34 Weeks Old

Nothing particularly special happened this fortnight, our cold’s pretty much had us quarantined except for swimming and coffee with the ladies.

Another cold and this one was a doozy. So ill you were we had to cancel your first gig and Daddy had to go and see Elbow at the Eden Project on his own. Was such a shame but it just wouldn’t have been responsible for us to take you out when you were feeling so grotty. We even bought you ear defenders for it.

I’m not sure that you’re not beginning to cut your next two teeth. You’ve suddenly developed an interest in all your teething toys again and if the old wives tale of colds with teeth have anything to go by, who knows!

Your first definite Mama to get my attention occurred on the 5th. You were incredibly grouchy and I’d gone into the kitchen out of sight. My heart skipped a beat.
On the 10th July you did your first total submersion (dive) at the swimming pool, you handled it so well.
Jumperoo/Poo incident, don’t think we need a date but I did promise I’d put this in the blog šŸ˜‚
On the 15th you (officially) ‘slept through’. From 2100 until 0440 you didn’t wake once, when you did you fed and settled within 15 minutes. I felt awesome the next day. At the time of completing this blog entry you hadn’t repeated this.

You are a determined little man and now you’re so mobile your determination is only more evident. You refuse to give up and despite your frustrations your perseverance shines through. You have started giving proper hugs and understand what kisses are now and willingly partake showing your loving side which melts my heart every time.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Movement: You still haven’t progressed to a proper crawl from all four rocking yet but you have put the accelerator down on your commando crawl. Jeez Louise the cat’s in for trouble.
Sitting: You’ve nailed this now, the only time you do topple is if you look round too far or are tired.
Standing: You’re desperately trying to pull yourself up into a standing position on your own using the sofa, or your cot, it won’t be long until you master this.
Coordination: Your pincer grip is starting to develop and you’re practising it at every given opportunity, usually with something on the carpet, to my dismay.
Speech: You continue to practise this a lot and we often laugh because you come out with definite sounds that seem like words such as: “Hiya”, “Nah”, “Abba”

The cat! What more can I say. The poor old soul is being terrorised now you can crawl, though your commando style does allow her plenty of time to move out your way, not that you give up easily. You’re a persistent little monkey and follow her behind armchairs, under tables, into the kitchen, it’s hilarious to watch but she better watch out when you finally master proper crawling.

I hate to tempt fate but this seems to be improving, you have actually slept through with one wake up a fair few times recently. I’m not saying it’s every night but the odd night is better than nothing and on the 15th you slept for a solid 7.5 hours. Whether this is to do with your cold or the fact you’re so active now who knows but it can continue please. This, of course, doesn’t mean I’m getting much more, in fact probably less because I wonder why you’re not waking up lol. You have taken to lying face down more and more now too wis a mild worry but we have the monitor on so I shouldn’t fret really.

Weight: 18Ibs 9.5oz
I’m finally having to discard a lot of your 3-6 month clothing now, mainly trousers as T-shirts still fit. This has caught me off guard as the weather has been so good lately you’ve just been in rompers, on a chillier day I realised you have no 6-9 month trousers, oops

You continue to enjoy your food and new favourites include blueberry pancakes, croissant, sweet potato, pizza toast. You still prefer to hoy your cup around rather than drink it’s contents but I’m trying a few techniques that friends have recommended. I think we’ve finally cracked you handing the spoon back to me instead of hoying it on the floor which benefits the carpet whilst penalising Lolly



It never ceases to amaze me how quickly you are growing up and developing. I can’t quite comprehend that you will be 8 months old on Tuesday, this month has galloped past.


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