Ozeri CardioTech – A Review

I have been given the opportunity to review the Ozeri CardioTech Premium Series digital blood pressure monitor with colour alert technology.


Once again, as with all the Ozeri products I’ve reviewed, packaging isn’t excessive at all. The product comes in a compact case which was protected by a single recyclable (check your local recycling centres) plastic bag. A paper instruction manual and all enclosed in a compact cardboard box.


First Impressions

The product itself is sleek enough to look at. It looks sturdy and easy to use AND comes with 2 x AAA batteries (don’t faint now).



This product measures your blood pressure, pulse rate and detects arrhythmia, is pretty easy to use and on first use I didn’t even look at the instruction manual I just popped in the batteries (the battery compartment lid was pretty tough to get off, to the point I actually thought I broke it on removal but didn’t) checked I had it on the correct wrist, pressed the Power button then the Start button. I will note here that I’ve used these hundreds of times before in my line of work.

How to Use

Place the cuff on your bare skin.

Hold your left arm in front of you with your palm facing upwards. Apply the cuff so the monitor is on the inside of your wrist leaving about half an inch between the top edge of the cuff and the palm of your hand.

Wrap the cuff around your wrist comfortably (not too tight) and secure in place.

Keep relaxed. Sit in an upright position and rest your left elbow on a table or cushion keeping your palm facing upwards and insuring the monitor is at heart level.

Press POWER – The screen will then give you the toon to choose a user (1-3). Press the UP or DOWN arrows to select (the default user is always 1). Note this selection can only be altered during the flashing start up period, once the 0 stops flashing a confirmation beep means the device is ready to use.

Press START – the cuff will inflate (approximately to 170mmHg)

Result – your systolic amd diastolic pressure will be shown on screen along with your pulse rate. The screen will also display in a colour.



The colour displays on screen are Green, Orange and Red, these are used to indicate systolic and diastolic health according to the World Health Organisation. 

Green – Normal;    Orange – Prehypertension;    Red – Hypertension.

The cuff calculates average blood pressure. It stores 1197 blood pressure readings with date and time recall (399 readings x 3 users)

Detects Arrhythmia.

5 year warranty.

All in all a great portable blood pressure monitor. It does what it says on the tin, it’s easy to use and I like how you don’t have to google the result to find out whether you’ve got a healthy blood pressure, it simply tells you that by colour.

I also like the arrhythmia detection too, as someone who sometimes suffers palpitations from time to time it can give peace of mind.

**This product was gifted to me for the purpose of this review**



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