21 Month Old

What a month it’s been, in fact writing this (at the end of the month) I’m finding it hard diarising the beginning in an upbeat manner so excuse me if it sounds a bit maudlin from time to time, it’s been a pretty miserable month unfortunately darling. 

The beginning of the month started with an urgent phone call for me to get up to see your Grandad who had, on the 24th July, been transferred to St Giles Hospice in Whittington. We, of course, got ready and got in the car immediately and we were there by midday. As is usually the case the Hospice was in beautiful surroundings meaning you got to roam the grounds outside Grandad’s room happily for hours. The fact there was a wind turbine directly opposite Grandad’s room helped keep you entertained. You were ever so good and busied yourself nicely, even locating Grandad’s stick and started ‘hoovering’ his room. You were a breath of fresh air in a bleak sky my darling. I’m just pleased Grandad got to see you and speak to you one last time. The next day, whilst I spent the day with Grandad, Daddy took you to a soft play centre as the weather was horrific, apparently this soft play I found (on the internet) was worse than hell on earth so you didn’t stay there long and ended up the rest of the time with Daddy, playing in the car, which to be fair is a favourite pastime of yours… It’s all those buttons and levers that do it.

We came home on Monday and on Tuesday we met up with Mila and Amanda for a play date at home.

Unfortunately on Friday 31st July, the day before we were due to go back to see Grandad he lost his fight against Multiple Myeloma and passed away peacefully with Uncle Simon and Andrea by his side. I’m so sad I didn’t get to see him once more but glad I got the chance to speak with him (although strained) the weekend before. 


We went back up on Saturday however, to see Andrea and check she was ok. I spent the day with her whilst Daddy took you to Conkers where you had a whale of a time. I’m actually a little jealous as you got your first ride on a train and I couldn’t share that with you. We stayed in Worcester that night so that it would cut the journey down by nearly two hours. You still hate the journey and I’m sorry I’ve had to put you through it so often lately.


We had a viewing on the flat on Monday (also my birthday) and you got to have another play date with Mila on Tuesday where you and she had a huge amount of fun playing on the bed whilst Amanda watched you for a bit as I had my hair done. I’ll treasure the montage of photos Amanda made of your exploits, you’re both so gorgeous together.


On Wednesday 5th August we went to Lyme and stayed with Auntie for a few days. It was lovely to see them both as we haven’t seen them in so long. Uncle David totally spoilt you when he gave you a Toys With Tools Dumper Truck as a treat, you absolutely love it, even more so knowing you can dismantle it and put it back together again, you’ve barely left it alone since we got home. 


Daisy came up with her Mum and Gran and played with you for a while. You were so funny and insisted she follow you around for about 30 minutes, you kept checking she was behind you and when you knew she was was you smiled and chirruped happily and continued leading her around the house pointing things out to her. She’s such a sweet girl for doing that. She even came and watched you in the bath, to your delight. This of course, didn’t make her departure a pleasant experience for you and you totally melted down when she had to go home. It took a good fifteen minutes to get you to stop crying. It’s safe to say you’ve found a friend there.


On the 6th we went into town and Auntie bought you your first pair of Wellington boots. There were only one pair for boys in the shop which were red with tractors on which were kind of cute but when we asked whether there were anymore he brought in two more styles. Hatley Mini Creatures and Skulls… Well, as soon as we pulled the Skulls out of their box you went absolutely crazy for them. My little pirate. Needless to say, you loved them and now it’s a mission to get them off you. You spent the rest of the afternoon plodding around Auntie’s garden in them just grinning and staring at them.


On Friday we had a second viewing on the flat and took you to the doctors as you developed a rash on your forehead that I thought was heatrash but when it stopped blanching I thought it better to check it out, just to check it wasn’t contagious more than anything, as you were perfectly well in yourself. Dr Moss was running nearly an hour late which meant you weren’t in the best of moods when we finally got to see him. In a nutshell he wasn’t concerned about it or that it was contagious so then we spent the next 30 minutes trying to get you back into your car seat.

