22 Weeks Old

This fortnight saw you turn 5 months old, 5 MONTHS!!! I can’t quite believe it’s been that long since we welcomed you to our world. 5 months of being more in love than I ever thought possible. 5 months of the hardest but most rewarding job I’ve ever had the privilege of having. 5 of the best months of my entire life.

Your Uncle Dan, Auntie Sam and cousins came to see you this fortnight. They brought you a rocking horse that your grandma bought for Ella, it’s fab! We put you on it tentatively and you loved it, I can’t wait until you’re a little older to use it properly. They also brought you Tommy’s old train set which I’m sure you’ll love when you’re older aswell as your first Easter present. Your cousins loved you and Tommy, in particular, was quite besotted with you, I think he really wants you to be older so he can play with you but he was quite content with just holding your hand constantly, even when you were in your pram.


We’ve been going to a few baby groups too which has been nice as we’ve been meeting friends at them and you’ve been loving socialising (and flirting) with the other babies and mums.

The weather has been lovely and warm which proved to be an issue when we took you for a walk only to strip you to your vest and still discover you were too warm, you were glad to get home after that one!

I’ve been battling with your cradle cap over the last two weeks, gently rubbing olive oil into your scalp with cotton wool to gently lift the flakes, I’m finding it quite revoltingly satisfying 😄

This fortnight saw your first Easter and although you didn’t get any eggs you certainly enjoyed playing with ours.
First time in a sun hat and with sunscreen on


You’re such a chilled out, happy little boy. You’re an absolute delight at the moment and only ever cry when you’re hungry. You’re enjoying learning and we see you progress on an almost daily basis. You study and absorb everything around you and try so hard when experimenting with new found skills.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Movement:You’re throwing yourself around quite freely these days, you still favour front to back rolling and I put this down to you not particularly liking tummy time. Having said that you’re holding your head up really well as long as there’s something, or someone, holding your attention. You tend to just wriggle yourself around the mat and you’ve mastered sidewinding.
Sitting:You’re sitting up nice and straight now and we’re working on your balance, though you sit up when I’ve positioned you over your lower legs you’re still to sit up for more than a few seconds without support between my legs.


Standing: you’re never happier than when you’re upright and amaze us with the strength in your legs. Last night you stood with stable legs and I only had hold of your hands… Amazing!
Coordination: You rarely miss when grabbing at something now and manoeuvre yourself on your mat to grab at a toy that I leave just out of reach. You love grabbing at anything we’re holding and as I write this (having just woken up) you’re pawing at the iPad inserting your own words here and there (this may explain any spelling or grammatical anomalies that I may have overlooked). I have a fisherprice app that you love but I don’t want you spending too much time looking at it preferring you to use 3 dimensional toys to aid your development.

Well you’ve certainly made up for being quiet whilst you were ill. You’ve been a proper little chatterbox since our last update and bestowing us with tonnes of smiles and laughter.

You continue to enjoy being read to and you’re now freely participating in you touch and feel books. The remotes seem to be your focus these days (your daddy will hate this 😉) You still enjoy your Bumbo but I think you prefer being able to move freely on your mat and can entertain yourself quite happily there. You’ve found your feet now and love being naked so you can move more freely grabbing and pulling at them and shoving them in your mouth which doesn’t bode well if you’ve just eaten.


The best thing I’ve ever bought you has been a 75p space blanket, the hilarious videos I’ve got of you playing with it are priceless, you love it!


You’ve had quite a few 7 hour stretches this last fortnight but they’re not guaranteed. I got some advise from a baby sleep expert on Twitter yesterday and am keen to implement her tips (see: Routine). Though last night failed totally, you didn’t nap yesterday and I always know if you don’t nap you won’t sleep.

Lisa Clegg of Blissful Baby fame gave me the following advice via Twitter to encourage a good nights sleep. I thought she’d tell me off for not putting you in your crib for daytime naps but to my amazement she was quite happy with our ‘routine’ just saying we need a few tweeks. She did say until you’re on 2 solid meals a day she wouldn’t expect a baby to do a 12 hour stretch which is a relief. She advised that after putting you down at night I should wake you at 2230/2300 hrs with a nappy change and lights on to ensure you’re awake then give you a full milk feed, she also said I needn’t worry if you fall asleep during feeding/winding as long as you’re awake at start so you don’t think of the breast as a sleep prop and this would mean you shouldn’t be hungry in subsequent wake ups and should be able to resettle yourself with no more feeds til morning. She also advised your daytime naps to consist of a 30 minute to an hour at 0900/1000, a 2 hour nap at lunchtime and again another at 1600/1700 (these you do usually)

How did this go last night? Awful! Of course it didn’t help that you woke at 2230 of you own volition crying so hard I couldn’t change your nappy before feeding you. Then you slept in 2 hour intervals actively feeding on waking until you woke up at 0430 again. I put half of this problem down to you not napping yesterday as we had another busy day.

Today I will be ensuring you nap and see what tonight brings.

You are now 15Ib 6oz.
I have pretty much retired all, bar a couple of T-shirts, of your 0-3 clothing and this weekend I’ll be packing them all away and reorganising your chest of drawers… Will I cry? Quite possibly.

I’ve been reading up about baby led weaning in preparation for the next big stage in your little life, the move onto solid foods. I’m both dreading it and a little excited. I’m terrified of you choking on stuff yet looking forward to seeing what things you like, but that’s a whole different blog 😉


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