30 Weeks Old

It’s amazing to think that in two days time you’re going to be 7 months old. I know I seem to say this a lot but time is galloping along, as is your development. The saying babies learn more in their first year than in their entire lives becomes scarily evident when you’re a parent. Every day seems to bring something new, it’s an absolute delight to watch you grow and develop new skills/likes/dislikes yet you mourn the tiny baby too.

We’ve been going to lots of baby groups this fortnight and coffee ‘meet ups’ which has been lovely.

The 15th saw your Daddy celebrating his very first, and much longed for, Fathers Day. We spoilt him… with pants and socks. Though we did take him for lunch too for which you behaved impeccably.


The weather has been truly beautiful. This has meant lots of (very) early morning walks along the canal, beach time, swimming in an effort to keep you cool.

All good, bar teeth cutting.

After the drama of your first tooth coming through on the 6th, blow me if your second one didn’t come through the next day. Another squawk and cry and there it was. I never knew they came through so quickly, from nothing! By the time of publishing this blog they are about 2mm above your gum line. I don’t know why, but I didn’t know they grew so quickly.

Food: You swallowed your first morsal of food on the 8th after a piece of mango broke off and I think you were a little surprised by it hence the swallow.

On the 10th, however, you purposely and successfully devoured 2 Organix Carrot Sticks and as much as I would have preferred your first food to have been homemade rather than out of a packet I’m pleased you’ve actually swallowed something now.

On the 14th you drank your first water and kept going back for more, we’re still not sure whether you liked it what with all the grimacing but you swallowed it all none the less.

Pushchair: You had your first trip out in your pushchair on the 12th up to stay and play seeing as there was no risk of rain, you looked so proud. This also meant you could get a proper look at the ducks on the canal for the first time on the 14th, you weren’t overly bothered bless you. the carrycot has now officially been retired.


Cot: The 15th saw you spend your first night in the cot. You still need time to get used to it bless you… I’m not ashamed to say a shed a tear thinking that it’ll be a blink of an eye before we’re buying you a double bed! .

Beach: On the 17th you had your first play on the beach. Considering we live two minutes from the beach this sounds ludicrous. You have been on the beach before now but in your pram. However the weather has been such that you’ve never got onto it, either it’s been raining or too hot so with the advent of our early morning strolls coupled with the most glorious weather meant I could sit you on the beach without fear of you getting heat stroke or burning yet still being warm enough. To say you were mesmerised by the sand and the feel of it is an understatement


Swimming: On the 19th I took you swimming for the first time at Sandymouth Holiday Park. I really wanted to take you sooner than this but you can blame your flake of a mother with all her hang ups for that. We went with Amanda, Mila, Lauren, Corey, Dani, Adam and Blake. You loved it and immediately started frog kicking. It helped that the pool was so lovely and warm. I wasn’t brave enough to dunk you though, that’ll have to wait until we go to a supervised session. Getting us both dressed was interesting to say the least, I was glad of back up.

Your humour is coming through now. You have taken to instigating peek-a-boo by throwing your cwtchy on your face then peeping over the top with a wry smile followed by a gorgeous giggle. You continue to study everything around you with such depth

Muscle Development & Co-ordination
Movement: You are all over the place now. This week, when you wake in the night I’m placing bets on what position you’re going to be in. We’ve had you with your head at the bottom of the cot, lying on your front with your bum in the air, face down, sideways and trying to climb the sides. You’re getting so frustrated on your tummy because no matter how much you flap your arms and legs around you’re not moving, and that’s infuriating you. I’m hoping crawling isn’t too far away, you certainly get a gold star for sheer effort you just need to learn to pick your head off the floor when you attempt it.
Sitting: A lot more confident and stable now and you rarely topple over except when you over stretch, you are yet to master righting yourself in time.
Standing: You’re still insisting on standing at every given opportunity.
Coordination: your hand eye coordination is amazing now. I swear BLW has enhanced this ability. Your pincer grip is coming on nicely too and I don’t think it’ll be long until that’s mastered
Speech: you’re experimenting with more sounds now though no more formed sounds have been discovered. Today, in fact, you quite clearly uttered da, ma and ba. Let’s hope Mama comes soon, we want to beat Dada don’t we 😉😜

You love putting things in and taking things out of your little box and will sit there for ages doing so.



You happily and readily bang blocks together and hit different things to hear the different tones. You’re now instigating Peek-A-Boo yourself and absolutely love us playing with you, be it covering your own face with your cwtchy or muslin then unveiling yourself or us hiding round a corner and suddenly coming back into view, wither way you find it utterly hilarious. Bubbles are fascinating you these days and you watch in awe as they float around especially when they get caught up in the ceiling fan draught.

