If you know me you’ll know that we have decided to raise Noah (until he asks otherwise) to not have chocolate, added sugar, sweets or meat. My reasons for this are shared by my partner and remain our own. We feel that he will have most, if not all, of the above for the majority of his life and until he decides otherwise I feel there is no necessity for him to have them now.

I’m not, by doing this, in anyway criticising any parent who has/is giving their child chocolates in anyway shape nor form (just thought I’d get that in there before I get lynched).

So with all the traditional chocolate filled advent calendars filling the shelves, advent in this house consists of a wooden Advent Calender drawer unit which I’ve written little ‘promises’ in (activities for the day etc) although I’m now having to send this back as it’s broken (gah) and a special book I bought Noah for his first birthday.

Reading in my family has always been of utmost importance and as a child we didn’t have a television for a few years so read instead, often taking the time to discuss what we were reading as a family at the dinner table. Books are still a huge passion of mine now and I hope Noah shares this amazing world that only books can open.

I have been reading bedtime stories to Noah since he was 3 months old and I am now reading him one of these stories a night in the lead up to Christmas. I still recall stories that my mother read to me at Christmastime and whenever I come across them they still give me that tingly, excited feeling that Christmas gives to every child and remember those dark nights curled up with my mum on my bed being lulled to sleep by her melodic voice.

‘The Nights Before Christmas’ contains 24 classic stories illustrated by Tony Ross, probably best known for illustrating the Horrid Henry series of books. I spotted this in our local bookshop when the owner was unpacking them and I immediately fell in love with the whole idea of it. It contains 24 Christmas related stories and in buying this book I bought our first family Christmas tradition and I look forward to reading these stories in the run up to Christmas for many, many years to come. I hope Noah recalls such happy memories as I do when I think back to my own childhood.

The stories chosen are classic Christmas stories and poems written by authors including; Clement Clarke Moore, Hans Christian Anderson, Brothers Grimm, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Louisa May Alcott and many more.

We are now on Day 15 and although Noah hasn’t a clue what I’m reading him I’m starting to really get into the spirit of Christmas.


Happy advent everyone, enjoy the treats you have chosen this year.


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