Two Months Old


Well my beautiful boy, you are now (as of yesterday) officially two months old (9 weeks old tomorrow)

Two months since we welcomed you into our world.
Two months since I first held you and gazed into your beautiful face and soaked in every one of your beautiful features for the first time.
Two months of watching you grow.
Two months of needless worry over your health and development.
Two months where my love for you has grown beyond comprehension.
Two months of wonder and joy alongside a lot of angst.

I can’t believe how fast it’s galloping along and how much you are changing. Each day seems to bring something new to the table which amazes us and makes me fall that little bit more in love with you, if that’s at all possible.

You’ve been a little fractious this month my darling. I blame this on the antibiotics I’ve been polluting your perfect little body with. They’ve upset your little tummy and given you some proper bouts of tummy ache and vomiting and for this I apologise to you sweetheart. You’re so inquisitive and thus you’re easily bored and we can see that you’re going to be quite independent though I’m pleased to say nothing settles you more than being in my arms. We see you pushing yourself physically, ever eager to test your muscles.

This month has brought us tonnes of smiles, from little smirks to proper eye and mouth ear to ear grins. We get most of these first thing in the morning when you wake and see me smiling down at you and after you’ve been fed, washed and dressed. What a beautiful smile it is and each time I’m privileged enough to be the reason for this it melts my heart.

Muscle Development
Your neck and leg muscles are getting amazingly strong. You are constantly holding your head bolt upright and holding it for such a long time when in our arms. You do this and take in your surroundings and catch us by surprise when you let your head loll, usually to the detriment of my lip, you thankfully remain unscathed. There’s nothing you love more than combining this with using your legs to ‘stand’ (with obvious weight support) on our laps with your hands on our chest and have a proper look over our shoulders. Your grasp is so strong and you love to hold my hand when feeding.

Vocally you are coming on in leaps and bounds. Over the last few days you’ve started properly finding your voice and what a beautiful voice it is too. It’s taking me some time to get used to these and recognising that you are exercising your new found skills and not starting to ‘kick off’.

You still love to be held and walked around, I’ve recently bought a Boba Wrap to give my arms a rest and you are fast getting used to it. There are a couple of small windows during the day where you happily sit in your bouncer or on your play mat while we entertain you. You love me playing with your hands and feet and giving you different textures to feel. You are fascinated with watching me eat my cereal and two days ago I swear you laughed for the first time (I wasn’t aware my eating was so humorous). At times you are fascinated with the television and as much as I don’t want you to spend too much time in front of this I have to admit I’m using this time to enable me to wash and dress and enjoy a hot cup of tea. You are infatuated with watching me brush and straighten my hair and often find it quite amusing. If I turn my back on you you coo to get my attention and greet me with a smile when I turn back. You are easily bored though and soon tire of any activity after 10 minutes or so. You have well and truly discovered your hands now and like to bat at the animals dangling from your bouncer and like nothing more than to suck your hands when you’re hungry, often getting in the way of your latching.

Sleep evades you during the day at the moment. I think you are too intrigued with the world around you and don’t want to miss a thing so fight your tiredness with passion until you become so irate you’re inconsolable. I literally have to force you to sleep by either getting you in the car and taking you for a drive or taking you to bed and nursing you to sleep. Taking you for a walk doesn’t lull you to sleep anymore, I think it just stimulates you even more so we have to make sure you’re asleep before we put you in your pram to get some fresh air. At night though I can’t complain. You still wake at midnight, 3 and 6 but you feed and settle back to sleep so quickly it’s a godsend. We still struggle settling you in the basket or crib we have to make sure we warm the blanket you lie on first and play you white noise and invariably you end up wide awake again. I have noticed that you are paying more attention to your cot mobiles over the last few days so hopefully you’ll soothe yourself to sleep soon enough.

What routine? We are still being baby led thus following your lead where routine is concerned. The only time we interfere with this is when I force a nap on you in the afternoon and we do implement a ‘bedtime’ routine in the evening where you’re bathed, changed and fed for the wind down to bedtime.

This month has seen your 6 week check up at your doctor’s it saw you weighing in at 9Ib 3.5oz, measuring 53.5cm in length with a head circumference of 39cm and you passed all your checks wonderfully. Of course you decided to play the doctor and refused to open your eyes or mouth for him until he was concentrating on somewhere else. A subsequent weigh-in two weeks later saw you at 10Ib 1oz. I have, this week, packed away your newborn clothing and you are officially in your 0-3month ones, I can’t begin to tell you how it broke my heart packing away those tiny little babygros and vests, silly I know. You have to grow and I want you to grow it’s just a small insight into how time passes so quickly and I don’t want to miss or forget a moment of it.

Today I’ll be taking you to the doctor’s for your first set of immunisations against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, haemophilus influenzae type b(Hib), pneumococcal disease and rotavirus. I’m terrified! I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch them give you an injection and would rather be shot so you didn’t have to go through it, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Your father is coming with us for moral support although I’m not sure he’ll cope any better than me but he may just surprise me. It seems more of a shame because you have slept beautifully today allowing me to do a bit of housework, some yoga and eat lunch, though as I write this you are stirring and gently grunting yourself awake so this is where I sign off.

Two months… Wow!
We are privileged to have had
Two more months into the most terrifying, scary yet rewarding time of my life.
Two more months of loving you unconditionally.
Two more months of you, my beautiful wonderful little man cub.



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