As I mentioned above, you are a right little fidget at night now. You’ve taken to turning in your sleep, either onto your front or onto your side pressed up against the side of the nest which we thought you might out grow thus using it for another couple of months but it simply isn’t safe now you’re so mobile. Since moving you into your cot we have been met with the same issues as when you were introduced to the bednest. Settling you in it is hardwork, as soon as we lie you down you wake yourself up again. Bedtimes take over an hour and settling you at night is taking the same which is alien territory, you have always settled quickly at your night feeds. I have to admit, in the interest of my sleep, I’ve given up and you’ve come into bed with us at 2am, though on the 19th this didn’t happen til 5 and this is pretty much your wake up time anyway.

Weight: 18Ib 1/2oz
Length: 67
You’re now a tiny bit off the 50th centile so you’ve left the 9th well and truly behind, this is reaffirmed my belief that food before one is just for fun. I can now rest in the knowledge that I don’t need to purée anything simply to ‘get it in you’ you’re still thriving on milk and can take food at your own pace. You’re still in 3-6 mo clothing although due to the hot weather I’ve had to pull your 6-9 mo rompers out. They swamp you a little but then that can only help with air flow in this heat.

We’re experimenting with lots of foods. You’ve even had a homemade Quorn shepherd’s pie yet the first thing you properly ate was out of a packet… Not what I had in mind but if it gives you some confidence in swallowing something other than milk I’m happy. Atleast they’re natural and healthy snacks. On the 14th you ate 1/2 a petit filous, you loved it, this was bound to happen considering the amount of yogurt I devoured when pregnant with you.the 15th saw you devour an entire petit filous (minus casualties), two strips of pear and half a strawberry. Yogurt does appear to be your go to favourite… Just like your mummy, apparently it was the only thing I ate (from my mum’s finger) for months. It’s a messy experience but you love it.



28 Weeks Old

What a busy start to this fortnight.

Continuing on from our trip up North, on Saturday 24th May I have to congratulate you for sleeping a five and half hour stretch last night, first time in weeks and given we were in a strange place you did brilliantly. Of course you awake before 5 which had me wandering the streets of Derby so your coos and giggles didn’t wake up the rest of the hotel. We had an earlyish breakfast where the waiters and waitresses were showering you with adoration we set off to Doncaster to meet your Dad’s side of the family.

As soon as we go in the car you started chirruping so we sang you to sleep (good old ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’) only for me to discover the reason for your angst when noticing the colour your trouser leg was turning. I felt terrible. Bless your heart. I mean don’t get me wrong, you’ve had plenty of diplomatic incidents but I’ve never had to knowingly let you sit in it. This resulted in an impromptu stop at Granny’s to get you cleaned up and changed. This did mean you got some exclusive Granny and Grandad time plus we got to pick up the Jumperoo that your Granny got you along with a walker.

Next port of call was your Great Nana. Well, she doted on you, she’d prepared the back room for your arrival where the pure white carpet caused me much anxiety, thank god I took your rug! It was lovely seeing her having only met her once before myself. It was such a shame it was raining her garden was beautiful and I’d have loved to see you on the grass.


Next stop was a family (your Grandad’s side) party where once again we had to wake you just after you’d fallen asleep. There were lots of people there (you’d have to ask your dad the names and connection as this was all new to me too) for you to meet and your Dads Aunty Linda had knitted the most fab bunny for you which you instantly put in your mouth.

You handled it so well despite being dragged from pillar to post. Having every single nap disturbed and meeting a plethora of new faces.

On Sunday we headed home stopping in at Grandad’s for a couple of hours to say cheerio. The start to the journey didn’t go well and resulted in you having a total meltdown on the M42 which in turn led to us having a meltdown because we couldn’t do anything to comfort you until we could get to a service station. By this time I think I was crying more than you as all I wanted to do was cuddle you and couldn’t. Of course as soon as we stopped and I unharnessed you your crying stopped. We decided to stop for an hour and set off again, which set you off again. This time however you settled fairly quickly and ended up sleeping all the way home – 4 hours! Well done gorgeous!

Since we got home we both developed a cold so haven’t really done a great deal except the usual and mundane.

Another cold! Don’t! My fault! More saline, Zcalpol and Snuffle Babe.

On the 4th June I noticed 2 long indents in your lower gum and realised this was obviously the reason for your fractious behaviour lately.
On the 6th June 2014 you cut your first tooth. Your lower front left to be exact and I don’t think the right one is far behind. I can’t believe how quickly it happened. Honestly there was no evidence of them until the 4th and here it is erupting through your poor little gum.

