Three Months Old

Today you turned three months old!!


I can’t believe how much you’ve changed since our 12 week update just over a week ago.

You have become such a mellow and content child. You’re still plodding on through this growth spurt which means you are feeding little and VERY often, sleeping a little more happily during the day and are still a little needy… you quite literally hang on to us for dear life which is ace for us as it makes us feel wanted by you. This growth spurt is a lot easier than your last one, thank god.

You handled your second jabs like a hero, we were so proud of you and this time you kept the rotavirus down which meant we had fun with your nappies. For a couple of days there we had some quite severe diplomatic incidents.

You are handing out smiles like they’re going out of fashion and this evening you gave us your first proper, prolonged laugh… We melted. You even smiled whilst being bathed tonight and love being entertained by us pouring water. I can’t wait till you’re sitting up properly so you can play in the bath more effectively.

You are wanting to master sitting up and are constantly leaning forward to do so, pulling up on our fingers you happily sit and survey your surroundings until you get tired and have to lie back again, this infuriates you.

You love your toys and rattle and love nothing more than lying on your blanket and being entertained by silly songs. You use mat time to try and roll over too, you’re slowly mastering it with help. You’re slowly beginning to enjoy tummy time a bit more now as long as it’s not for too long and you have your funky lion to look at (courtesy of Uncle Simon and Auntie Jacqueline), you are infatuated by him and he makes you push up.


You love nothing more than making noise and have been conversing with us non stop, you even mastered a shout today which shocked both of us a little.

You’re loving going out in your pram again, letting it rock you to sleep and you even let us have lunch out today, our first time since you were 4 days old (that trip wasn’t quite so successful). You woke up of course but being held and then fed (my first time feeding you in a public place) kept you happy.


You continue to amaze us with your development and each day brings something new to the table, something new for you to astound us with. Keep up the good work my gorgeous boy, we’re so proud and totally besotted by you.

(Written 22nd February 2014)


12 Weeks Old

Happy Valentine’s Day my beautiful, darling boy, today you’re 12 weeks old!

3 months… 12 weeks… 84 days… 2016 hours… Where the hell has the time gone?


So where are you at my gorgeous boy?

Since our last update at 2 (calendar) months the last three weeks have seen some monumental advancements in your development.

We took you to have your first round of jabs on 23rd January, as predicted I was a complete mess, thank god your father was there! You, my angel, were a little star. You handled the first jab with a very mild grimace, the second however was a stinger and you made sure we knew about it. You did, however stop crying long before I did. The happily chugged away at the rotavirus vaccine then promptly projectile vomited the sticky stuff all over the clinic floor, not to worry… We didn’t like the nurse much either ;). As also predicted I then spent the next 24 hours constantly checking your temperature armed with Calpol should it rise… It didn’t! In fact the only side effect it had on you was that you pretty much slept the day away the following day. Now we have the joy of the follow ups on the 20th of February.

Baby Massage
We missed our first class due to the above but have managed the last 3. On our first lesson you were as good as gold up until Sandra started, then you let out the loudest of screams… All the other babies stared at you in awe, this resulted in you feeding for the first half of the lesson which meant you thoroughly enjoyed the second half as most of the other babies started to get fractious. The second class was more successful even though you (and all bar 1 other baby) didn’t much appreciate being laid on your tummy to massage your back… Your face my darling will be etched in my memory, it was so disenchanted and helpless it made me chuckle (evil mummy). It would also appear you and little Tommy are flirting with the same young lady, I think you definitely get that trait from your father!

The last couple of weeks have seen you come on in leaps and bounds. You are such a chilled darling little boy unless you have something to quite rightly squawk about (nappy, food, sleep). Gone are the fractious days and these days I can actually put you down whilst you’re awake and although you’ll watch my every move like a hawk, you’re quite happy for a while.

Although you’re still not giving them out freely you have certainly mastered this heart melting ability and know exactly when I need to see it the most. First thing after waking you’re at your most smiley and beam up at me from your nest. On the 9th February at 2100hrs whilst watching Top Gear you did your first proper unforgettable giggle. Your daddy told me you had performed it about half an hour earlier but didn’t believe it till you did the same for me. It sounded like a very slow pneumatic drill accompanied by the biggest smile but you’re quickly going to master it.

