23 Months Old

I’m a bit late getting this update out, a few things have been going on and I have struggled to find the time.

This month’s activities have been fairly limited, the weather has been so nice that we’ve been utilising the beach and the Otter Reserve whilst we still have time. The reserve closes at the end of October and we won’t be wearing shorts on the beach for much longer … Eek!

The month began with the amazing Cruel and Curious: Hinterland exhibition at Stowe Barton, we went on the 26th with Mila  (after spending the afternoon at the Otter Reserve) and met lots of friends there. You and Mila had fun dancing to the music and looking at all the exhibits. Daddy got an anchor tattoo whilst we there which meant we were late home, not that it mattered to you (though daddy did have a little “lapse in routine” moment). You had a lovely time and went down like a light that evening. There was more Otter action with daddy the next day.

On the 29th we went to the park with Samuel and then spent the afternoon on the beach with Mila, it’s so unseasonably warm at the moment, it’s lovely… Long may it last. In fact we spent the entire week on the beach exploring rock pools and chasing horses and dogs, you are such a lover of the outdoors. 


On the 7th we went up to Stratton park in the morning and then had a play date with Grayson in the afternoon. We ended up crashing the St Petroc School’s playing field which you and Grayson loved, especially the slide, which I may add is not designed for children of your age, or adults of our age… To say it was steep is an understatement. Too steep for you guys to challenge on your own and when we landed it nearly put our backs out… You guys LOVED IT (of course).


The 10th and 11th saw more Otter action, I’m not sure who’s going to miss that place more, us or them missing us! They are so lovely to you guys and I think you could pretty much get away with anything while you’re there.

On the 13th we went for a swim with Grayson in the morning then caught up with Mila for a play date at home in the afternoon.

The 15th saw us at Otters again, this time with Grayson and Roo. Grayson looked so lovely in a smart pale blue duffle coat when we arrived, until he decided to sit in the middle of a, what we thought was a fairly dry, mud puddle. It wasn’t until Kate went to fetch him we realised how extremely wet it was, he was caked. This pretty much set the tone for the entire visit. Grayson wandering off into the wettest, muddiest areas he could and it all culminating in you doing a highly amusing fall in a very wet and muddy stream… It was a good thing Kate hadn’t taken me up on the offer of your spare set of clothes, something I never normally take but glad I did on this occasion… I’m packing your all in one from here on in.

The 17th was spent on the beach with Daddy rock pooling and generally larking around. On Sunday 18th we started swimming at Splash again. It seems to be the only toddler session that suits your nap time, it also means Daddy gets to join us for a change. The soft play area up there is pretty good too, you and Mila love it and for a pound it’s a bargain and totally knocks you out before your nap. That afternoon we headed out to the Otter Reserve for last time this year, I’m really going to miss that place and look forward to March when it re-opens.


On the days we haven’t been out and about we spent the time painting, drawing and baking so plenty to keep you busy.



All good this month.


You are trying to start to speak and for that I can only praise you. When we make you focus and ask you to say a word you really try to repeat it after a few seconds but you say it under your breath. It’s like you lack the confidence in your own ability… I can’t think where you get that from 😁

“Yeah” is becoming more prevalent and I can’t recall when you first said it, probably thinking it was a noise rather than a word but it’s definitely said in context.

On the 21st you started to say “More” which on the whole is used in context, usually when referring to your urgent need for more fruit and yoghurt.

“Mama” is being used for everyone now lol


Along with your Hoover, rocking horse, digger and scooter, your stacking cups have become a firm favourite again this month. Daddy and you have developed an hilarious new game where you both fall over when you knock the tower down. 

Pirate Pete’s Potty and Thomas the Tank Engine are your favourite reads at present.

Potty Training

This is still going really well. You use the potty every time when at home. I still have you in nappies when we’re out and about though, I’m not confident enough to know when you’re giving me a cue, hurry up and learn to talk!

Sometimes though, a boy just can’t get a moments peace…



Your sleep is pretty good still. You’re napping between 1.5 and 2 hours in the day (starting anywhere between 10.30 and 11.30) and 9 times out of 10 you’re sleeping through the night for 10 hours which unfortunately, for me, means very early mornings as you’re asleep by 7pm.


I didn’t get you weighed this month. You’re still in 18-24 month clothing and even some 12-18 month but fast growing out of all.


You have started to be a bit of pickle with eating just lately. Always just wanting yoghurt. Eating a few mouthfuls of your dinner then not wanting anymore. I’m a bit stuck as to what to do, especially in the evening as we don’t want you to wake up hungry but also don’t want to give in to your demands. I’m almost prepared to give you tapas from now on, little bits of lots of things. I’m just grateful that you love the nutribullet I put together so juice all the veg you need and add to spinach and flax seed in the nutribullet, atleast I know you’re getting everything you need in one hit. Still breastfeeding also.


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