only before midday, before 10am! I’ve even managed to bath, get dressed AND applied make up. Perhaps I’ve cracked it? I think not! I’m thinking this is a freak event rarely to be repeated.

I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since our Noah was handed into our care. A whole week has gone by and he’s still fit and healthy. A whole week of this scary new world of parenthood. We have already been on a roller coaster of emotion usually centred around Noah’s well being, of course everything’s been fine, just good old fashioned new parent paranoia. Thank god for google else I think we may have called the doctor atleast 3 times.

Bar the sleep deprivation I feel ok. My breasts are sore, dear God are they sore! I can understand why so many women give up on breast feeding. I’m sure that if we had the equipment in place on a couple of occasions I would have done the same. I feel saddened that so much pressure is put upon women to breast feed. Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of giving up on it but I have felt feelings of utter failure due to my inability to cope well with these feeding frenzies. OH has been amazingly supportive, leaving me little notes of encouragement in my iPad for me to find at 2am. Setting up night feed care packages that resemble some absurd Christmas Eve gift to Santa.


I think he feels somehow useless because he can’t take over and give me a break but I hope this passes and that he realises how of use he actually is. He’s cooking quite a lot, if you know me you know how protective I am about my kitchen, it would appear the arrival of Noah has released my hold on that room. To be fair, if I didn’t we wouldn’t be eating EVER! He’s doing a fantastic job of feeding me up, I’ve never felt so hungry in my life. Who knew breast feeding could make you so hungry. I’m ravenous! We even have pudding… I hate puddings, now I can’t stuff enough into my face quick enough. It’s going to transpire that all the hard work I put into not putting on weight during my pregnancy is going to be undone postnatal… Who knew?!

I’ve been religiously doing my pelvic floor exercises which I’m finally starting to feel now. This is making walking a lot less uncomfortable. I’m beginning to feel I don’t have to cross my legs every time I laugh or cough or sneeze or talk! Can’t wait to be able to start my yoga again, I’m feeling so stiff and hope it will restore some of my energy. I have started doing some breathing exercises but daren’t stretch just yet, stitches are still intact and don’t want to risk pulling any. Lord knows when I can actually start going for a run, but baby steps on that front I think.

Our learning curve continues to steepen everyday and we’re enjoying every step of it, our love for our beautiful boy continues to grow and intensify. I find myself staring down at his sleeping face in bed and could just melt into him. I wake up moments before he does (or so it seems) and he’s snuggled himself in towards my breast. He’s just so perfect. So beautiful. So us!


Happy one week birthday Noah.

Written: 29th November 2013


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