On the 26th May we put together your Jumperoo and all I’ll say is that you LOVE it. Your little face lights up the moment you get settled in it and we have to triple bib you because you get that excited.


Also on the 26th May we put you in your pushchair for the first time after Daddy sat you up in your pram whilst we were walking around Sainsbury’s. It’s still a little too big and I need to get a rain cover for it before we can use it permanently but you did enjoy it. Trouble being you want it in it’s most upright position which means you’re leaning forward too much just yet. If we recline it you just want to sit up so we’ll stick with your pram for a bit longer, get our money’s worth out of it 😉


Again, on the 26th (busy day) you entered the exciting world of solid foods, more about that below and here.


Following our hotel stay and your ever improving sitting position I haven’t used your bath support since the 31st May.

On the 2nd June you did your first 360 degree turn on your tummy, now there’s no stopping you grabbing what you want… And what we don’t want you to!

On the 2nd June you also sat totally unsupported for nearly fifteen minutes you just need to concentrate a bit more and we’ll have cracked it.


On the 6th June your left tooth broke through your gum. I realised this had happened at about 3pm when You chewed my knuckle and I felt a rather sharp bit. This will explain your unexplained scream and crying session an hour previously. I reckon that other one is going to break through in the next day or two. Bless you darling, it must be so painful and yet you can still small and giggle with it all.

You’ve been a bit grumpy of late, this is probably down to your teeth but when you’re not you are the most delightful little boy. You’ve always got a smile ready for us and there’s nothing more comforting than seeing you search for us when you’re in the arms of another or if we leave the room. You’re full of mischief and always want to be where you shouldn’t be and playing with things you shouldn’t be. You’re so inquisitive and study new things intently.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Movement: As I mentioned above you’ve mastered a 360 degree turn when on your tummy now and you get so frustrated because you can’t move forward in a similar fashion.
Sitting: 15 minutes unsupported sitting, you just need to concentrate more but you’re intent on mastering standing and jumping than sitting.
Standing: You are so strong on your legs now and since the arrival of your Jumperoo you love bouncing, be it lying in your crib, pram, standing on our lap or on the floor… Bouncing is your ‘thing’!
Coordination: Your hand/mouth coordination is pretty much perfect and BLW is simply enhancing this.
Speech: You’ve been quite quiet lately but when you do babble you go for it. No new sounds this fortnight.

One word… Jumperoo! I can not emphasise enough how much you love this plastic noisy monstrosity. Your face just lights up as soon as you’re settled in it and after a couple of times getting used to it you now give it some right welly, to the point I think you’re going to take off. Thank you Granny!

No change, let’s not dwell!

I haven’t weighed you this week. I think they think I’m a lunatic taking you every fortnight so I’ve decided I’ll do it every four weeks from now on. I can see (and feel) that you’re putting on weight, you’re still in 3-6 month clothing but with this warm weather you have been in your 6-9 month rompers as I didn’t expect you’d need them so early.

On the 26th May we started your journey into the world of solid foods. I was terrified. I have no idea what I’m doing and you haven’t swallowed anything yet but we’re getting there. I’ve decided to follow Baby Led Weaning (BLW) principles and I’ve written a more comprehensive post about our first 10 days here.

I swear I say this every fortnight just lately but this fortnight has seen you develop so much. With the start of weaning and now, today, your first tooth making a show I feel my baby is slipping away from me and a little boy is making an appearance. This is such a bitter sweet thing. Although I’m looking forward to hearing your voice, watching you grow and teaching you things I feel I’m mourning my little baby too.

I know you have to grow up Noah, but don’t do it too quickly will you my darling.

Weaning: Our First 10 Days

Our journey into uncharted territory has started.

On the 26th May 2014 we entered the realms of solid foods. I’m not going to lie, I was terrified.

As I mentioned in my previous post on Weaning I was confused by which approach to take, whether to go down the Baby Led Weaning (BLW) route from the start or follow my Annabel Karmel book and start totally with purées. I had decided, then, to do a sort of combination, you know, start with baby rice, then purées then add solids into the mix at a later date.
I think I over thought the whole thing. I ended up a complete mess.
I was angry that my BLW book didn’t have a more comprehensive format for me to follow and got totally confused at the whole affair. I was cross that D wouldn’t give me any input whatsoever except “I thought you were going to combine”. I was, this is true, but the more I thought about it the more I thought how ridiculous that was. We’d waited until the 6 month mark so Noah was all-round ready for solid foods so why was I even considering purées? But as soon as I had convinced myself I was going to BLW then I thought about purées again. I was quietly going insane.
Everyone I’ve spoken to have almost scoffed at me when I’ve expressed my fears over weaning all declaring what fun it was and that I was thinking too much about it. I think I kinda just wanted someone to tell me what to give him and when but that wasn’t going to happen I’m kind of all out at sea on this too.

