Silent Sunday



18 Months Old

A year and a half.

A year and a half.

A year and a half you’ve graced my world. A year and a half I’ve been privileged to call you my son. A year and a half since the greatest love of my life entered my universe. A year and a half we’ve kept you alive.

You have brought such wonderful joy to my life Noah and for that I will forever thank you for. You, who was so longed for, so waited for, so craved for and so welcomed. For a year and a half I have been a different person, a better person, a happier person, a more rounded human being, complete and you have made me that way.

Do I miss the person I was? No, not one jot. Do I search for the me? No, because this is who I am now and I couldn’t wish for it to be any other way. Put simply I would walk in front of a train for you and I would never have done that for any reason before so yes, I am a different person.

What’s been happening this monumental month? In short…. Tonnes!

I decided to sign us up for Here’s Looking at you Little One again as it’s a really interesting 6 week course, which basically means a free 6 week play group. We’ve done everything from playing with play dough, mud, water, exploring the garden and your emotions and learning all about your emotional, physical and behavioural development. It’s a great place for you to be let loose and play whilst I learn how to best deal with your tantrums and schemas. All in all it’s brilliant. It actually started on the 17th but due to me being out of action we only got to do 5 weeks. Unfortunately it’s ended now so we’ll have to find something else to do on a Friday. 

We’ve been attending a Shining Stars session on a Tuesday which is a nice little group and means you get to raid the shed for the brooms and push the toy Hoover around the room for the whole session, I hope your desire for cleaning continues when you’re old enough to actually do the housework.


We’ve had tonnes of play dates with Mila where we’ve been playing on the Castle lawn, beach, Little Stars and at home. 


On the 4th we tried out Trethorne for the first time with Mila and Roo. It was good but a little pricey for what it actually was and you were far more interested with the giant broom (the Rolls Royce broom as we called it) in the barn than any of the animals that were in there. The soft play area was pretty good, despite smelling like the animals had not long been moved out of the shed it was in.

On the 9th we met Amanda and Mila at Blackberry Farm and you guys had a wail of a time in the garden, playing with the animals and watching me feed some lambs. It really is a fab place, as it’s a farm shop, officially, it’s free but has tonnes of beautifully cared for animals that you can walk with and look at. The food is amazing and even has a play area in the restaurant for you guys. There were even some newly hatched chicks in there which you were besotted with. Afterwards, and the next day, we went to Brooks Garden Centre where you are fast preferring the toy sales area over the soft play that we have to pay for!


On the 11th I took you up to Daddy’s office as we haven’t been in a while and the girls were apparently complaining they hadn’t seen you in ages. You were very shy in the main office area but when you were in Daddy’s area you were quite relaxed playing in his chair and with the pens.


On the 12th we met Samuel, Grayson and Mila at Rosie’s play park where you had a fabulous time, despite falling off a bench and cutting your chin. Afterwards we went to a couple of other parks with Mila.


On the 17th my Auntie Ann and Uncle Brian came down to Sidmouth so we went over for lunch to see them along with Uncle Simon, Auntie Jacqueline, Uncle Dan, Auntie Sam, Ella and Tommy. We ate at Dukes and you were so amazingly well behaved at the table and considering we were there for sometime it was monumental. You shared my pizza with me and ended eating half, a good thing seeing as I’m meant to be on a diet. Afterwards we went to the park and for a walk.

That night we decided to stay the night and chose the Woodlands Hotel which has been recently taken over by Uncle Simon’s school friend Dan Cozins and his wife, Megan. What a fabulous place. They’ve done so much to it and it really is beautiful. You had fun racing around the conservatory and garden and playing with the toys they had there. We had a stunning suite which meant you had your own bedroom which was a novelty. The AngelCare worked in the lounge and restaurant too meaning that we got to have a meal outside the room and joined everyone for a good old reminisce. You charmed everyone the next morning at breakfast with your laughter and shrieks of excitement and enjoyed most of my breakfast aswell as your own.

