46 Weeks Old

A busy weekend to start this fortnight with a visit to a Macmillan Coffee Morning at Adventure International to support friends then a visit to a local art event, The Cruel and Curious Sea II at the National Trust’s Stowe Barton to see some amazing works along with our super talented friend Hannah Wheeler. What a spectacle it was, we didn’t manage to go last year as I was ‘heavy with child’ and therefore tucked up in bed by the time it started. Amazing works, bar and food gave it a real party atmosphere with the addition of an exhibition. It’s a shame we couldn’t get to see it at dusk where I’m sure the works would have come alive but it was still an awesome experience in an amazing setting.

Here’s Looking at You Little One continues to be interesting. We’ve learnt about Schemas and Behaviour this fortnight. Although all the activities are a little lost on you as all you want to do is find the nearest thing to climb up. We did have fun with a tent and some tunnels with involved me placing you at the opening of one tunnel and rushing to the other side to coax you through the tunnel and take a photo only to see your feet disappear as you followed me around… on the outside! You loved the playdough, though them making it salty to prevent little mouths swallowing it was lost on you as you popped a piece in, shuddered, swallowed and repeated until I had to take you away from it. Would appear you like salt!

You’re still enjoying Music Train despite the fact you’re usually shattered by the time we get there having not slept since 3am (I shall discuss this further below). Participants are dropping like flies I may add at this point lol.

We filled out your first passport application this week too and sent that off, I’m so excited to get it! Your photos are so cute. We got them done for £8 at Studio Southwest and he was brilliant. You sat on the end of my knees as he meowed and barked at you. I never thought a baby could look like a convict but you kinda do, bless your heart. All you wanted to do was lean into me as I tried to make you sit up straight.


I also lost your toothbrush this week so had to give you your big boy brush which you had no problems mastering. I’m kinda glad you love toothpaste so much, long may it continue that you actually hanker after cleaning your teeth.


You’ve had a bit of a cough this last fortnight, I think this is due to the excess saliva you have due to your teething as you only do it at night when lying down. We’ve elevated your cot at one end in the hope this alleviates it a little and we’ll use see how you are in the next few days.

These are still giving you hell, or we’re assuming that’s why you’re constantly grinding your teeth, drooling and not sleeping. I have a feeling the teeth behind your eye teeth are making your gums tender.

On the 1st October you went from crawling to sitting up, you usually crawl to what you want then roll onto your back to study it but you’ve now mastered sitting up to study or play. It’s far more fluid and you look like a big boy doing it.

Development & Co-Ordination
You’re practising standing unaided now but not managing more than a few seconds. You only use one hand for support these days and tend to lean on things so you can stand and play using both hands.

You are engrossed in your shape sorter these days. It’s always been around as more of a decorative box until recently. At Here’s Looking At You on the 26th September you were playing with a shape sorter and managed to successfully out a couple of shapes, I took this as fluke but decided to claim them anyway. When we got home I got your lion sorter out and sat you in front of it with the shapes and you repetitively picked out the round shape, posted it, opened the box, retrieved it and posted it again, over and over again. The look of concentration on your face is adorable and you stick your tongue out like we do. I’ve introduced other shapes to the mix and you successfully sort them. I’m actually a little in awe of you for this.

I also allow you to play in the kitchen when I’m doing the washing up etc, it’s easier than constantly ushering you out or trapping you in your highchair. I open the Tupperware cupboard and just let you go for it, it’s hilarious to watch.



This is a sore subject at the moment. Let’s start with a positive, you are settled in bed before 1900hrs every night (usually 1800). That’s it for the positives. For the last week you’ve been starting your day at 3.30am after approximately 4-5 ‘normal’ wake ups during the night. Which, I suppose, is a small improvement from the weekend which had you awake from 10pm until 2.30am and then awake again at 5. It’s quite simply torturous, I’m not sure the skin under my eyes can take the weight of the luggage currently stored there. I even thought that I’d take you for a walk to watch the sun rise one morning, I googled when that should occur, apparently even the sun gets to sleep in until 7.30 these days.