We got to celebrate the wedding of Roo’s parents and his christening on Saturday 8th August, though you spent more time in the church yard with Mila, Grayson and Corey than actually in the church due to ‘high spirits’. Afterwards we went to the reception at Roo’s farm where there was an amazing hex marquee in a field and lots of inflatables for you guys to play with. Unfortunately due to timings we had to leave before the speeches as you were just too tired but we all had a good time none and we wish them all the best for a happy future together.


On Tuesday 11th we had another play date with Mila and Grayson and took you guys to Stratton park where you all had a fantastic time. What an amazing park as it’s largely geared towards your age group and no dogs are allowed so the grass was nicely ‘safe’.

It was Bude Carnival on Saturday 15th and we met Mila and Amanda at the Castle grounds. There was music on the Band Stand that you guys just loved and spent an age dancing (and conducting) around the place. The Toy Library had a set up there which kept you all entertained the entire time we were there. There was even a mobility scooter stand which, of course made you crazy excited, bless the chap running it as he let you sit on one and wheeled you around the lawn…. You LOVED it. t was a lovely day in the sun. We didn’t get to see the parade as you were long tucked up by then but you did watch all the dancing provided by CJs Dance.


On the 17th we headed north again for the last time for a while, I promise. This time we bought an iPad mount for the headrest so we could hopefully distract you. After much deliberation and reading of reviews I chose one by VonHaus. After a bit of adjustment it worked an absolute treat. We downloaded several episodes of Show Me Show Me for the moments we couldn’t entertain you any longer.

On the 18th we decided to go into Burton and get your feet measured. We found a Clarks in the Octagon Shopping Centre and a lovely girl measured your feet. You looked like such a big boy sitting on the edge of the stool. The girl was suitably impressed saying that usually she has to battle screaming, wriggling children. You have gone up a whole shoe size and so we chose a new pair of shoes for you, Softly Jet Fst (which personally look way too big, it’s like you’ve got a couple of boats on your feet bless you), you adored the little aeroplanes on them and made everyone chuckle how you marched around the shop proudly pointing at your new shoes. As we left you shouted at a chap waiting outside the shop and pointed at your shoes with a look of pride on your feet. 


On the 19th we said goodbye to my wonderful Daddy, your Grandad. Daddy had sole control of you from 9am when I had to go with Uncle Simon and Auntie Jacqueline to see Andrea. We decided that, due to your aversion to the car seat it would be wise to put you in it as little as possible so you guys met us at Chellaston Methodist Church for the service. We were all very upset and when I arrived you just wanted a hug, on lifting you onto my lap you decided that was the perfect time to trump, turning a very sad moment into a funny one, Grandad would have had a nice chuckle at that. Afterwards you went straight to the wake leaving the rest of us to say our final goodbyes at Bretby Crematorium for Grandad’s committal. The wake was held at the Lakeside Bistro at Shortheath Water which is a gorgeous fishing spot round the corner from Grandad and Andrea’s house. Unfortunately it started to rain just as you got there meaning you couldn’t run around as we had hoped. Despite this you behaved so well.

The 20th saw our return home, thanks to the iPad it was uneventful but you were so relieved to be home with your toys.

We’ve had some nice long walks across the downs, on the beach and down by the Castle and have thoroughly put your wet weather gear to the test, you just love the outside and won’t be put off so now you’re fit for purpose.


Physical Development

Jumping seems to be your latest. On the 13th we noticed you trying to jump so we assisted, along with a ‘3,2,1, Jump’. You have since made noises like we made preceding an attempted jump. You counting? Maybe!


A couple of colds this month but nothing horrific, just the sniffles and that rash on your forehead which, as predicted, cleared up of it’s own accord n a matter of a few days.


Still no sign of those pesky lower canines despite them causing you all manner of discomfort.


First wellies were bought on the 6th August.

On the 20th August you did your first poo in your potty. Granted, I saw the signs and asked if you’d like to sit it on it, but you did and you did your poopeedoo like a big boy. We then toddled off to the bathroom to put it in the toilet and you flushed it away then we washed you hands cheering the whole time. You were so pleased with yourself, and a little transfixed that you watched your poo vanish. Such a boy. I won’t put a picture of this up.


