24 Months Old

What better way to start your 2nd birthday month with a bit of destruction… How can I be mad when you do these things so funnily. Porridge and Weetabix got spread ALL over the kitchen floor, you’d think I’d learn that a quiet toddler was something to be terrified of.

This month started with a lovely visit by Uncle Dan, Auntie Sam, Ella and Tommy whom stayed at the Bude Holiday Park for the weekend. We all went for lunch at Tommy Jacks on the 24th and afterwards you and Tommy had a lovely time playing on the Crooklets ship and continued to play back at home. You guys get on so fabulously, it’s lovely to see. On Sunday we decided to walk down to The Weir for lunch, only to discover when we got there that they were only doing Sunday lunches and there was over an hour wait! Needless to say we stayed for a play at the park and headed back into town and had something to eat at the Olive Tree. We were all starving by the time we got out meals and I’m pretty impressed by how good you were with the whole debacle. Whilst we waited for the meal we went for a wander with Auntie Sam to see the ducks on the wharf. You went ballistic as soon as you noticed a load of motorbikes lined up and just wanted to stand and shout at them. We were all amazed when the owner of one whisked you off and sat you on his bike (he did get my permission first by the way)… You were absolutely awestruck and quite literally speechless. Of course when he took you off it all you wanted was his helmet, we left at this point as lunch had arrived. When we got home you, Daddy and Tommy played with your stacking cups and I’ve got the most wonderful video of you all falling to the floor in hysterics everytime you knocked the tower down.

On the 27th we went to Lyme for the week to stay with Auntie where we were thoroughly spoilt, as usual! You really do love it there and went straight to the sun room to get your “Time for Bed Fred” book, you’re forever going to relate that book to staying there. It didn’t take you long to settle in and had Auntie and David running around after you whilst you played the piano and got all the toys out.

On the 28th we went to Exeter. Auntie wanted to get your hair cut at Toni and Guy, unfortunately the only time was 12.15 which was in your nap zone and as predicted you fell asleep half an hour beforehand so we had to cancel. You had a lovely time whilst we were looking in The White Company and happily sat on a beanbag with a couple of push along toys whilst we chose a few presents and some pyjamas for you… Your very first pair of big boy pyjamas. We met David for lunch at Carluccios where you behaved impeccably once again, I’m so proud of how you behave my beautiful boy, long may it continue. You were happy busying yourself with your crayons and books whilst we waited for our meal which was a rather long time as it was very busy. On our way back to the car we nipped into Wilkos and bought you a yellow hard hat.the sheer pride on your face when you wear this is beautiful.

On the 29th you gave Auntie a hard time when I had to go for an appointment and you woke up as I left, apparently you wouldn’t let her take you out of the cot for a good 15 minutes but you did eventually and you were quite happy when I got back 😉 In the afternoon we went to see Caroline at her house for a catch up where she presented you with your first Halloween fancy dress costume and you proceeded in pretty much clearing her out of grapes.

The 30th we just went into town, it was horrible weather so we decided to stay another day. I saw so many people I haven’t seen in years it was lovely showing you off. We popped into Serendip Bookshop where your Grandma used to work and saw her colleagues. You set yourself up in reading corner whilst we talked.

Since we got home we haven’t been up to a great deal as the weather has been so horrific. We’ve continued to go swimming on Sundays and end up in the soft play afterwards. We’ve had a few play dates all over the place with Mila, Samuel, Grayson, Roo and Leo at Jumping Jacks, Brooks and people’s houses. 

On the 8th we attended your first of the 2nd birthday parties with Coral’s party at Penstowe Swimming Pool. You all had a fantastic time playing in the water and then had a little party afterwards with food, Pass the Parcel and cake. You were a little tired though and keeping you sitting for Pass the Parcel was near impossible.


On the 11th I had to take my car to the garage and I decided to leave the pram in the back and walk you back home seeing as you always want to walk. Of course this backfired hugely when you wanted to be carried from about 100 ft from the garage. To add to my misery we had to go to the Toy Libaray to order some items for your birthday party which meant I had to carry you about 2 milestone! My arms died shortly afterwards.


You developed a doozy of a cold in the latter half of this month, thankfully you’d got over the worst by the time your birthday came round.


You’ve been babbling a lot this month, on the telephone (and make believe ones) and whilst wandering around the house.

On the 9th you kept saying “Bubble”, why I have no idea so perhaps it’s just you experimenting with sounds.

On the 11th you said “Up” in context, in reality it sounds more like “bup” but you raise your arms whilst saying it (Teletubbies taught you this… Months I’ve egged you to say stuff and one episode if Teletubbies and you spit it out, typical 😉)

On the 13th you actually said “Daddy” for the first time, Daddy was ecstatic as were you with all the praise.

On the 16th you pointed at a picture of my mum and said “Grandma”, it broke my heart as I so wished she could have known you, and you her. She was such an incredibly warm and loving person who would have doted on you, I can’t help but feel you’ll grow up lacking because of her absence. I love the fact that you recognise who she is, you’ve always loved looking at her photo and I have obviously always told you who she is. To get recognition, especially when you have only said a couple of words, is beyond words.

