New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought this year as opposed to the usual inane last minute and annual pledge to: give up smoking (if I was smoking at the time), cut down on the booze, get fit, crash diet to get back to my 20 something body *coughs*, be nicer, don’t let nasty people affect the way I see myself, try something new.

This year is slightly different, this year my priorities have changed, this year my decisions and actions don’t only affect me anymore, this year I’m responsible for another human being, this year is going to be the start of the most amazing experience ever, and this is what I’m thinking…

Obviously I haven’t smoked or drunk alcohol for quite a long time now (smoking even longer) and can’t see that changing for at least the next 6 months due to breastfeeding. I can quite happily assume my liver has fully recovered from the abuse it’s suffered and haven’t missed my “Ouchy” statuses one iota.

Getting fit is a definite but I’m not going to set myself goals as I have no idea how easy it is to achieve them yet now that my life has changed so dramatically. I’m not pushing myself until Noah has a routine that will allow me to exercise without jeopardizing my much needed rest time. I will, however start my yoga again when the OH returns to work now my stitches have healed and lochia has finally stopped. Just need to get Noah to have a decent sleep at some point during the day.

I’m not likely to crash diet as I’m breast feeding and unless I want to pass out at any given moment I need my calories. That said I shall be returning to my fruit snacks instead of the cookies. This baking craziness that has possessed me since week 37 of my pregnancy I fully intend on stopping, or at least minimising. I was lucky enough to get through my entire pregnancy without putting on a single pound (in fact my post pregnancy weight was over half a stone less than my pre pregnancy one… The sins of alcohol!) and yet I risk ending up the size of a small elephant postnatally. I’m going to adopt a ‘nip it in the bud’ attitude. I never even liked chocolate before I was pregnant for god’s sake!

I will endeavour to adopt a ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ attitude when it comes to joining some mother/baby groups. I fully expect to shit myself before each one but I have to give it a go. I’m a total coward when it comes to doing things like this. I’m fine with back up but this I’m going to have to do on my own and that terrifies me. It would be very easy to stay in my comfort zone and not to bother but don’t think this is fair on Noah. This will start in the next week or so when Noah is old enough to take to baby massage, wish me luck!

I’m going to see/speak to my family and friends back home more.

Complete my course and look for a better position, I may even look into the logistics of re-training.

Above all else I endeavour to be the best parent to Noah that I can be. He is my priority now and I intend to do what it takes to ensure he is healthy, happy and above all else, loved. He is our dream come true, our miracle and 2014 and all the years that follow will be dedicated to his health and well being.

I’m well aware my success rate with New Year’s Resolutions isn’t great but if I only achieve 1 thing this year, 1 thing this lifetime it’s that last one. He is everything to me, my world and for that I would walk over hot coals the rest are just white noise.

2014… I’m ready for you and for once am excited to see what you bring.


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