A friend posted this picture on Twitter this week as a number of babies your age are experiencing the same shattering sleep patterns, at the moment it’s most fitting.


21Ib 4oz.
I’ve finally had to retire a few of your 6-9 month sleep suits and your 6-9 jeans are a little snug around the waistband which has left us in the position where your 9-12 month trousers are huge, so huge in fact, you crawl out of them.

New Tastes: Cous Cous; Tomatoes on toast; Frozen Frubes
We’ve lifted your strawberry ban this fortnight and I’ve never seen you snaffle something so quickly, it is safe to say you blooming LOVE strawberries. You’ve also returned to using your spoon again, hurrah. Really dumbfounded as to why you stopped using it in the first place but very glad you’re using it again, makes life an awful lot easier. You’re also demonstrating a new skill of putting spoon in bowl and then into your mouth but are yet to load the spoon aswell. Feeding me is also a new thing you’ve developed, on a one for me, one for you basis.

44 Weeks Old

Well our weeks have been quite full lately, they’ve started re-rendering our side of the building and the noise is unbearable so we’ve been out and about as much as possible to avoid it all. Having said that the noise seems to have no effect on your naps at all (ironically), must be the result of us playing all that white noise to you at night.

We’ve been attending Music Train and the usual baby groups along with the Here’s Looking at You session where we’ve been learning about your senses and emotions. We’ve had lots of get togethers with the ladies and babies. It would appear I’m turning into a lady who lunches

Last weekend was the amazing Bude for Food Festival held in the Castle grounds which we attended. It was a beautiful weekend weather wise so it was a huge success and you got to play on the lawn with friends. It was lovely to get out and about at an event as a family. We saw the incredible Martin Dorey do what he does best with a mackerel, although Daddy missed out on a sample as people descended on it like fly on muck before it reached us.

The beginning of this fortnight saw you with a streaming nose, not sure whether it was a cold or your teeth as you seemed ok in yourself however as your nose stopped running you developed a really nasty cough which meant a few sleepless nights for us, I was going to take you to the doctor as I was beginning to worry it was croup but you seem to have shrugged off the worst of it.

On the 25th your upper front teeth made an appearance. I noticed the right one had come through when I was battling you into your pram after lunch at Lauren’s, by the time we walked home the left one had come to play. It would appear Coral’s made an appearance on the same day!

Despite you being in the middle of a long leap you are pretty content, teething aside that is. We can see you’re stubborn by the way you don’t give up on something easily, the times we have to stop you from doing something that’ll hurt you and the way you return to do exactly that as soon as you’re free to is incredible.

Development & Coordination
Standing: You aren’t happy unless you’re standing, cruising or climbing something and are desperate to stand on your own now.
Walking: This is coming on really nicely, you take lots of little steps when holding my hands and rarely do this on tiptoe these days.
Speech: You’re stringing lots of sounds together and are having right little conversations with yourself, we have no idea what these mean, but they sometimes amuse you.

Over and under seems to be a fascination with you these days that and turning things over and over and over again. You’ve really mastered flipping your bowl and have been getting some really good air of late. No matter how many toys are scattered around you you gravitate to an empty box, carton or bowl and just turn it over and over. This can be nerve wracking for me when you decide a large plastic box is your favoured item, tears invariably occur when you get it wrong. I don’t want to stop you though as you get quite engrossed and I know it won’t seriously hurt you.

Your early evening settles are continuing, you are still waking several times a night and come into bed with me from about 3-4am as usual. Naps are hit or miss in the daytime. Mornings can be a struggle and often you go all day with just one nap, you look like you’ve been in a fight on these days your eyes are so dark.

I didn’t get your weighed this fortnight.

New Tastes: Thai Green Curry; Pea, Basil and Paneer Fritters; Balsamic Roasted Tomatoes; Saag Paneer; Rice
The saag paneer actually went down better than I thought, it was quite spicy but you didn’t spit any out. You only ate about 6 spoonfuls but then you haven’t been eating great amounts of late (teeth, I suspect) so your tolerance for spicy heat is obviously deepening.