On the 17th you said Banana, well it was more “Ba-a-a” but I’m super chuffed, and so were you.

On the 20th you said “Cheese” and the 21st you said “Tea” and started to say your own name. Learning the important ones.

This final week of your one’s also saw you start saying no (joy), it is more of a “Nne” than a no.

To date, at two, the words you can say are:

Mama, Hiya (though we haven’t heard this in a while), Bubble, More, Up, Yeah, Daddy, Grandma, Banana, Cheese, Tea, No, Noah

You’re still largely using sign language to communicate with us, probably because it works so well.

Holding two fingers half an inch apart next to your eye: Yogurt

Marching on the spot: Teddington (Show Me Show Me)

Waving: Mr Tumble

Swinging your arm whilst saying “Arrrrrr”: Fisherman Tumble/Pirates

Nodding: Yes

Shaking head: No

Fetching a book: Wanting a story

Tipping head to one shoulder and pouting: In the Night Garden

I’m getting a little concerned a lot of these are for TV programmes lol.


Loads of first words this month


You are the most beautifully precious little boy Noah. You are starting to show politeness, you’re loving, emphatic, funny, clever, enigmatic. You amaze us everyday and everyday I fall more and more in love with you.


Nights have been a little broken of late but I’m putting that down to your cold. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to sleeping again after months of broken sleep, so when you start waking up again we enter another fresh world of zombie.

Potty Training

We continue as we have been going. Mastering the pulling down of pants is the current task. I should be more focussed and got this cracked by now but I haven’t been overly well myself this month.


You will get weighed during your review on the 24th.

Sneaky peak, seeing as I didn’t publish until after your review, :

Weight: 13.75 kg / 30.31 Ibs

Height : 89.5 cm

This means you are following the 75 percentile in both weight and height now.


This has been a struggle this month, probably due to your cold. You haven’t really been eating much at a all and just wanting yogurt all the time, or everything smothered in ketchup. I’m hoping when your cold lifts you’ll return to normal.


So at two years old you have lots of favourite things. I have broken them down into sections.

Toys: Stacking Cups, Hoover, Brush, Ball, Tool Kit, Building Bricks, Hard Hat, Doggy, Gulliver, Train Set, 

Books: Time for Bed Fred, That’s Not My…

Objects: Wind Turbines, Clocks, Telephones, Locks

Places: The Beach, Otter Reserve

Activities: Swimming, Outside (Walking/Running)

Friends: Mila, Grayson, Samuel, Roo and Leo

Food: Yogurt, Blueberries, Cheese, Marmite, Baked Beans, Houmous, Nutribullet Blends

TV (though I’m loathed to admit it): In the Night Garden, Bob the Builder, Something Special (Mr Tumble), Show Me Show Me, Twirlywoos


26 Things About Me

This has been doing the rounds on Facebook lately and actually thought it would make a fun, light-hearted post and a little insight into who I am. So here it is, 26 alphabetical things about me…


Age: 42 (really not sure how this happened as I’m still 25 in my head)


Biggest fear: Something dreadful happening to Noah. 


Current time: 0845


Drink you last had: Water


Every day starts with: a tiny little voice saying “Mama” from the cot by our bed followed by the best smile and cuddle anyone could wish to experience.


Favorite song: Too many to choose from, currently I suppose… M83’s “Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun”.


Ghosts, are they real: in my opinion, yes. I like to find a logical explanation for everything and don’t jump to the supernatural straight away but I’ve seen and experienced things in my life where there is no explanation other than the existence of the supernatural.


Hometown: Lyme Regis, Dorset (bloody love and miss the place).


In love with: Noah and David (sorry David, it’s in that order 😝)


Jealous of: People (adults) who have, and take for granted, parents. I’d give anything for the love, help and support only a parent provides. I find this even more so now I have a child. All around me parents pack their children/babies off to the grandparents’ for a day/night/weekend/week and yet still moan and whinge about their interfering. Be grateful because it’s bloody hard work doing this without any support.


Killed someone?: No, and long may that continue.


Last time you cried?: Half an hour ago


Middle name: Don’t have one


Number of siblings: 2. Not sure where I’d be without my amazing older brothers. I love them dearly and wished I saw them more.


One wish: For Noah to grow up happy, healthy and loving who he is in a world that’s safe for him to explore and experience.


Person you last called: ‘Auntie’ Another person I’m not sure I’d know how to survive without. She provides so much love and support and I can never thank her enough for always being there.


Question you’re always asked: How are you? 


Reason to smile: Noah


Song last sang: Bob the Builder


Time you woke up: 0445


Underwear color: Black


Vacation destination: my ultimate vacation dream is Hawaii (never been) with Cape Cod coming in a more realistic second (I’ve been a few times and if I was to ever emigrate, it would be to there). Reality however dictates Longleat Centre Parcs, Winter Wonderland in December… Can’t wait.


Worst habit: Picking at and biting my fingers when I’m stressed which leads to an horrific looking mess. Can’t help it!


Your favorite food: Yoghurt (fitting considering the alphabet letter). Simply can’t get enough and have always been the same. According to my mum it was the only thing (other than her milk) I ate until I was over 1. No wonder it’s Noah’s favourite too.


