Snoozeshade – A Review

What amazing weather we’ve had again recently. There’s nothing better than blue skies, bright sunshine and heat, it’s the best … Unless you have a toddler/baby that only naps whilst out walking in the pram.

Last year was particularly hot and I investigated pram shades as I thought that they would be preferable to the awkward and rather annoying parasol I had purchased for our Jané Trider.  I quizzed friends who had them, and whom subsequently hated them, and had a good old look at theirs only to come to the conclusion that I wasn’t going to waste my money on one.

The main reason? They’re black! Black absorbs heat! I would be cooking my already hot bod baby! So I went back to spending the summer battling with the parasol and clipping muslins to the hood of the pram and draping them over the legs of my DS to protect him from the rays of the sun whilst still trying to keep him cool.

I was recently lucky enough to be gifted a Snoozeshade Plus Deluxe cover for our pram. I was sceptical, thinking it was going to be just like the others I’d seen and left it on the side until the weather became such that I could use it. My skepticism was totally unfounded.

The first thing that struck me was that, hallelujah, It wasn’t black on the outside but silver grey thus capable of actually reflecting some of the sun’s heat. It’s also made of breathable fabric, not just a nylon mesh making me rest a little easier knowing I wasn’t going to be putting my child in a potential oven.

It’s easily fitted to the pram with plenty of elasticated, popper fasteners (no noisy Velcro in sight, thank god) making it fully adjustable to, I would imagine, any pram. It’s got a zipped vent in the top which you can use as I spy hole. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my pram’s design, this vent doesn’t work for us but I tend to leave a corner of the main opening unzipped.


There are 4 ways to create shade and help your baby sleep. The front of it also opens fully so there’s easy access to your child.


A mesh front zips into the opening to achieve a lookout mode which shades your child whilst allowing them to see the world around them.


Once asleep you can popper the outer fabric shut to achieve Snooze Mode.


When not in use these two layers fold neatly into a hidden pocket at the bottom of the shade so it always looks neat and stylish.


When not in use the shade is compactly stored into it’s own mesh drawstring bag each can be kept in the pram basket.

Approved by the Melanoma International Foundation, simply put the Snoozeshade has become my must-have essential item that is never removed from the pram. I highly recommend it to anyone, it’s worth every single penny.


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