I know that, technically, this is your second Christmas but due to you being so tiny last year I felt like this year was your first and have looked forward to making it so special for us all. Unfortunately this didn’t go to plan due to illnesses but we tried to make the most of it.

We both went to Brooks Garden Centre and chose a small tree to sit on a table. We chose against a big tree, which is normal, due to concerns you may pull it over! You loved the decorations and lights when they were finally put up, with your grandma taking pride of place, forever smiling down on us.

The look of awe on your face when we turned on the lights each morning was magical.


On Christmas Eve we left out your plate for Santa with a glass of mulled cider, a mincepie and a carrot (for Rudolph).


You’d been a VERY good boy this year so he cleared the lot and left lots of presents under the tree for you which you raced over to on Christmas morning and stared at them for an age.


Despite being poorly you enjoyed opening your presents and playing with all your new toys (and their boxes), this took pretty much all day but that’s the best thing about Christmas.


We had a lovely Christmas dinner with crackers. You had your first roast dinner, consisting of; nut roast, roast parsnips, roast potatoes, mash, broccoli, carrots and bread sauce. You tried a little bit of everything but didn’t eat a lot. I was just thrilled you had what you did considering you hadn’t eaten anything other than milk and porridge for days in the lead up to Christmas.


I suppose the beauty of living away from family is that you get to have Christmas a few times over. On the 30th December, after you had shaken off the worst of your cold, we went back to Lyme and had another little Christmas with Auntie. You were spoilt rotten with lots of lovely gifts including a big red bus, bath toys and the most fabulous clothes. We did laugh at your dismissal of the ‘soft presents’, hoying them over your shoulder on opening.


On the way back from Lyme we stopped off at Budleigh to see Uncle Dan and Auntie Sam where we got to have another mini Christmas (well, opening of presents anyway). You loved your mobile Bunny shape sorter and highchair steering wheel. We had a lovely time catching up with everyone and they all enjoyed seeing how much you’ve grown and changed.


All in all, despite being poorly, we had a good time in the end and just hope that next year goes more according to plan.

Happy Christmas my darling boy, you amaze us daily.


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