Inquisitive, head-strong, determined, funny, empathic, funny… The list could go on and on. I love how you love the outdoors so much, never happy being stuck inside for too long. You’re at your happiest roaming around on the grass or the beach, looking at the flowers and bugs with deep fascination and eager to learn.


No real progress, though having said that, whilst you’re not talking you’re certainly communicating with no problem. We have absolutely no problem understanding what you want. You pull at our clothing (or even try and drag/push/turn us to where you want us to be and point at what you want. The other day you oriented at your cow and then at the corridor because you wanted us to take your cow to the top of the corridor. You’ve started smacking your lips when you want water and can’t find your cup. You shake your head when you want to tell us no, you clap or smile or cheer when the answer is yes. We give you choices and on second asking you cheer when the choice you want is mentioned. In the last day or so you’ve taken to making a hissing noise and we’ve discovered this is for a snail so perhaps you’re trying to learn an ‘S’ sound.


Tools. Any thing and everything is a screwdriver right now and god forbid a real one comes into your view. To being said I bought you a little toy tool kit which you love.

Lawnmowers. We’ve found a new fascination, one that rendered you motionless for about 15 minutes in the car park watching the gardener. Bless you, you were awestruck.

Cars and steering wheels. You now ‘drive’ round the world with your steering wheel (plate). We seem to have cracked your hatred for the car seat by allowing you some time in the drivers seat on our lap playing with the wheel and controls. After 5 minutes we say goodbye to the car and you willingly get in your seat. How long this will last for is anyone’s guess, I’m hoping this is the answer for now.

Wind Turbines, or windmills as we are referring to them as, for now. You are still totally in awe of these majestic, beautiful structures which makes driving a little more exciting for you when there are lots around.

Dancing and music are firm favourites and you insist Daddy and I join you when a certain piece of music comes on during Show Me Show Me. You are so funny to watch and have begun to shake you leg (having to hold onto the sofa to do so).


Due to the weather being pretty awful I have finally cracked you napping in your cot. Go me! This means I don’t have to trudge around in the rain anymore and you nap a good couple of hours (except when they’re digging up the road behind us and building a deck next door to us, but on the whole it’s pretty much that time).

On the 19th, on returning from Swad, you slept or a full 12 hours… Uninterrupted 🎉🎉🎉 I fully expect your 4am wake ups to resume, but for that one night it was bliss.


Again, due to nap timings, I haven’t got you weighed. However, we did get your feet re measured on the 18th and you have gone up a whole shoe size since your first shoes, 5 months ago.  You are now a 5.5G.


New Tastes: Poppadoms


5 thoughts on “21 Month Old

  1. Wow, what a busy month you’ve had!

    I’m really sorry to hear about your dad and your little boys grandad, hope you’re doing ok.

    I love reading updates on little ones to see what they are doing at what ages. It’s amazing to see how much they’ve changed one month to the next. I’ve just started doing a monthly update on my 14 month old little boy.

    Love the new shoes 😃

    Laura x

  2. Wow, what a busy month you’ve all had. I’m also really sorry to hear about your Dad and your little boys Grandad.

    I love reading monthly baby/toddler updates to see how other little ones are developing, changing and what they are doing. It’s nice to get an idea of what we’ve got to come (my little boy is 14 months old) in the months ahead.

    Love the new shoes 😊

    Laura x

    • Thank you, we’ve had a rough trot as late but moving forward.

      I also love reading updates of older children, makes you worry less (or more in some instances, ha). Also makes you realise that they are all so different but all eventually end up at the same stage developmentally.

  3. Happy belated birthday!
    And what a lovely way to write a blog – I would never have thought of writing in that style 🙂
    And I’m very sorry to hear about your loss 😦
    Lots of hugs!

    • Thank you so much. I didn’t intend to write it in this style, it kind of morphed into it along the way as I wanted my father and Noah’s other grandparents to share his experiences as they lived so far away and I was pretty rubbish at emailing them. It kind of stuck

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