50 Weeks Old

Eep, the next blog I write will be your one year, I’m not sure I’m entirely ready for that!

This fortnight started off with a lovely weekend spent as a family with lots of lovely walks, I also started running again… I hurt! It’s half term this week so most of our groups are not running which is probably good as it looks like I’ll be waiting in everyday for BT to come and repair the phone line the builders killed when re-rendering. In fact, as it turns out, we pretty much stayed in for the entire fortnight waiting for BT.


This fortnight saw you start to clap properly and also saw you start to kiss us, it is rather cute despite the fact you do this with an open, slobbery mouth or just bump heads together.

In the world: On the 26th October Britain’s war with Afghanistan came to an end after 13 years, crazy to think that your cousin has only ever known us to be at war.

Apart from a runny nose [teething?] you’ve been fine. I, on the other hand, had a nice bout of mastitis on the 2nd. Way to go. Thought I’d left that delight a long way behind me so it’s another load of antibiotics which I hope don’t make you poorly.

I feel your eye teeth are on their way, I thought I saw a flash of white on the 29th but haven’t seen anything since so it was probably something else. Mila already has hers through!

On the 2nd November you started clapping your hands together properly…. And I missed it due to being laid up in bed. It was nice that daddy experienced a first though.
On the 4th you started to kiss which is just the most wonderful, amazing thing ever!

You are showing your loving side now that you are kissing and hugging us. There’s nothing more heart melting than this, I can tell you. You continue to be intrigued by everything around you and everyone remarks on this.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Walking: On the 29th October I assembled the wooden trolley walker granny and grandad bought you. I was going to wait until your birthday but I thought you’d benefit from it now. I was right… You’re addicted! You really shift with it.



Coordination: You are constantly playing with your shape sorter and stacking rings and have pretty much mastered both. You still love using your spoon to scoop food from your bowl but do this as a game rather than to gain sustenance. Clapping your hands together has finally been mastered. You’ve being clasping your hands together and shaking them up and down and taking our hands in yours and making us clap but on the 2nd you finally clapped your own together, a beautiful moment and you looked so pleased with yourself.
Speech: You’ve certainly found your D’s much to Daddy’s pride. You’re also saying words (or, atleast making sounds that sound like words) like hiya and yeah and babble away to yourself quite happily.
Recognition: You certainly know the words for items now and when asked ‘Where’s your crocodile/lion/penguin/bowl/spoon/ball, etc?’ You go straight to the item.

Dancing/bopping is a new favourite whenever you hear some lively music be it on TV, iPod or a toy. It’s an absolute delight to see you starting to enjoy music.
You still love your shape sorter and stacking rings and you’ve also developed a bond with the crocodile Granny and Grandad bought you, this is the first cuddly toy you’ve shown a real interest in, to the point you kiss it and bite it’s feet and look happy to see it.

Well you haven’t treated us to a sleep through again, I knew it was going to be a fluke though you’re not bad. The clocks went back last week which upset us a bit as you were waking at four, which considering it was your 5 couldn’t be complained about.

I didn’t get you weighed this fortnight, I’m saving that for next time.

You’re still not eating lunch from a spoon, favouring nachos or Melba toast as a utensil. You’re also still not interested in anything other than porridge for tea but you do it a wide range of food for lunch so I’m not too bothered.
New tastes: Melba toast


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