We rounded off a play date month celebrating beautiful Roo’s first birthday. His mum, Jess had laid on such a fabulous spread of food and cakes (for both mummies and babies) and then you spent the rest f the time playing with all his toys in the garden, along with the Little Tikes Spray & Rescue Fire Truck we all bought him. You all had a great time and you got extra excited about all the real tractors, and brooms, in the yard.


Another small cold but nothing horrific. A few episodes of nappy rash, have noticed it ‘seems’ to be when you’ve had lots of strawberries so I’m cutting them out for a while to see what happens. It was nothing a bit of miracle cream, Metanium, didn’t sort out overnight though it was extremely sore for you at the time, bless you.


At the beginning of the month I noticed your Right Lower front molar had all but come through, that shot through because I checked a few days before and there was nothing there. On the 7th I noticed your Upper Right Canine was coming through and the next day your Upper Left popped through, no wonder you’ve been chomping on everything. I really should buy shares in Ashton and Parsons which have been a godsend.


On the 9th you started to try and jump independently, you only manage to leave the floor with one leg but you’re so proud none the less.


You are such a determined little boy and you don’t give up easily. This usually transpires when trying to get to the cat whilst she’s on her tower, you will not be deterred from climbing up there, despite the fact it’s actually quite tall and dangerous. We’ve taken to blocking the side table with boxes to prevent you using it as a stepping stone but you soon learn how to pull everything off to give you a clear run.

You remain so thoughtful and spend so much time studying things and enjoy problem solving. You’re more interested in things that challenge you thus you’re drawn more to adult tools and ‘things’ than ones developed for toddler use. You spent an age with a hex key trying to do up a screw on your high hair when I took it apart to clean it and I’ve lost count of the times you’ve demanded I put a chair I front of the front door so you can climb on my lap and put the key in the keyhole, over, and over, and over again.


Muscle Development & Coordination

Mobility: You are running around everywhere at the moment which can be a little nerve wracking when on concrete or slate. I constantly have my heart in my mouth but know you have to do what you have to do. I’m always telling Daddy off for telling you to be careful in the hall (it’s slate), of course his fears were realised at the end of the month when you tripped over your own feet, face planted the slate floor and split your lip really quite badly leaving you with an impressive trout pout and monster bruises. I’m just glad your teeth survived.

You are also experimenting with jumping, though leaving the floor seems to elude you at the moment. You are mastering your balance by standing on whatever you can, whenever you can. This, of course, will see you in good stead when you take up surfing.


Communication: We’re getting a lot more consonants now and you’re constantly mouthing sounds but not yet vocalising them. You have started to make conversational sounds too, finally. You cheer when you do something that exites you and make the noise of the Hoover.


We recently bought a Fisher Price Ballapalooza from a friend who’s son didn’t take to it, you absolutely love it. You love the dance music it plays and your face lights up and you soon start busting some moves. You’ve already figured out how to take parts of it off and put back in again.

You still love your brooms, hoovers, dustpan and brush, water and sand. Your latest idea of fun is throwing your Ballapalooza balls down the hall and hearing the noise the make, this sends you into a fit of screams, cheers and giggles.


Without wanting to tempt fate I can say that since the 12th you have slept through the night!!!! Except for a couple of evenings where you have woken at about 2130 or 2200 you have pretty much slept from 1830 to 0430. The early mornings are killers but I’ll take them for you to sleep through. Now if only we can get the cat to stop waking us up 6 times through the night we’ll be well rested human beings once more. Your daytime nap generally lasts anywhere between 1 and 2 hours around 10 which means we are still missing out on the Life Centre Creative Tots session.


Weight: 25Ib 14oz

Height: 81cm

Getting your measurements this month was challenging to say the least. As soon as I undressed you and the health visitor said hello you clung to me like a limpet. You would not let go for love nor money. It took 30 minutes and the health visitors to leave the room for you to finally stand on the scales and measuring your length was done whilst dressing you so I’m not entirely convinced we were as accurate as usual. I’m hoping you were just tired and this isn’t the start of something toddleresque.

Pretty much all your 9-12 month clothing has been retired, what remains are a little short but need to be replaced before I put them away.


New Tastes: Tuna; Tuna and Sweetcorn Fishcakes; Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages; Popcorn