17 Months Old

Music Train has finished and I’ve decided we’re not going to go again until you’re a little older so instead we’ve been going to a Shining Stars at the children’s centre which has loads more activities you like. Hopefully the others will join us so you won’t miss them.

On the 28th we took you up to Brooks Soft Play before your nap as the weather hasn’t been that great lately, then joined Mila at the Milky Way, it’s so lovely watching you guys play together and gives us a chance to catch up. Daddy had a whale of a time with the soft play and I’m never too sure who enjoys it most.

Over Easter we had some lovely day trips as a family and walks on the beach to tire you out. You absolutely love it down there and constantly make a bee line for the puddles which you promptly fall into. It must be so nice for you to have such a large expanse to just run around and ‘be’ without us worrying that you’re going to bump into something.

On the 4th of April we went to Grayson’s 1st Birthday party where you all just ran wild with all the fabulous toys and activities that were laid on. Your favourite being marching up and down the driveway shouting at everything and everyone and trying to climb into the pond whilst wiping everyone out with a broom that you found. On the same day we had our first viewing on flat which went well, despite Lolly trying to gas them out on their arrival.

The 5th was Easter Sunday and such a beautiful day so we went for a nice long walk on beach in the morning then walked to Weir for lunch. You napped on the way and had your first proper meal out… beans on toast! You love it up there and walked around shouting at people and looking at the birds of prey.

On the 6th we had a second viewing on flat which resulted in an offer, so fingers crossed there. We took a trip to Jess’ farm to see her and Roo along with Samuel and Mila. She laid on a lovely spread of food for us all and followed up by a close up meeting with some lambs and chicks. You were so gentle with them, unlike the gung-ho attitude you have with Lolly. We’ve had some lovely play dates and trips to the park too.


On the 12th we went over to Auntie’s as she has returned from New Zealand and I had an early morning hospital appointment the next day. We met up with Uncle Simon and Auntie Jacqueline and, along with Auntie and David, we had a lovely lunch at a new bistro in Lyme, “The French Lieutenant’s”. It was fabulous though not a great deal for you to eat, however you managed with most of the cheese out my sandwich, bread and a pouch. 

On the 13th you did really well while I was being sorted out at hospital. There was lots of waiting and you didn’t take it well when I left to speak to someone but you were tired, bored and we were there a long time so I really don’t blame you. Afterwards we went into the city and did a bit of shopping and then let you run around Cathedral Green for 40 minutes before lunch. You loved it and spent ages looking up at, and shouting at the cathedral and feeling all the bark on the trees. The hours I’ve spent in the exact same place over the years I daren’t count, it’s so beautiful and peaceful. Afterwards we met David at Carluccios where we had lunch. You had your own menu lack which contained crayons, pictures and paper for you to draw on and then helped me with my Gnocchi al Gorgonzola, it’s safe to say by the amount you ate that you liked it. That evening Daddy drove over to join us, though you were asleep by the time he arrived.


On the 14th I had to go into hospital for an operation but you had a fabulous day in Lyme with Daddy who sent me photos of your antics throughout the day. The rest of the week was spent in Lyme while I recovered enough to drive us home and we had lots of lovely walks on the beach with Auntie and Uncle David. It’s so lovely seeing you playing on the same beach I grew up on. It was really quite moving (I know, I’m a soppy date)



All good this month, so far. So nice for you not to have a cold.


On the 27th I noticed your upper right molar was making an appearance. Would explain a lot about the increase in drool and gnashing of fingers. No sign of any lower molars as yet.


First paddle in the sea and play on the beach at Lyme.


I say it every month but you are turning into the most amazing little boy. You are loving, funny, inquisitive, thoughtful and so helpful. You can spend ages pouring your water onto the floor then trotting off to get a towel to mop it up again. You love taking things apart so you can put them back to together again, namely the telephone or remote control battery compartments.

Muscle Development & Coordination

Mobility: You are fast mastering running which, when on concrete, fills me with fear. You are constantly stomping up and down slopes which is good for you, but again stressful for me whilst trying to encourage you and hope you don’t fall in equal measures.

Communication: Little improvement on the verbal communication here, though you are making more sounds and I find you miming stuff a lot of the time. Like your walking I think you’re working up to this quietly and will, maybe, one day shock us all. You do however have no problem communicating with us with your version of sign language. You point to what you want eg: the door to go outside; the toaster for toast; the chair if you want me to let you play with the door key; the floor if you want to walk; your mouth if you’re hungry; and use makaton hand gesture for when you want milk etc . You have recently started pointing to your wrist (like you have a watch on) but we have yet to figure out what this means.

You have no problem identifying objects, numbers etc. For example, when we ask you where something is, or where a certain digit or colour is you will go over and point at it whether it’s by using flash cards or objects around the house.


I’m loving making tidying up a game for you… You love it and it makes life easier for me only having to tidy things away from a pile rather than from everywhere. There’s no better game than making you put your toys, etc in your basket. You love putting things in the bin and get really excited when I put a nappy in a nappy bag or give you some rubbish to “go put in the bin” then off you toddle and congratulate yourself when you’ve completed your task with a nice clap.

Your greatest entertainment now is the outside, it doesn’t matter what we’re doing outside as long as it is out side! From 6am you are putting my feet in my shoes and dragging me to the front door where you simply point to the outside shouting “Ah”. You’re not happy until I agree to put your shoes and socks on and get stuff together to go for a wander. Anywhere you’re happy with, castle green, the downs and Summerleaze beach being our most frequent haunts so you can roam free. I love that you love the outside so much, though it’s a little more difficult when it’s raining (note to self: buy you some proper wet weather gear).

Your fascination with carrying long objects continues, only now you’re rarely seen out without your spade and god forbid if we see a broom anywhere, be it childrens ones (like you love at the children’s centre, or adult sized ones in our neighbour’s courtyard).



I’m still trying to make you understand the gravity of the words “No” and “Stop” especially now you’re raving around outside. Sometimes you react in the way I want, others you don’t… This is a work in progress.


This is steadily improving, though I hate to tempt fate by saying this. You are sleeping through more often (not every night, but baby steps) and when you don’t you only wake the once, invariably. You’ve had a couple of episodes of night terrors which are hideous



Your appetite has returned, thank god. You are pretty much feeding independently now. You’ve pretty much mastered a fork and have been throwing in some knife action to trial, this isn’t as successful, but you’ll get there. You are loving baked beans at the moment, nice to see we’re raising a proper Brit. As for veg, I’m having to mash them and hide them in your pizza toast and pasta,as you’ve gone off eating them individually but I’m hoping that will return soon enough.

New Tastes: Vegetable Pasty, Quorn Sausage, Yorkshire Pudding, Gnocchi al Gorgonzola


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