Muscle Development
You’re holding your head up really strongly now when in our arms, you’re not letting it loll half as much, though when you put it down you do so with a bit of gusto still. You particularly like ‘standing’ on my lap whilst leaning against my chest and holding your head back to stare up at the artwork and cats on the lounge wall, this fascinates you and makes you smile from ear to ear. I often wonder whether you’re seeing someone that isn’t ‘there’ you’re smiling so much. You’re managing to roll onto your side now too so gone are the days we can turn our backs on the changing table. You’ve also been making motions to sit up so I have been offering my fingers for you to hold and pulling you into a sitting position which you love, and hold, until your head becomes too heavy for you, your progression is amazing.

You are becoming very vocal now and are experimenting with your sounds. You’re turning into a right little chatterbox. You now ‘call’ for me when I leave your line of sight and are experimenting with your varying sounds surprising even yourself on occasion. Only this morning, whilst we snuggled up in bed after Daddy left for work, you made a start on your first raspberry!!

The last couple of weeks have seen you chill out so much. You’re becoming aware of your toys and love to feel their different textures. You’ve been fascinated with the Winter Olympics, the skiing and ice skating being your favourite. You’ll sit happily in your bouncer, or lie on your mat, for a fair bit longer now meaning that I can actually get some housework done and eat whilst you’re still awake and not in your sling. You love looking up at the black cats that are perched over the arch into the kitchen and we find you regularly grinning like a Cheshire cat at them, you’re definitely going to be a ‘cat’ person like your mummy and daddy.

You’ve always been a wonderful sleeper/feeder at night and I’ve never had cause to complain but there was a time last week you seemed to regress to a time never known to us. You seemed to be having mini feeds and having them every hour and a half… It was a very long night! Now this is where I brag, and possibly regret it… The night before last I can proudly say you slept for 5.5 hours straight, fed for an hour then slept for a further 4.5 hours. Of course I didn’t sleep so soundly as I kept checking on you but well done you. Now whether I put this down to us having the full bed to ourselves (Daddy’s away on business this week) coupled with the first use of your gro bag or just fluke I don’t care. Last night you didn’t sleep quite so well but, what with Daddy being home, you did drop your midnight feed AND slept in your Bednest ALL night meaning you slept for 4 hours then 3 then we spent all morning snuggled up in bed watching the Olympics and listening to the horrific weather outside. I’m hoping this is us turning a corner but with a growth spurt imminent I’m not counting my chickens just yet.

I’ve decided not to pin any hope on any definite, long lasting routine just yet. You have your own routine which seems to change every few days. You’re happy, it works and that’s all that matters.

It would appear you are forcing your reflux into submission and have decided to totally skip the 11s and have grown a massive 19.5oz since your 10 week weigh in and are now 12Ib 0.5oz which means I can stop fretting over the fact you have just been gaining the average 6oz a week over the last few weeks. Well done Bean, I’m so proud of you and your miraculous healing tummy. You’re still in your 0-3 month clothing and although a couple of sleep suits are becoming a little short, on the whole you’ve still got plenty of wear left in them.

You continue to amaze me. You continue to fill my heart more and more each day, I never knew my heart could hold so much love for one person and just when I think I can’t love you any more I look at your beautiful face and it fills up some more.


What is Reflux?
Reflux (gastro-oesophageal reflux) occurs when the milk your baby has swallowed comes back up into his oesophagus or mouth. Both formula-fed and breastfed babies can have reflux (DTB 2009).

It seems like his entire young life Noah has been suffering the scourge of reflux.

It was with my Maternity Support Worker that I raised the subject initially when he was 3 weeks old after he had been sick after almost every feed. This had only been happening for a couple of days at that point, she wasn’t concerned but suggested I got him weighed at baby clinic the next day to check he wasn’t losing. She mentioned that the GP wouldn’t do anything unless he wasn’t thriving.

