32 Weeks Old

Your Daddy took a week off work this fortnight so we’ve been doing lots of things as a family which has been lovely, coupled with the most amazing weather it’s meant we’ve done lots of walking and visits to cafés where you’ve behaved beautifully and joined in with our brunches.


On the 27th we took Daddy swimming with us at Sandymouth where I got a telling off for taking a photo (oops, naughty mummy but I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity).


On the 3rd we went to Splash for a proper swimming lesson with friends in order to get a proper photograph done. You got thoroughly doused with water from a watering can and handled it really well so next week you should have your first ‘dive’… Eek! The instructor is great and is teaching you water safety which I think is so important alongside enjoying being in the water. I recently watched a video from the Infant Swimming Resource on how babies can be taught how to survive if they ever fall in water, it blew my mind.

On the 4th we mostly stayed glued to the internet while your Uncle Simon met the Queen in his capacity as 1st Captain of her new aircraft carrier the HMS Queen Elizabeth as she officially named her. It really is a very proud day and makes me think of your dear beloved Grandma who would be beside herself with pride. He even had a piece in our local paper The Lyme News.It’s a good thing your Daddy has gone away for the weekend and the weather is rubbish. I managed to get this image from his appearance on the television. Just ignore the misspelling of our name.


All good

Hmmmmm well you’ve discovered your teeth and what they can do now, much to the detriment of my fingers, arms and nipples!! You love having your teeth cleaned, I bought you a little toothbrush that fits over my finger and recently bought toothpaste thinking it was strawberry flavoured, it was mint… You love it!

On the 14th you had your first swing at the Weir.


On the 22nd you started properly babbling. You’ve found ra, ba, da, wa, ma and ga.
The 26th saw you move forward in a sort of commando drag/crawl.
On the 1st July you did your first plank whilst at a friends house, I went a little bit mental… Luckily I don’t think anyone noticed.
On the 29th you started head bopping to music. You especially love Pharrell Williams “Happy” and Spandau Ballet’s “Gold”
The 2nd saw you commando crawling as your preferred method of forward propulsion. Rolling to where you want to be is a rarity now.
The 3rd saw you rocking on all fours so it’s only a matter of time.

You’ve been a lot less fractious this last fortnight, I think your teeth have ceased giving you grief as they’ve pushed right through now.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Movement: the start to this fortnight saw you desperate to crawl and you’re so close to doing it, you just need to lift your head up because at the moment you’ve got your bottom in the air and are pushing forward with your feet but your forehead is still firmly planted to the floor. Although on the 1st you did your very first plank and on the 3rd you were on all fours rocking so I’m hoping you’re going to master it before too long.
Sitting: you sit unaided superbly now even when looking behind you, though still a little wobbly at the most extreme of that point.
Standing: you still love to pull up into a standing position and always want to let go with one hand. We’re helping you practise standing holding against something at the moment. You are solid when standing on our lap with your hands on our chest, must be a trust thing.
Coordination: You’re mastering shaking things without bashing yourself on the head now and very rarely miss putting a spoon in your mouth. You’re even managing to turn the spoon in your mouth so as to get it’s contents.
Speech: as mentioned above, you’ve finally found your babble. You ra, ba, da, wa, ma and ga willingly and are loving experimenting with them with the addition of volume. It’s hilarious and we love hearing you. It’s like you’re turning into a proper little boy now that we can finally hear your voice.

Anything that makes you move. You’ve started head bopping to music which is so sweet so we’ve been listening to lots of music. You particularly like Pharrell Williams’ Happy and Spandau Ballet’s Gold because of an advert that’s on tv at the moment, every time it comes on you stop what you’re doing and bop.

Well, what can I say? You’ve never slept well but I’ve always prided myself that you settle really easily and quickly when you do wake up at night. Now that has gone. It seems since you’ve moved into your cot settling you into it is a nightmare. You’re asleep in my arms, so asleep you’re snoring in fact, but as soon as your head touches that mattress you thrash yourself awake. I pick you up, you instantly fall asleep and then the cycle repeats itself. It’s taking well over an hour to get you to settle initially and every time you wake it takes about half an hour. I’m exhausted. We even considered controlled crying which I’ve never been keen on but when I went into you after the four minute interval (that felt like a lifetime) your arm was through the cot side and you were banging your head on the headboard so I gave up. You soon went to sleep on your own accord and since that you haven’t been quite so bad.

I haven’t weighed you this fortnight.

Your weaning journey continues and you’re getting more confident with swallowing now. You happily knock back weetabix, yogurt (of course), cucumber, toast, rice cakes and biscotti. Fruit favourites are strawberries and nectarines, the latter of which you went wild for when you first tried it today. Veg are slowly improving. We’ve tried you with avocado, scrambled egg, eggy bread, cheesy leek and potato, lentil wedges all of which you’ve tucked away. You still won’t drink water very readily, you happily glug it but tends to mostly just fall out your mouth.


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