13 Months Old

I’ve decided (well, I decided a while ago) that now you’re one I was going to cut these diary blogs down to monthly updates. One of the main reasons being that now you’re older and more mobile I don’t have much time to write them and they were becoming increasingly late in publishing (as is the case with this one, ironically).

This month started with a bang, you celebrated your first birthday my darling, beautiful, special little boy…. Happy Birthday. We threw a little birthday party for you where you were joined by Coral, Samuel and Mila for a play date/birthday tea.

On the 26th we went to Lyme for a few nights and stayed with Auntie. It was so nice to be spoiled for a while and they both dote on you so much. You discovered paintbrushes and stairs which kept you busy for what seemed like hours!!!


We spent some lovely time together and even took you to Exeter shopping for the first time (there’ll be lots more of these expeditions in the future) where you met Monty the Penguin and were centre of attention at Carluccio’s at lunchtime.


On the 7th we went to your first birthday party for Tommy’s birthday at Stratton. You had a lovely time on the slide and playing with the giant Lego.


On the 8th we went on our very first holiday as a family. We went to Longleat Centre Parcs Winter Wonderland where we had an amazing time (despite colds). We cycled, with you in a trailer which, after an initial protest, you absolutely loved. Daddy and you shouted at each other the whole time making everyone we passed chuckle. We saw reindeer (yes, real ones), squirrels, rabbits, a Harris Hawk and a giant cuddly teddy bear. We stayed in a woodland lodge where you had your very own room and you handled it quite well. I, on the other hand…

We did a lot of swimming and bought you an inflatable training seat which you loved, took you round a whirlpool and down lots of slides, you loved it. You loved being able to crawl the huge expanse of badminton courts, saw a real life reindeer and some singing ones which totally mesmerised you and you were totally taken by all the lights everywhere, it was truly magical and something I can see us repeating every year.


On the way home we stopped to buy a Christmas tree, now I’ve pretty much always had a real one, but with you being mobile and shoving everything in your mouth you find on the floor, we decided (against my better judgement) to get a fake one so bought a monster. That night, after you went to bed, I started moving furniture in order to fit this tree into an appropriate space. I spent an hour piecing the thing together and I’m a little ashamed to admit that after a lot of bickering between your Daddy and me the tree was dismantled and packed away in the box…. It was just a little too big so I’ll sort a different one out soon, I promise x

On the 14th we went to a Christmas Party at the baby sensory unit at the Milky Way. We went with Mila, Grayson, Roo and Hobie and we sang lots of songs had lots of sensory play, saw a puppet show and met Santa Claus for the very first time. Afterwards we stayed and had a play in the soft play area which was FAB for you little ones and I can see us making a regular pilgrimage up there.


On the 18th we had a Christmas Party at the Children’s Centre ‘Little Explorers’ where we did some prints of your hands and feet to make it look like a reindeer and Santa’s sleigh, as usual this didn’t go down well. Later on in the day we had to take you for your jabs, you poor little sausage…. They hurt and we cried, that’s all I’m going to say.

Unfortunately we’ve all been struck down with a really nasty cold this month, you managed to shake yours off before we did thankfully but I question whether you’d been suffering with it along time before your symptoms started.

On the 12th December your right upper lateral incisor finally popped through.

A month of firsts.
The first, and most important, was your very first birthday.
On the 7th you went to your first birthday party (of some one else’s), Tommy, at Stratton.
On the 8th-12th we went on own very first holiday together to Centre Parcs, Longleat. This lead to many firsts…
The 8th saw many firsts:
Your first Burger King where I offered you a bite of my Beanburger, figuring a taste wouldn’t hurt… you point blank refused it, which is a first in itself, you even spat out the bread. Good boy!


Your first time in a bike trailer being cycled around your first time in a forest.
Your first time sleeping in your own room.
On the 11th you took your very first tentative, unsupported steps (two, to be exact).
On the 14th you met Santa for the first time.

You are definitely showing your independence and since turning one have developed quite a temper. This is usual apparent on taking something away from you, preventing you from doing something you’ve got your mind set on or simply putting you somewhere you don’t want to be… Namely your pram or car seat! So the art of distraction is fast being perfected by me for my sanity.

Standing: You are free standing a lot more now, we’ve learnt to just let you do it when you feel like it, forcing the issue wasn’t getting us anywhere.
Walking: you have mastered using your Tidlo walker without me having to slow it down and you’re off like the clappers with it now. My back is eternally grateful. You have now taken your first, tentative, unsupported steps… And I was in the toilet – due to the fact I didn’t see it I’m calling this an unconfirmed event. On the 22nd you took another two towards me so I can now confirm it.
Speech: We can now start hearing you string sounds together in some form of sentence but what you’re saying is still a mystery. Your most common sound is AH which you make when pointing at stuff so we think it’s a question, much like “What is that?”, or “Look at me!” You mimic sound patterns that we make like when we exclaim “Uh oh” when you knock something over and you, very cutely, repeat it back to us.
Recognition: For a while now you’ve recognised objects and when asked where they are you’ve gone over to them, namely us, your crocodile/penguin/lion. You have now developed a ‘point’ which is amazing and makes life so much easier, though we were laughing about how we are praising you for pointing now yet in a couple of years time we’ll be telling you not to because it’s rude. The book your Granny bought you last time they were down has a favourite page and you now always point out the banana and strawberry when asked. On the 23rd you started pointing to your nose when we asked you where your nose was, we thought this a fluke at first until we asked you where your mouth was and you pointed at that. We’re now working on other parts of your body.

What doesn’t entertain you. You love music, you love dancing and are perfecting your head banging and ‘twist’ quite nicely. You’re are totally besotted with your books still, especially ‘lift-the-flap’ ones, though these are fast losing the flaps.

This is (I fear writing this in case I curse myself) getting better. You now are settled by 1900 (at the very latest) and sleep until atleast 0530 with a maximum of 2 wake ups in between (unless poorly). On the 16th December you slept a solid 9.5 hrs straight which was amazing and seeing as I had an early night I got 7 hours too… A first!

22Ib 12oz. You have finally grown out of all your 6-9 months clothing but are predominantly still in 9-12 month ones.

You have certainly found your appetite and are constantly eating! When you’ve finished your 4 or 5 courses you then start on mine.
New Tastes: Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli; Breadsticks; HP Sauce; Ketchup; Veggie Moussaka; Aubergine; Omelette; Cauliflower Cheese; Pastry; Pumpkin Soup; Lentil, Vegetable & Chickpea Stew; Nectarine
We continue with our breastfeeding journey also.


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