16 Months Old

On the 24th we celebrated the beautiful Mila’s first birthday where we chipped together to buy her a Tidlo Kitchen which she loved by all accounts. There was lots of playing with your friends and plenty food, chat and laughter. On a subsequent play date Mila and yourself wouldn’t get off the thing, there was lots of pushing and shoving to be totally honest.


On the 28th we celebrated Corey’s first birthday at his new home in Torpoint. We caught a lift with Samuel and the first 6 miles went smoothly, until you started crying, and you pretty much didn’t stop until we got there. I even squeezed my ample behind between the two car seats to no avail. Once there you had a fabulous time with lots of play and food once more. We all chipped in for a smartrike on this occasion and I hear it’s gone down well so thanks to Jess for organising that one. I’m pleased to say the trip home was better… You slept the whole way. 

Our Thursday group has been fab this month where we’ve made spiders, (not) enjoyed sensory/messy play with a paddling pool full of baked beans, you being you showed no interest in that but loved playing with the bath water. On the 12th we made a Mothers Day card and the 19th saw me having to give a talk on BLW, not that I’m an expert at all having only muddled through it myself.


We’ve been on a few nice play dates with the boys and Mila, it’s nice when you all get together and mental seeing you guys toddling around.

On the 9th we got some rather devastating news regarding both your grandads. Grandpa has been taken to hospital as his multiple myeloma has returned and he’s been suffering with it quite badly lately and they’re trying to sort out his meds. In the meantime, your Grandad was taken into hospital and diagnosed with this same devastating and rare cancer as Grandpa. What are the chances of that? I’d never heard of a multiple Myeloma before and now 2 people we know have been diagnosed within two years of each other. At the time of posting this both were doing well. We will be taking a trip up north as soon as we can to see them both.

On the 14th we went to get your first shoes, you can read about the trip here. I was amazed you liked them considering the short amount of time you tolerate socks. It was funny when the shop assistant, Ella, put them on your feet mind. It was like someone had nailed you to the floor and you had to learn to walk again.  To top off the trip we found fault with the pair we chose meaning we got such a discount I bought the other pair I like. Since this day you often toddle off and get a shoe and try amd put it on your foot.


The next day, despite another cold, we took you into the garden for a little walk then decided to bundle you up and took you on the beach for your first walk on sand… You loved it! Despite the wind and cold you merrily sing songed your way across the sand, it was delightful. 


Since that day we have been on the beach every day thanks to the beautiful, unseasonal, weather we’re having at the moment. 


On the 21st we all went to Plymouth Aquarium where you spent more time trying to get outside and playing with conduit than actually interested in the fish but you seemed to enjoy it all the same. Afterwards we went and had some lunch on the Barbican where you watched the world go by.



We’ve had to take you to the doctor regarding a couple of lumps we’ve found on your scalp and leg. We have to return after 3 weeks (which will be next week) for a follow up as they haven’t gone away.


You’re still struggling with your first molar, all four points are through now and you’re constantly drooling. I’m trying to find a teether that’ll satisfy you as all that seems to be in favour are your fingers and metal spoons. Your incisors seem to be more noticeable at the moment so think they may be close to appearing.


14th – First shoes

15th – First walk/run on beach

20th – First proper mouthful of sand. 


You are becoming a real stubborn little character who doesn’t easily give up. You want to do what you want to do and when stopped you certainly let us know with a shriek that would put any banshee to shame. You insist on walking when you’ve started in that vein. On the 20th you walked from Life’s a Beach to the lock gates where we had a little play then all the way back home, and I mean up the steps, across the downs, the whole entire way. God help me if I stopped to wipe your nose. You know what you want and you’re hell bent on getting it, even if it’s not possible.

You’ll come up to me and grab my hand and take me to where you want to go which is hilarious, though a little tiresome when it’s all day, you need to hurry up amd talk so you can tell me what you want to do.

Muscle Development & Coordination

Mobility: You just don’t stay still. You walk/run everywhere now. I rarely see you crawl anymore which, sadly, means our Thursday group will be nearing it’s end.

Communication: You are definitely toying with more sounds now and intently watch my face when I speak and try and mimic the shapes my mouth makes. D’s are coming on and I swear this is because you get so excited when you see a dog and are desperately trying to say it. Your understanding of the world is spot on, you know what things are and what we’re asking of you to the point I ask you to get me a nappy and you toddle off to the nappy box, grab one and bring it back to me, often stopping en route to unfold it amd shove it between your legs.


Walking and the outside world. I need not say anything else. You want to be outside ALL the time and whilst there you want to walk.

Daddy went to visit Granny and Grandad a few days ago and came back laden with gifts, of which you have a new favourite toy in the musical squirrel microphone. We’ve got endless videos of you dancing and singing along to it and are often found just walking around holding it and pressing the music button.

Books, buttons and keys are still firm favourites and can’t see this dwindling anytime soon. 



This is coming on and you definitely understand the word ‘no’. I’m having to be pretty firm with you which I’m struggling with but I’m beginning to see that it’s paying off and you are actually starting to understand some rules.


You’ve pretty much dropped a daytime nap now. Night time has been hit or miss, you’ve had quite a nasty cough which has interfered with a good night’s sleep and on a couple of occassoyouve woken with a night terror and I’ve had a long struggle to resettle you. Having said that you’ve had a few nights where you’ve slept through or woken just the once. You’re still waking at 5.30am mind but then you nap around lunchtime for up to 2 hours which is nice.


23Ib 13oz. Only a 3oz gain but then you’ve been off your food (due to colds and teeth) and so active so they’re not concerned.


It’s no secret, much to some people’s chagrin, that I’ve been bringing you up Vegetarian until a time as you decide not to be (or, decide to carry on being… Who knows?!). I have though, always toyed with the idea that you should have fish as they do provide relevant vitamins and minerals that can be hard (at your age) to supplement with a vegetarian diet. On the first of March I bit the bullet and cooked you some fish fingers for supper and you wolfed them down. You’ve been a bit hit or miss with your food at the latter end of the month, preferring pouches to anything home cooked. Not sure whether it’s a ‘stage’ or your teeth but you’re preferring your milk at the moment. I’m hoping it’ll get back on track again soon.

New Tastes: Fish Fingers; Potato Wedges; Beetroot


2 thoughts on “16 Months Old

    • They know EXACTLY what they want don’t they. His latest trick is when I ask if he’s done a poopydoo he totters off and gets me a nappy. Doesn’t hang around to get it changed though 😂

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