Week Three

The start to this week has seen the start of Christmas preparations.

Every year I go out and hunt down a tree, it has to be perfect and it’s pretty much always been picked by me which has resulted in some hilarious tales over the years including 13ft monsters that rendered the only door out of the lounge impassable and tales of wildlife still residing in it. Of course when it was in the field it looked like the 9fter I wanted. Think National Lampoon and you’ll be on the right track!

Anyway I digress, this year, for obvious reasons I’ve had to relinquish my hold on my tree tradition and hand it over to a trusted friend to pick it out for me. Now I trust her more than life itself when it comes to anything Christmas, she’s one of those people who are counting down the days in June! It’s beautiful… I love it! It’s Noah’s first Christmas and I wanted the tree to be perfect and it is. I spent Saturday evening dutifully decorating it and adding this year’s decoration courtesy of @craftsboy and with my beautiful mum in pride of place.


As for Christmas shopping, please don’t ask, I haven’t done anything… Nothing! Oops! Well not nothing. I have bought cards. I haven’t written them yet but bought they are.

We’ve also bitten the bullet and after much deliberation, on Sunday, OH hired a bednest. We’re hoping this will be a compromise for all of us. Giving Noah the security he obviously needs at night, me the sleep I need without freezing and OH the security that we’re all safe, well and rested. They are pricey to buy and we don’t have a cot as yet to ‘fashion’ into one (heirloom cot that’s still with my cousin currently) so we found this company who do a 6 month rental. Still more money than we can really afford but a necessary expenditure and if it works, money well spent. It arrived on Wednesday, I’ll let you know our opinion in due course after we’ve given it a week or two.

For three night’s running Noah slept through until 3am then I managed to settle him in his basket where he slept for the remainder of the night. Three night’s on the trot! I feel refreshed and energised!!

Cluster feeding continues to cause me issues with a stabbing pain through my nipple at night. Wandered around with half a cabbage patch shoved in my bra thinking it may be the start of mastitis, on later consideration (and googling, I’m afraid) I think I may have something called nipple blanching. Thinking this is caused by his latching when frantically feeding in the evening and by pure laziness on my part by not maintaining a proper latch in favour of getting a bit of rest. Take that as a lesson well learned.

Found out what the ‘falling’ reflex newborns have is called and googled it. The Moro Reflex; reading up on it has actually upset me. To think my perfect, precious little boy is born with a fear is unbelievably heart rending. Speaking on behalf of the majority of parents out there (I’d hope) our main aim is to keep our children safe and happy and to be made aware that our children are born with a fear is quite upsetting. It makes you aware of the stresses a baby must go through by the simple act of being born and there’s me moaning on about piles. Bless his heart, I want to cry every time he does it, damn you hormones.

Thursday brought our first trip out for baby clinic to get weighed. Oh. My. God. It’s a good thing these appointments are done on a drop in arrangement but they could do with extending the slot to 6 hours instead of 2 (1100-1300). It took me all morning to prepare for it. I had everything planned, or so I thought. I was bathed, dressed and even had makeup on. N was bathed and dressed and napping. Pram was set up and ready to go. Changing bag prepped and it was still only 0930. All I needed to do was feed and change his nappy and we were set to go. I’ll do this at 1030 giving us plenty of time to get up there.

How quickly things can deteriorate when a child is added to the mix. I didn’t count on a random cluster feed session where I had only factored in a ‘usual’ half an hour feed. He finished feeding with an hour left to walk up there before the end of the slot, it’s a good 15-20 minute walk. Changed his nappy, he vomited, all over his clothes so then had to change him. 40 minutes remaining. Thank god I’d set up pram earlier. It starts to rain, start faffing with raincover having never used it before. 30 minutes remaining. Stress levels are slowly rising then to top it off he starts to scream as I put on his hat and cardigan. I decide if he’s still screaming at the end of the road I’m not going. The HV can blooming well come to me!

As it turns out he calms down as we walk, he loves motion. We get to the clinic with 5 minutes to spare. I look a total wreck, my makeup has literally run off my face (it may be raining, but it ain’t cold) I’m sweating like a pig I have no idea what I have to do here and although the receptionist was lovely and very helpful the advice inside the clinic was non existent without prompting.

Anyway, he’s put on 6.5 oz his head circumference is fine (no worries there, as I predicted). Now to head back home and collapse.

The end of the week ended on a bit of a negative which was a bit of a shame on his 3rd week birthday. Total lack of sleep, VERY painful nipples and a very grouchy baby on Friday had me totally melt down the moment OH walked through the door on Friday afternoon. He was brilliant, bundled us up and took us for a walk into town to buy some nipple shields and get some air. N fell asleep at the gate, kicked myself for not trying that earlier myself. Came home had long soak in bath and regrouped. Felt really bad as had totally forgotten he had a leaving do to attend for one of the girls at work and because of my mild nervous breakdown he didn’t go, he didn’t even mention it so huge apologies go out to both him and Nic for being so pathetic.

N slept like a lamb that night, blessed sleep was had by all. So, in hind sight, perhaps the week actually ended on a positive note after all.


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