First Shoes

On the 14th March 2015, after weeks of putting it off, we bought Noah his very first pair of shoes.

Now I was always brought up on Clarks shoes and always knew Noah would have the same start in his vertical life.

We visited the Barnstaple Clarks store and were greeted by the lovely Ella who made the whole experience really special. She was so patient with him (and me when it came to decision making) and so gentle. She was, in a word, lovely.

The measurer she used was so tiny, so cute and Noah was so patient about it, I think he was quite taken with her and all the bright lights but he just sat on my lap and let her ‘do her thing’.

It turns out our little boy is size four and a half G on his left foot and four and a half H on his right… Typical. Anyway we went for the G width and they fitted brilliantly.

As I perused the boys section of shoes (which, I have to admit wasn’t as half as exciting as the girls’ section) Noah trotted off the the little girls section of shoes and decided to play with every silver/pink/glittery pair of shoes he could find.

I chose two pairs of shoes for Noah to try on, the Softly Nile First in Navy and the Softly Mac First in Denim Blue. As soon as Ella put the first pair on it was like someone had put his feet in lead blocks. When he finally figured out how to lift these dead weights it was akin to watching an historic deep sea diver trying to walk on the bottom of the ocean. It was emotional and funny all rolled into one.

After much deliberation I opted for the second pair I chose, the Softly Mac as I figured the colours would go with more but I was torn, I bloody loved the Softly Nile, they were so cool but we can’t afford both so practicality ruled for once.

The camera came out and we pranced around like loons to get Noah to smile for his ‘official’ photo, and he did. He looked so grown up, I struggled to hold back the tears (despite the smell radiating from his nappy… Yep, he’d chosen this moment to ‘go’).

I highly recommend Clarks for the first shoe experience, not only because you know the shoes you’re putting on your baby’s feet are the best, but also because everything about this experience was amazing. The photo, the card, the next appointment, even the box. Putting aside the size of this tiny little shoe box (which will NEVER be thrown away), the design is amazing… Even on the inside…

Then Lady Luck smiled down on us… David noticed the fabric on the back of one shoe was ruched up so Ella went to check for another pair. There wasn’t one so she had a word with her manager and returned with a 50% reduction!!! I was only expecting 10, bargain!!!

So what do we do? That’s right, we buy the other pair too 😂


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