48 Weeks Old

First off, apologies for a near two week delay in uploading this. Builders knocked out our phone line and it took that long for BT to come amd connect us.

This fortnight saw you turn 11 months old. It started off with your first ever Beer & Cider Festival at the Prestongate Inn in Poughill. The PrestonFest was possibly enjoyed more by your Daddy than you but it was nice to get out the house as a family for the day and do something kinda grown-up. I think you were a little disappointed with the band as every time they sound checked you were raring to go, bopping in anticipation, then they’d stop again… We had to leave before they started playing, unfortunately.

Your Granny and Grandad came down for the week too, which was lovely. We had lots of lovely walks and lunches out and Grandad enjoyed playing with you. Granny bought you a crocodile which you have really taken to, in fact, it’s the first cuddly toy you’ve really taken a shine to.


We also went to Boscastle for lunch which was nice as it’s the first time you’ve been there, though lunch was a little disappointing.


Daddy’s been home for the last couple of weeks which has been nice for you to have him around all the time, though I do think this, coupled with your grandparents visit has played havoc with your schedule, in a nice way you understand. However, Daddy went away again on the 20th for a couple of nights so we managed to get you back on some sort of daytime even keel.

This last week we’ve just been doing the usual groups and Music Train. We finished Here’s Looking at You little One last week which is a real shame, we’ve both thoroughly enjoyed it, it was good to learn about your development and watch you interact in a more interactive environment. I got to finish your Learning Journey and bring it home along with a goodie bag containing an egg shaker…. Your new favourite!

All good, you seem to have got rid of your cough and runny nose which I’m still certain had more to do with your teeth than a virus.

I still think I can see some bulging where your eye teeth and bottom side teeth are going to be but your drool has eased off a fair bit so am thinking you’re having a bit of respite from them for the time being.

On the 15th October we received your first passport. Now to book a holiday.
On the 19th it sounded like you said Daddy for the first time. Whether this was a fluke, we’re not sure as you haven’t said it again.

You are becoming more and more inquisitive, something you’ve always shown but these days seem to have stepped up a gear. You’re also showing that you don’t give in easily and your sheer determination to learn something new is quite awe inspiring. You get really lost in what you’re doing showing real focus, you don’t just give up and move on to something else like others can. Trouble is this is also the case when you want to be doing something you shouldn’t (something that could harm you) so I get the brunt of your frustration when I try and distract you into doing something else… A near impossible task.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Walking: You are walking really well these days (with our support, or the support of furniture, of course). You can’t half shift whilst cruising and race along the sofa and units now, then you use other items (such as your jumperoo or a box) to navigate across a gap to another piece of furniture. It’s really impressive to watch. We’ve been trying to encourage you to free stand but this is very early days and you only manage to last a few seconds when we get you properly centred before your knees buckle and you crumple to the floor.
Coordination: You’re busy perfecting using your spoon and bowl at the moment which is lovely to see, though leaves an awful mess in your wake. You’ve pretty much mastered the shape sorter though you struggle when the block’s coordinated hole is on the side of the box. You’re constantly putting things in and taking things out of things and for this reason I have cut out lots of holes in a cardboard box so you can ‘post’ things, which you love.
Speech: You do seem to be forming words now, what they are we have no idea but you’re certainly babbling about something.

It would appear that your item d’jour is a spoon. Of all the toys in this house, your spoon is of great interest not letting go of it from supper, through your bath and afterwards. Posting and putting things into boxes. The crocodile Granny bought you seems to have grabbed your attention as has the Lion Uncle Simon and Auntie Jacqueline bought you when you were born.

Your sleep has still been horrendous with you wanting to start your day at 3/4am which is tiring, to say the least. However, on the night of the 20th you did a complete turn around and slept through the night for the first time ever! A miracle! You were asleep by 1830 and didn’t wake until 0430 then slept again until 0630. Of course I was awake at 12, 2 and 3. The next night wasn’t as good but not too bad, the night after (when your Daddy returned home) we reverted back to three wake ups and a 0430 start. Ho well!

Seeing as you turned 11 months this week I decided to get you weighed again, that and the fact you seem, recently to have got really heavy.
Weight: 21Ibs 11.5oz

You seem to have gone off eating this fortnight, really not sure why but Amy says Coral has done the same. Though you would happily tuck away yogurt and Porridge until the end of time I’ve read that I shouldn’t just give in and give you what you want in the hope hunger prevails, the health visitor shared the same opinion… Hmmmm, that isn’t going to go well. However an idea occurred to me today, as it occurred to me everything I eat you want to have, to perhaps load your food onto something. So I made some homemade tortilla chips and loaded your shepherds pie onto it and it worked, you ate the whole lot!
New Tastes: Houmous, kiwi fruit, quesadilla, homemade tortilla chips which I have discovered are great for loading or dipping.


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