28 Weeks Old

What a busy start to this fortnight.

Continuing on from our trip up North, on Saturday 24th May I have to congratulate you for sleeping a five and half hour stretch last night, first time in weeks and given we were in a strange place you did brilliantly. Of course you awake before 5 which had me wandering the streets of Derby so your coos and giggles didn’t wake up the rest of the hotel. We had an earlyish breakfast where the waiters and waitresses were showering you with adoration we set off to Doncaster to meet your Dad’s side of the family.

As soon as we go in the car you started chirruping so we sang you to sleep (good old ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’) only for me to discover the reason for your angst when noticing the colour your trouser leg was turning. I felt terrible. Bless your heart. I mean don’t get me wrong, you’ve had plenty of diplomatic incidents but I’ve never had to knowingly let you sit in it. This resulted in an impromptu stop at Granny’s to get you cleaned up and changed. This did mean you got some exclusive Granny and Grandad time plus we got to pick up the Jumperoo that your Granny got you along with a walker.

Next port of call was your Great Nana. Well, she doted on you, she’d prepared the back room for your arrival where the pure white carpet caused me much anxiety, thank god I took your rug! It was lovely seeing her having only met her once before myself. It was such a shame it was raining her garden was beautiful and I’d have loved to see you on the grass.


Next stop was a family (your Grandad’s side) party where once again we had to wake you just after you’d fallen asleep. There were lots of people there (you’d have to ask your dad the names and connection as this was all new to me too) for you to meet and your Dads Aunty Linda had knitted the most fab bunny for you which you instantly put in your mouth.

You handled it so well despite being dragged from pillar to post. Having every single nap disturbed and meeting a plethora of new faces.

On Sunday we headed home stopping in at Grandad’s for a couple of hours to say cheerio. The start to the journey didn’t go well and resulted in you having a total meltdown on the M42 which in turn led to us having a meltdown because we couldn’t do anything to comfort you until we could get to a service station. By this time I think I was crying more than you as all I wanted to do was cuddle you and couldn’t. Of course as soon as we stopped and I unharnessed you your crying stopped. We decided to stop for an hour and set off again, which set you off again. This time however you settled fairly quickly and ended up sleeping all the way home – 4 hours! Well done gorgeous!

Since we got home we both developed a cold so haven’t really done a great deal except the usual and mundane.

Another cold! Don’t! My fault! More saline, Zcalpol and Snuffle Babe.

On the 4th June I noticed 2 long indents in your lower gum and realised this was obviously the reason for your fractious behaviour lately.
On the 6th June 2014 you cut your first tooth. Your lower front left to be exact and I don’t think the right one is far behind. I can’t believe how quickly it happened. Honestly there was no evidence of them until the 4th and here it is erupting through your poor little gum.

On the 26th May we put together your Jumperoo and all I’ll say is that you LOVE it. Your little face lights up the moment you get settled in it and we have to triple bib you because you get that excited.


Also on the 26th May we put you in your pushchair for the first time after Daddy sat you up in your pram whilst we were walking around Sainsbury’s. It’s still a little too big and I need to get a rain cover for it before we can use it permanently but you did enjoy it. Trouble being you want it in it’s most upright position which means you’re leaning forward too much just yet. If we recline it you just want to sit up so we’ll stick with your pram for a bit longer, get our money’s worth out of it 😉


Again, on the 26th (busy day) you entered the exciting world of solid foods, more about that below and here.


Following our hotel stay and your ever improving sitting position I haven’t used your bath support since the 31st May.

On the 2nd June you did your first 360 degree turn on your tummy, now there’s no stopping you grabbing what you want… And what we don’t want you to!

On the 2nd June you also sat totally unsupported for nearly fifteen minutes you just need to concentrate a bit more and we’ll have cracked it.


On the 6th June your left tooth broke through your gum. I realised this had happened at about 3pm when You chewed my knuckle and I felt a rather sharp bit. This will explain your unexplained scream and crying session an hour previously. I reckon that other one is going to break through in the next day or two. Bless you darling, it must be so painful and yet you can still small and giggle with it all.

You’ve been a bit grumpy of late, this is probably down to your teeth but when you’re not you are the most delightful little boy. You’ve always got a smile ready for us and there’s nothing more comforting than seeing you search for us when you’re in the arms of another or if we leave the room. You’re full of mischief and always want to be where you shouldn’t be and playing with things you shouldn’t be. You’re so inquisitive and study new things intently.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Movement: As I mentioned above you’ve mastered a 360 degree turn when on your tummy now and you get so frustrated because you can’t move forward in a similar fashion.
Sitting: 15 minutes unsupported sitting, you just need to concentrate more but you’re intent on mastering standing and jumping than sitting.
Standing: You are so strong on your legs now and since the arrival of your Jumperoo you love bouncing, be it lying in your crib, pram, standing on our lap or on the floor… Bouncing is your ‘thing’!
Coordination: Your hand/mouth coordination is pretty much perfect and BLW is simply enhancing this.
Speech: You’ve been quite quiet lately but when you do babble you go for it. No new sounds this fortnight.

One word… Jumperoo! I can not emphasise enough how much you love this plastic noisy monstrosity. Your face just lights up as soon as you’re settled in it and after a couple of times getting used to it you now give it some right welly, to the point I think you’re going to take off. Thank you Granny!

No change, let’s not dwell!

I haven’t weighed you this week. I think they think I’m a lunatic taking you every fortnight so I’ve decided I’ll do it every four weeks from now on. I can see (and feel) that you’re putting on weight, you’re still in 3-6 month clothing but with this warm weather you have been in your 6-9 month rompers as I didn’t expect you’d need them so early.

On the 26th May we started your journey into the world of solid foods. I was terrified. I have no idea what I’m doing and you haven’t swallowed anything yet but we’re getting there. I’ve decided to follow Baby Led Weaning (BLW) principles and I’ve written a more comprehensive post about our first 10 days here.

I swear I say this every fortnight just lately but this fortnight has seen you develop so much. With the start of weaning and now, today, your first tooth making a show I feel my baby is slipping away from me and a little boy is making an appearance. This is such a bitter sweet thing. Although I’m looking forward to hearing your voice, watching you grow and teaching you things I feel I’m mourning my little baby too.

I know you have to grow up Noah, but don’t do it too quickly will you my darling.


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