Happy Birthday

A year has passed since you came into this [my] world and placed into my arms.

A year has passed since I first looked into your beautiful, peaceful and innocent face.

A year has passed since my world became complete.

A year has passed and I can’t quite believe it’s been that long.

From the moment I heard your first cry you’ve brought me such joy, such pride, such love. A love so pure, so solid, so unshakeable. A love I never knew existed before I met you.

Every day I thank the universe for you and every day I worry about you, whether it be your health, if you’re poorly, or your happiness, if you’re grumpy.

You are such a happy little boy, you’ve never been a crier unless there is something that’s paining you. You’re so inquisitive and so headstrong. You are at your happiest when exploring the world around you, even if that is harmful and I’m pulling you away kicking and screaming because it’s likely to hurt.

You’ve shown empathy from quite an early age knowing when I’m down and stopping what you’re doing to come and sit on my lap or just be close to me with a tiny hand resting on my leg. You have cuddled us for a while now but you have recently started kissing and with each gentle (slobbery) kiss my heart melts that little bit more.

From the moment I saw those two blue lines I’ve worried about you. My pregnancy seemed to go on forever and we counted down to your arrival week by week, those weeks seeming like months. Broaching the 24 week mark brought a slight relief knowing that should something go awry you would atleast have a chance. As it happened you came along just 3 days early with no drama and relative ease. Now a new worry has taken over.

I am still in disbelief that I should be given someone so precious and so perfect. Every day seems too good to be true. Every day I fret I’m doing the right thing by you. Every day you continue to amaze and fulfil me.

I love you Noah Ace, more than I ever thought possible.

Happy Birthday.

22nd November 2014


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