24 Weeks Old

So what’s been happening this fortnight… Not a great deal.

We’ve been continuing going to baby groups which we’re both getting a lot out of. It’s nice to meet other mums and have some adult conversation and you love to look at the other babies. We both particularly like the stay and play, ironically as it’s the one that initially terrified me the most.

Your Granny and Grandad came down again this last week and stayed in Port Isaac so we spent Sunday night down there which was interesting, so much so I wrote it’s very own blog “Port Isaac” because a series of photos I posted on Twitter caused great mirth. They’ve also been up to see us a few times and spent quality time with you, you wouldn’t believe how much you’re loved my precious boy.

We’ve also been to visit a few of my clients this fortnight and I can say that you really brightened their day and you were on your best behaviour, I was so proud of you.

Cradle cap is nearly gone, just a stubborn patch on your fontanelle.
You have another cold and this one is stubbornly hanging around making breathing a little tricky once again so we’re back on the Calpol, Saline Spray, Snuffle Babe and Olbas Oil.

Thumb sucking. You have, today, finally and properly found your thumb, you generally like to wrap some fabric around it before sucking but sucking it you are! Bring on the self soothing…. Please?


You continue to delight us with your wonderfully chilled manner. You’re developing so quickly and seem to have progressed in so many aspects in what seems like a blink of an eye and we can now see a really cheeky side to your character. You’re so determined and know what you want and are learning how you can get it. We can also see an impatient side to your nature and this is no more evident when I’m trying to encourage you to practise your sitting, you just want to stand. It’s almost like you’re bored with sitting now you can do it and you just want to move on to the next stage. I think this is something you’ve got from both myself and your daddy.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Movement: the time has come where I can’t turn my back for 2 minutes without finding you on the other side of the room.


Yesterday we actually watched you spot Dee Dee, roll twice to get to her, reach out to grab her and pull her to you then roll onto your back for a play… Incredible! You love being on your tummy and are currently desperate to crawl favouring your forehead as a way to drag yourself along the floor.


Sitting: You are progressing here so quickly but we still have to perfect your balance, if something catches your eye you still fall over but if you have something to hold onto with one hand you’re away. You especially favour sitting up in your pram.


Standing: You continue to want to stand and hold your weight really well with me just holding your hands. I can see you walking before, or soon after, you crawl at this rate.
Coordination: You know what you want and you know how to get it without missing now. Look out Lolly cat! You love nothing more than shaking your rattle and hurling it across the room.

You’re developing your vocabulary nicely now and on listening to you chattering away to yourself we can often hear words in your sounds, it’s truly amazing. It seems every day brings a new sound, pitch or tone.

If it rattles, crackles, crunches or squeaks you’re besotted. I got out the pots and pans this week and handed you a wooden spoon, you’ve not quite got it yet, but you’re trying and love the sound when I bang on them. The space blanket, Dee Dee and your feet continue to be your best playthings, alongside us of course 😉 you have recently taken up playing the air guitar which is fine but when naked I live in fear you may damage your peeny

We seem to have regressed once more, so much so I dedicated a post to your sleeping (or lack thereof) called, well, “Sleep…” I’m attributed this awful pattern to your blocked nose, bless your heart. The bedroom is a heady mix of Snuffle Babe and Olbas Oil after shooting saline spray up your little nose.

You are now 15Ib 15.5oz.
I have now packed away all your 0-3 clothes and this week you actually moved from the 9th centile into the 25th which has alleviated my concerns that you weren’t getting enough milk and I’d have to start weaning you early. As it stands I’m going to wait.

Well as I said above I thought that you weren’t getting enough from just me alone but it turns out you’ve been getting plenty so weaning will wait another two weeks meaning I can concentrate on it after coming back from seeing your Grandpa and your Great Nana. In the meantime we’ve been practising sitting in your highchair.


I can’t quite believe that by my next diary entry you’ll be 6 months old… 6 months, a whole half a year. We will be starting on a new road of discovery into the world of food. I’m still reading books on the subject, I’m sure I’ll end up just winging it though, we’ve winged everything this far and you’ve survived surprisingly well so I must be doing something right.



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