6 Months Old

Happy half birthday my gorgeous, beautiful miracle. 26 weeks you’ve been in my life and I can’t imagine my life ever being without you in it. For 26 weeks you’ve given me purpose and fulfilment. For 26 weeks I’ve felt complete. For 26 weeks my love for you has intensified on a daily basis. You amaze and astound me everyday and everyday my heart feels like bursting. These last couple of weeks have seen your development gallop along, you seem to learn something or do something new everyday. Literally everyday!

So what have you been up to this last fortnight? Enjoying the sun and heat has been a major plus. Although we’ve learnt the hard way to take you for your walk early morning on hot days, even in the shade of your pram stripped down to your vest it’s just been too warm. I now realise our decision not to take you abroad until you’re a little older has been a good one seeing as we like to go hot when we do go away. We’d only be spending the entire time inside and we can do that at home.


You had your first visit to the Leopallooza site. Now this has to be the first time that both your parents have left this hallowed ground sober and hangover free, a miracle if you will. We were there this time to celebrate Nina’s Happy-ning (a happy christening without the Christ and one year birthday combined) There was food, drink, friends, live music and amazing activities laid on it was just a shame we couldn’t stay to experience the whole event but it went on until the early hours.

We also had Coral’s christening but due to an horrendous night and it’s early start we unfortunately couldn’t make it. Sorry guys.

Today we travelled North to see your Grandad (my Dad), Andrea and Iris in Swadlincote, we’re staying in Derby which is where Grandad and Grandma are originally from. I haven’t been to Derby for quite a few years now, I’m hoping to sweet talk your dad to see if we can drive through Chellaston on the way home to see where they lived. Your Grandad was quite taken with you and you were so well behaved and showing off your skills and your sitting prowess, where you amazed even us holding it there for a good five minutes unsupported. Tomorrow we’re travelling up to Doncaster to see your great Nana and grandparents so I’m sure you’ll be spoilt some more there then we’ll see Grandad again on Sunday when we head back home.

You seem to have got rid of your colds now but are left with a very catarrhal grunt which we think is interfering with your sleep. If it hasn’t shifted by next week I’ll be taking you to the doctor.
Cradle cap has been successful vanquished… Yay, go me – and the olive oil of course. I only managed to ruin two tops in the process.

On the 17th May you had your first visit (of no doubt many) to the Leopallooza site.


On the 22nd you blew your first bubbles and found it absolutely hilarious in the process.
Today, 23rd May, there were four firsts:
Firstly, this was your first long journey, made even longer by it being bank holiday weekend and pouring with rain. What was meant to be a 4.5 hr journey became 6 and you handled it so well. You became a little frustrated a couple of times but nothing a looped parental rendition of “Wind the Bobbin Up” didn’t rectify.

Secondly, and most importantly you got to see your Grandad for the very first time and after an initial shyness you were quite taken with him, as was he with you. How can you not be, he’s an amazing man! I miss him with living so far away and must come and visit more often now that I know you handle the journey quite well. He looks so well which is lovely to see seeing as he was quite poorly when I saw him last year (when you were just a little bump)


Thirdly you totally amazed us by sitting, totally unsupported, for more than 5 minutes, you were even bending over to grab things and looking around and were only a little wobbly. Well done you, perhaps you wanted to show Grandad and Andrea how clever you are.

Finally, your last first of the fortnight was your first stay in a hotel. Premier Inn, Derby West and so far (I’m writing this while you’re asleep in your basket) it’s been fine. You settled ok and the Beefeater next door helped Daddy bring a couple of plates of food over so we could eat. The staff really couldn’t be more welcoming.
Sleep update: You slept 5.5 hours STRAIGHT, ok you still woke up at 0430 but 5.5 hours in a strange place is amazing, you haven’t done that for weeks!

What can I say that I haven’t already said before? You’re just the most content, happy little boy though now you’re able to do more you’re getting more frustrated because you want to do more than you can. Despite being in a leap phase you’re still so chilled unless tired or hungry. I just feel blessed despite the lack of sleep 😉

Muscle Development & Coordination
Movement: You’ve found something new for your repertoire which I can only describe as thrashing. When you get excited you thrash your head and upper body from side to side on your mat, it’s almost like you’re trying to scratch an itch, I’ve been trying it get it on film but you’re a beggar for stopping what you’re doing as soon as the camera comes out. I wonder whether you’re aware it’ll all come back to haunt you 😉 You now roll EVERYWHERE and slide around the floor to retrieve whatever it is that’s taken your fancy. Pushing yourself with your feet and sliding your forehead across the floor.
Sitting: You’re sitting unaided for a couple of minutes now and if you’re sat in between my legs you can sit for quite a long time, you just need to find your courage now because you can do it. We think you have a disadvantage with your head being so heavy 😉 Of course, as mentioned above, at Grandad’s you managed over 5 minutes!
Standing: You continue to want to stand all the time, probably the reasonings behind not mastering your sitting. We get a jumperoo at the weekend (thanks to Granny) to help strengthen your leg muscles whilst giving our arms a rest (we’re old you know)
Coordination: You’ve mastered this now and continue to reach out, grab, pull, shake, thrash and throw things. Even whilst moving in your pram you successfully grab and pull at your pram giraffe. We can now use you as a successful grabber for retrieving things off the floor to save our old backs

It’s safe to say you’re finding your consonants now, B being a favourite. On the 14th May you astounded me by quite clearly saying “Abba” (bababababa”) not being one to deny such a strong request we partook in a bit of Swedish pop in celebration, what can I say, you’ve got taste!

On the 12th May you started doing the most adorable little ‘quiet’ scream, obviously exploring your octave range. Honestly it’s the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever heard but did comment that once you found the volume on it we would suffer… On the 16th you found that volume button much to our, erm, delight?!

Nothing amuses you more these days than your rattle, he’s really come into his own and you tap him on your thigh like you’re playing the tambourine in a folk band. Your cwtchies have come into their own this week and fascinate you and you love having a good old ‘read’.


What can I say, 0400hrs still appears to be your favoured wake up time although you are usually successfully asleep by 1900hrs. You wake every couple of hours still but if (I was desperate for sleep so gave in) you’re in bed with me you wake less, giving me a rare 5 hours straight sleep so the sooner you master self comforting my darling boy, the better. Not that I don’t love waking up to you cuddled into me, in fact there’s no nicer feeling in the world and I’m all too aware that one day you won’t want to cuddle up to me and that prospect makes my heart weep so I intend on drowning in them whilst I can.

This week you weighed in at 16Ib 10.5oz and you’re steadily creeping up the 25th centile.

Well the time is finally upon us. Now you’ve reached this huge milestone it’s time to start introducing the joys of solid food. I wrote a more comprehensive piece on my fears/excitement of weaning here. I’ll be holding off until we come back from visiting your Grandpa simply because weaning in a Premier Inn in Derby will not be ideal and I certainly don’t want your first foods to be bought jars. I’ve decided (at the moment, this may change) to combine BLW and spoon feeding. Update on this to come.

Keep up the good work my sweetheart. There is nothing more beautiful in the world as watching you grow and develop, but don’t rush it heah… Let your poor mum relish in these baby days a bit longer.



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