20 Months Old

We haven’t been up to a huge amount this month. Lots and lots of walks across the downs and beach because the weathers been so good.

On the 7th we met Roo at Brooks soft play where you have finally grown tall enough to reach the first run of the ‘ladder’ meaning I don’t need to race around after you all the time, you happily do the circuit on your own, shrieking, clapping and cheering the whole time.

On the 8th I took you to the doctor about a rash that had developed on your tummy. Nothing to worry about, just some infected follicles so we came away with some antibiotic cream which we have to administer 4 times a day. This means no naked time or swimming for a week, which actually turned out to be two as the rash moved but you’re all clear of it now.

On the 9th our house sale fell through with three weeks to go until completion all because the woman buying our flat is a *********. I’m so annoyed. This of course means that you won’t get to have a garden this summer and that upsets us very much. We’re sorry darling but we hope to rectify it soon. So back to living in a show home again and endlessly cleaning.

On the 10th we drove up to Burton again to see Grandad in hospital. We stayed at the Ashby Premier Inn again but due to a very noisy night porter directly below our room it wasn’t such a successful night’s sleep. You spent the 11th with Daddy who met your Granny and Grandad Holder at Calke Abbey in Ticknall. I went to see Grandad and Andrea in the morning but Uncle Simon dropped me off afterwards so I could spend an hour with you all for lunch. What a beautiful place and fantastic weather. When I arrived (after I managed to free myself from a wedding parade as I arrived) you grabbed me by the hand and dragged me around to show me all the things that you’d done, you are such a delight and you brightened so many people’s day when you insisted you’d swap your bubble stick with a lady’s walking stick and take it for a walk. We fretted about how you’d react when you handed it back but we needn’t of, you happily handed it back with a smile and a clap. Such a relief. It did, however take us a while to get you back in your car seat when we had to leave though. When we finally got you in we went to see grandad in hospital again so he could see you. You were as good as gold and Grandad was so pleased to see you and you gave him a big kiss and a cuddle. It was a moment I will never forget as it could possibly be the last time he sees you and that breaks my heart. Your hatred of the journey hasn’t changed any and I am sorry for that, unfortunately there’s no way around it.

We’ve had a couple of play dates with Mila this month but unfortunately she’s been so poorly that they’ve been in quarantine so we haven’t spent as much time with them as we would like. We had a lovely play date with Grayson on the 21st and the two of you had a lovely time playing in his garden whilst us mums had a catch up. It’s amazing how much you guys look alike, very uncanny. 


Despite the rash all has been well. You’ve been lucky to avoid both Mila’s illnesses and my stinking cold (fingers crossed).


You’re drooling quite a lot again so thinking some more teeth are pushing their way through, hopefully they won’t be as bad as your molars were and come through pretty speedily.


It’s funny how early we start lying. I can now say that you have discovered this and it becomes apparent most when you suddenly went from smiling and laughing to shaking your head when being asked If you’d done poopy-doo when, quite obviously, you had.

Tantrums are becoming a several-times-a-day event. This is tiring for all concerned. The public ones are my favourites which usually involve trying to get you back in your pram after our morning walk for your nap, or trying to get you in your car seat. I’m surprised I haven’t been arrested by someone thinking I’m abducting you. All bribes fail, you’re a strong and wriggly little monkey which makes brute force impossible. I’ll be glad when I can start trying to reason with you about things.

This aside, you continue to delight us with your compassionate and loving nature. Your sense of humour knows no bounds.


No progression here.


Show Me Show Me… What more can I say? You’d watch it all day if I let you. You adore the musical interludes and the shop scene. As for Teddington and Miss Mouse’s songs, you’re besotted. This is a little bit of a relief to be fair, as now we have something that’ll occupy you happily when a bit of housework or phone call is needed to be done, or it’s miserable outside.

Bath time has become fun again, as long as you have a proper (ceramic *sigh*) beaker in there to fill up and splash around with.

Countdown has you enthralled again and you’ve developed the funniest dance when the countdown clock starts and ends. You also love pointing out all the numbers and letters on the screen.

You simply LOVE Wind Turbines, diggers, buses, lorries and vans and shriek everytime you see one doing a round and round hand gesture whenever you see a turbine or want to see a turbine.

Mops and brooms remain a firm favourite too. The sheer joy on your face when I relented and looked you to mop the kitchen floor was priceless.



Still all good. Still one nap a day, usually around 10 for 2 hours.



You have finally found the love for carrots again. No new tastes this month but you do love to sit in a big boy chair, much to my dismay.



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