X-Rays you’ve had: Omitting dental X-rays…1, can’t remember what for but remember having it done, think it was probably related to my cg knee problems.


Zodiac sign: Leo 

23 Months Old

I’m a bit late getting this update out, a few things have been going on and I have struggled to find the time.

This month’s activities have been fairly limited, the weather has been so nice that we’ve been utilising the beach and the Otter Reserve whilst we still have time. The reserve closes at the end of October and we won’t be wearing shorts on the beach for much longer … Eek!

The month began with the amazing Cruel and Curious: Hinterland exhibition at Stowe Barton, we went on the 26th with Mila  (after spending the afternoon at the Otter Reserve) and met lots of friends there. You and Mila had fun dancing to the music and looking at all the exhibits. Daddy got an anchor tattoo whilst we there which meant we were late home, not that it mattered to you (though daddy did have a little “lapse in routine” moment). You had a lovely time and went down like a light that evening. There was more Otter action with daddy the next day.

On the 29th we went to the park with Samuel and then spent the afternoon on the beach with Mila, it’s so unseasonably warm at the moment, it’s lovely… Long may it last. In fact we spent the entire week on the beach exploring rock pools and chasing horses and dogs, you are such a lover of the outdoors. 


On the 7th we went up to Stratton park in the morning and then had a play date with Grayson in the afternoon. We ended up crashing the St Petroc School’s playing field which you and Grayson loved, especially the slide, which I may add is not designed for children of your age, or adults of our age… To say it was steep is an understatement. Too steep for you guys to challenge on your own and when we landed it nearly put our backs out… You guys LOVED IT (of course).


The 10th and 11th saw more Otter action, I’m not sure who’s going to miss that place more, us or them missing us! They are so lovely to you guys and I think you could pretty much get away with anything while you’re there.

On the 13th we went for a swim with Grayson in the morning then caught up with Mila for a play date at home in the afternoon.

The 15th saw us at Otters again, this time with Grayson and Roo. Grayson looked so lovely in a smart pale blue duffle coat when we arrived, until he decided to sit in the middle of a, what we thought was a fairly dry, mud puddle. It wasn’t until Kate went to fetch him we realised how extremely wet it was, he was caked. This pretty much set the tone for the entire visit. Grayson wandering off into the wettest, muddiest areas he could and it all culminating in you doing a highly amusing fall in a very wet and muddy stream… It was a good thing Kate hadn’t taken me up on the offer of your spare set of clothes, something I never normally take but glad I did on this occasion… I’m packing your all in one from here on in.

The 17th was spent on the beach with Daddy rock pooling and generally larking around. On Sunday 18th we started swimming at Splash again. It seems to be the only toddler session that suits your nap time, it also means Daddy gets to join us for a change. The soft play area up there is pretty good too, you and Mila love it and for a pound it’s a bargain and totally knocks you out before your nap. That afternoon we headed out to the Otter Reserve for last time this year, I’m really going to miss that place and look forward to March when it re-opens.


On the days we haven’t been out and about we spent the time painting, drawing and baking so plenty to keep you busy.



All good this month.


You are trying to start to speak and for that I can only praise you. When we make you focus and ask you to say a word you really try to repeat it after a few seconds but you say it under your breath. It’s like you lack the confidence in your own ability… I can’t think where you get that from 😁

“Yeah” is becoming more prevalent and I can’t recall when you first said it, probably thinking it was a noise rather than a word but it’s definitely said in context.

On the 21st you started to say “More” which on the whole is used in context, usually when referring to your urgent need for more fruit and yoghurt.

“Mama” is being used for everyone now lol


Along with your Hoover, rocking horse, digger and scooter, your stacking cups have become a firm favourite again this month. Daddy and you have developed an hilarious new game where you both fall over when you knock the tower down. 

Pirate Pete’s Potty and Thomas the Tank Engine are your favourite reads at present.

Potty Training

This is still going really well. You use the potty every time when at home. I still have you in nappies when we’re out and about though, I’m not confident enough to know when you’re giving me a cue, hurry up and learn to talk!

Sometimes though, a boy just can’t get a moments peace…



Your sleep is pretty good still. You’re napping between 1.5 and 2 hours in the day (starting anywhere between 10.30 and 11.30) and 9 times out of 10 you’re sleeping through the night for 10 hours which unfortunately, for me, means very early mornings as you’re asleep by 7pm.


I didn’t get you weighed this month. You’re still in 18-24 month clothing and even some 12-18 month but fast growing out of all.


You have started to be a bit of pickle with eating just lately. Always just wanting yoghurt. Eating a few mouthfuls of your dinner then not wanting anymore. I’m a bit stuck as to what to do, especially in the evening as we don’t want you to wake up hungry but also don’t want to give in to your demands. I’m almost prepared to give you tapas from now on, little bits of lots of things. I’m just grateful that you love the nutribullet I put together so juice all the veg you need and add to spinach and flax seed in the nutribullet, atleast I know you’re getting everything you need in one hit. Still breastfeeding also.