Anyway after fretting and putting it off for too long we started, and this is how it went… kinda

Day 1: Carrot (steamed, batons & mashed)
I wasn’t having much fun. Not much fun at all. In fact I went into such a melt down that it took me an hour to prepare one sodding carrot!
I had decided to purée, then not, then purée, then not, then definitely to purée except puréeing half a carrot is not an easy task, in fact it’s totally impossible. I ended up getting the masher out then finally a fork to mush it up. The other half I had left steamed in batons and on preparing Noah decided I hadn’t steamed it enough. I mean how soft do they have to be for lords sake? We were finally ready to go nearly two hours after I started to get ready.
I needn’t have worried.
He didn’t eat a blooming thing.
I don’t know what I was expecting, probably that he’d pick up a carrot and happily, after a bit of initial trepidation, get the whole thing down. He didn’t, far from it. He did pick up the batons and put them in his mouth but then grimace, gag and drop it on the floor. So we tried the mush, no luck here either, he just pushed it out with his tongue and short of forcing it into his mouth, which is not something I ever plan on doing, we were on a non starter.
However, I have decided total BLW is the approach I’m taking.



Day 2: Carrot, Mange Tout, Sweet Potato, Broccoli (all steamed)
Again, nothing swallowed. In fact not a lot went into his mouth today except one carrot stick which was met with a grimace, a gag and lots of drool.


Day 3: Sweet Red Pepper (grilled and skin removed)
Nothing swallowed but he did lick a strip once before launching it on the floor.
At this stage I realise Noah has developed a rather nasty cold and I wonder whether this is why he’s not showing much interest and I think I might put it on hold for a few days until he’s better.


Day 4: Pear
I’m eating a pear and Noah is looking rather amorously at it. I offer it to him and he happily sucks away on it so decide I’ll continue.

Day 5: Carrot & Broccoli (steamed), Strawberry and Melon.
Nothing but a lot of squishing between fingers and throwing on floor.

Day 6: Porridge (a taster of my breakfast) and breadstick.
Again nothing swallowed. Lots of grimacing where the porridge was concerned. The breadstick was a little more successful, Noah happily chomped into it but continues to spit everything out after gagging on each morsel. I’ve decide there’s too much crap in breadsticks so am going to stick to toast from now on.

Day 7: Porridge with mushed banana.
Just lots of mess. He has decided he loves to throw his bowl and cup around with great delight. I’m actually still treading on missed porridge.


Day 8: Sweet Potato (steamed in batons)
No interest, none at all just squishing them in his hands and smacking them.

Day 9: Strawberry, Melon, Mango (in batons)
I think we’re making progress. I didn’t want to give Noah fruit so early because I don’t want him to develop a sweet tooth before mastering vegetables but thought I better try, he might simply not like the other things I’m trying. He loved the mango after a while and sucked on it quite nicely, the strawberries just got mushed up and the melon was launched. I’ve learnt strawberries stain. Note to self: Buy more Vanish stain remover.


Day 10: Broccoli & Carrot (steamed)
We have the most success today. As soon as I put the broccoli on his table he picks it up and shoves it in his mouth and sucks on the florets. Lots of hilarious grimacing ensued and when he chewed chunks off there was an awful lot of gagging until the pieces fell out of his mouth but I really think we’re making good progress.


At each ‘meal’ I’ve given him a Tommee Tippee beaker with some water in it, mostly this has been launched on the floor but he has taken a few sips and swallowed it, though this has been on a choke or swallow basis.


I’m looking forward to getting a dining table this weekend so he can sit in his Tripp Trapp at the table instead of in the Bumbo… I’m not entirely convinced it provides the best eating posture.

I have worried that he isn’t actually consuming anything and again have toyed with the idea of baby rice and purées but having spoken to a couple of other mothers who have said their BLW babies have taken a few weeks before they have swallowed anything I have decided to continue as I’ve been going. After all this isn’t about providing nutrition, it’s about exploring textures and flavours and baby rice doesn’t provide any of this.

BLW essentials:
A semi naked baby (and preferably mummy too)
Bibs… LOTS of bibs! (Thank you Katie)
Splash Mat
Vanish Stain Removal
Vanish Carpet Mousse
Wet wipes or flannel and water

BLW is a very messy affair, be warned!

So am I enjoying it now? Yes, I think I might be. Though I still have no idea what I’m doing it is lovely watching Noah making new discoveries.

Toast tomorrow….