Wracked with worry, off I trotted to baby clinic the following day. Here I was confronted as to why I was weighing him again this week having only weighed him the week before. Not that I felt I needed to explain myself, I explained the MSW suggested I checked his weight as he was sicky. Her reply was a rather terse and almost accusatory “Have you not taken him to the GP?”. Now not only was I a new mum to a 3 week old who was still learning how to get out the house to get to an appointment on time, I was also concerned about my baby’s health and sleep deprived. I was now being accused of neglecting my son (or so it seemed). On the verge of tears, AGAIN I explained the MSW said the GP wouldn’t do anything unless he was losing weight, hence the reason I was here to get him weighed. To which she agreed … Go figure!

He was fine, of course he was! I asked for advice, I was told that the sick can look a lot more than you think and if he started losing weight or he started projectile vomiting, to take him to the GP and he’d probably prescribe infant Gaviscon. Here she asked how I fed him and on responding exclusively breast fed, her reply was a not so helpful “HA, have fun”. Cue me feeling horrified at the prospect!

Anyway, relieved that he was getting enough sustenance I went home and read other parents’ stories of reflux babies and took on board advice they found helpful.

I changed my diet. I cut out dairy, I cut out acidic foods, gassy foods, spicy foods, caffeine, chocolate, sugar, I felt sure I’d be confined to a dry toast diet. Nothing made the blindest difference. I took solace that he was thriving and just became accustomed to changing him, and myself, more often.

At his 6 week GP check I mentioned this. Again, no concern as he’s gaining weight and it’s quite a normal thing in newborns. However I remarked that the vomiting did seem to be getting worse at times, sometimes covering us both, furniture and floor in one motion so he prescribed me Infant Gaviscon.

All I can say about that is the nursery nurse was right… I’ve never in all my life come across a more ridiculous and difficult thing to administer. It is totally anti-breastfeeding and you’d think with the increase in breast fed infants and it’s recommendations by healthcare professionals that Reckitt Benckiser would devise a more user-friendly way to administer it given it’s wide use. You basically, as a breast feeding mum, have to break the feed, boil and cool some water, mix up the powder, then find a way to deliver the meds to your screaming infant (having had his lovely feed broken) then carry on feeding. Now when you’re on your own this is nigh on impossible. It is, in short, a nightmare to deliver as it’s as thin as water so pretty much just pours out of baby’s screaming mouth.

I have used it a few times, I hate it, I hate administering it, Noah hates taking it and I haven’t seen any improvement by using it so have stopped. If his weight starts dropping then I’ll have to give it another, more serious go but until then I’ve been tolerating it and trying different techniques.

I’ve tried feeding him so his head is higher than his feet, I’ve held him upright for a half hour after feeds. I’ve broken up feeds and burped him throughout. I’ve elevated his crib at one end. Nothing helps, as soon as I lie him down or pick him up he vomits.

If he falls asleep after a feed on the pillow I feed him on and I don’t move him he doesn’t vomit. This means he doesn’t get burped but keeps his food down. As soon as we move him off the pillow he vomits. We’ve taken to transferring him to his crib on the pillow and lying them both inside this way all is well. Now, while we are awake, this is fine. At night, however, it’s a totally different scenario. We can’t leave him on the pillow as it’s a suffocation risk yet as soon as we lie him down he wakes himself up vomiting within half an hour. It’s infuriating to say the least. I think we’ve managed 3 nights where he hasn’t vomited on lying him in his crib.

People say he’ll grow out of it and this I’m sure of… I have never once thought that he’d still be vomiting as a toddler. What I really hate is when people say “it’s just a bit of extra laundry”! No, no it isn’t just a bit of extra laundry. Laundry I can deal with, it’s the fact the poor tyke is constantly covered in sick, his nose and mouth are becoming red from the acids despite immediate removal of said vomit. He can’t sleep properly, he startles himself awake by not being able to breathe because there’s vomit coming out his nose and then starts a whole vomiting scenario. He must be so shattered and the only way he’ll get a decent night’s sleep is lying in an upright position on my chest which is not an ideal situation for anyone.

Any advice/techniques will be gratefully received.

The only thing I’ve learnt throughout this whole process is how burnt milk smells after straightening my hair one morning after a particularly bad night.