Ozeri Turtlemeter – A Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Turtlemeter, the Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer by Ozeri. Since working with Ozeri I have struggled to find fault with any of their products. They always smart looking, neat, easy to use and do as they say ‘on the tin’ and this is no exception.

What they say

The first Baby Bath Thermometer built into a fun and safe Turtle Bath Toy. The Turtlemeter activates instantly in water with no annoying buttons or switches. The Turtlemeter dynamically calculates the bath water temperature every second, and displays the temperature with 3 different color screens, with Blue indicating Cold, Red indicating Hot, and Green indicating Just Right. Compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, the Turtlemeter is safe and fun both in and out of the bath tub. Ships with 3 AAA batteries included. 

Excerpt taken from Amazon 


As with all Ozeri products, packaging isn’t excessive. Although I was rather disappointed in the hard plastic display casing, though thankfully scissors weren’t needed to open it. Having said that, this and a cardboard insert is the only packaging involved.


Set up

None. Just chuck it in the bath. I kid you not! 

The temperature is displayed instantly in a window on the turtle’s back and also has a colour screen with three colours for easy reading.


Blue – Too cold

Green – Ideal

Red – Too hot

The temperature is measured every second.

The battery compartment is secured by tiny cross head screws. It uses 3 x AAA batteries and comes ready to use.

My Opinion

Brilliant bit of kit. Attractive, robust, easy to use and easy to read (colour coding means no need to google the ideal temperature a child’s bath should be). Even my son gives it the thumbs up, he’s often seen wandering around hugging it to his chest and chasing it as it bobs around the bath with him.

As of day of publication this product can be bought via Amazon for an incredible £9.99. I really can’t stress what a bargain this is.

**This product was gifted to me for the purpose of this review**


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