38 Weeks Old

This fortnight kicked off with an epic test… A wedding! Your first wedding! My first wedding with a baby! Babies and weddings are notoriously hard so everyone says. The fact that I had to do the majority on my own because Daddy was a bridesmaid was interesting. It took place at Frensham Heights School and you weren’t too thrilled about sitting down and it was so hot so I stood at the back of the room and jiggled you to keep you happy. You did start squawking (happily, not annoyingly) at one point so I took you outside so as not to disturb proceedings, of course as soon as we left the crucial part took place and we missed their marriage announcement. You did exceptionally well. The rest of the day consisted of us being segregated from the main party because daddy got you to sleep on the wrong side of a very noisy gravel pathway so we all chilled under a big oak tree for a couple of hours.


Then you had a nice play in the Orangery whilst all the speeches were taking place during high tea. It was a great big carpeted room so I could let you loose as you’d been cooped up in your pram all day and you were so bored bless you.


We left at 2000 so we could get you back to the hotel to bed. All in all I was extremely proud of you, everyone cooed over you and said how well you were behaved.


The next day was my birthday, my very first birthday as a Mummy and now I know what my mum meant when she said once you have children your own birthday takes a back seat. Ordinarily I’d be cheesed off that we had to drive back home on my day but I just didn’t care, it was just another day with a few cards thrown in for good measure. Your present to me was a smooth and peaceful journey back to Bude. We went down to Tommy J’s for a drink (Kate bought us a Prosecco as a birthday treat) then back home for a usual evening.

We haven’t done anything particularly exceptional since. I took you over to Budleigh again on the 8th as I had to return a dress to Auntie Sam and we had a nice long walk and play in the park again with Tommy.

On the 11th I had to go into the office so you were cooed over there for a couple of hours and once again behaved so well, you had another fantastic large carpeted room to crawl around on without tonnes of furniture getting in the way like at home.

On the 12th we met the girls at The Weir for a well deserved catch up, we’ve all been so busy with visitors lately it’s been nearly two weeks since our last get together. Luckily we managed to secure the huge sofa so all you babies could be easily entertained, though I regret showing you the fish tank… You were so taken with them that you royally threw your teddies out the pram when I took you away from them, having to distract you with anything and everything until you’d forgotten about them.

A weigh in and usual baby group on Thursday with another catch up afterwards pretty much ended this fortnight.

You have, as I write this blog, finally shaken that wheeze you had. You’re still very catarrhal though and have taken up snoring. There now appears to be a battle on at night over who can snore the loudest, you or Daddy!? At last you feed silently again though, I was beginning to wonder whether you’d ever do it again. You did develop a very nasty rash on your head when we got back from the wedding but I have a feeling it was a heat rash from so much time in your car seat and pram at the weekend, it soon went and didn’t seem to bother you any.

Still no sign of any more though the drool has notched up a gear and you are now favouring my collar bone as a teether which is fun.

On the 2nd you attended your first wedding and I couldn’t think of a better one to attend than that of Jen and Phil. You were so well behaved.
On the 3rd you celebrated my birthday for the very first time.
On the 4th you stood up in your cot for the very first time now there’s no stopping you and even in the middle of the night I wake to see you peeping over the top or gnawing on the top bar.


On the 6th you crawled on all fours for the very first time, it was fleeting and would take you a few days to take it up properly.
By the 7th you were climbing everything and anything and side stepping along tables and chairs. You love this new found freedom of movement but, obviously, have no sense of what will hurt you.


On the 8th you took your first definite and concerted steps (not free of course, holding very tightly onto me)
On the 12th crawling on all fours became your favoured mode of transport… I cried!
On the 13th you clapped your hands together mimicking me.
Finally, on the 15th I had you sitting in your high chair facing a mirror so I could tidy up after an exceptionally messy dinner and I caught you waving at your own reflection!!!

This leap phase is still taking it’s toll. You just don’t know where you want to be. You want to climb into my arms, then you want to be on the floor, then up, then down, ad nauseum. You’re getting very frustrated with things that don’t go according to how you want them and are making it clearly known if you don’t want to do something. Changing of nappies has turned into a battle of wills and you firmly plant a leg either side of your jumperoo seat knowing that I’m putting you in there so I can do something (namely go to the toilet). Other than this you are also super giggly at the moment and it really doesn’t take much to have you in stitches now.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Movement: You are off like a rocket these days and everything you do is super quick, there’s no thinking about things now. It is so tiring! You are climbing everything and anything which has made us look at our furniture in a whole new light, fast realising that NOTHING is child friendly. Everything has sharp and hard edges meaning that I’m constantly cupping my hand around the edges of whatever it is you’ve favoured to climb and play with, I’m thinking of bringing out a range of child friendly furniture, namely padded and wrapped in bubble wrap!!
Standing: You are standing solidly now, with one hand free to explore and on occasion both hands though this has resulted in a few tumbles and one head egg.
Walking: You are side stepping along furniture that you’re standing against and on the 8th you made definite steps when holding onto my hands.
Coordination: This is improving hugely just lately. Your pincer grip is pretty much mastered and you’re marvelling at being able to pick up feathers and small bits of paper from the floor and trying to grab at dust particles that you can see in the air then studying your hand afterwards, obviously wondering where they’ve gone. You pass things from one hand to another without faltering now and open your fist to eat whatever’s inside it. You’ve also begun clapping, although rarely.
Speech: You continue to experiment with sounds and your volume favouring the Ba’s, Ma’s, Pa’s and Wa’s. Talking and laughing in your sleep is becoming a regular occurrence these days, it’s so cute.

Anything musical or anything that makes a noise. You love nothing more than to bang, shake or rattle things with amazing rhythm. You continue to love your books still favouring the “If I Were” Jellycat books. They’re great for pulling you back into line if I can’t be bothered to get up and get you for the thousandth time that day.

No change

I got you weighed this week and you’ve put on an incredible 1Ib 1oz in the last four weeks taking you to an amazing 19Ib 10.5oz and taking you well into the 50th centile. It’s safe to say that you are most definitely consuming enough food now. I’m slowly having to retire some of your 3-6mo clothing, mainly trousers that are fitting a little too snugly. T-shirts still seem to fit you in this size though.

New Tastes: Due to a whole weekend away and a day at a wedding where I wasn’t sure what offerings would be available I bought some Ella’s Kitchen pouches for ease. You had the Vegetable Pie with Lentils and her fruit purées which I figured would be like a yogurt without the fear of going off in my bag. You loved it all and I supplemented it with some bread for some finger foodage. I’ve done a lot of batch cooking too and have trialled some new recipes in Butternut Squash and Basil Pasta Stars, Quinoa Balls with Spinach and Feta and Popeye Sweet Potato. On the 11th you actually ate your first supper, this has been a mealtime that you’ve never been interested in before so I haven’t pushed it on a regular basis.

On the 11th we had our first successful supper, you haven’t shown much interest in this mealtime up until now and I’m hoping that adding it in may mean you sleep a little better (pah… I know!)

I’ve now bought some different bottles to try and encourage more water drinking. I went for an Avent Classic Spout Cup because it’s got a soft spout and you have really taken to it and are now readily drinking from it… Success, at last!


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