26 Things About Me

This has been doing the rounds on Facebook lately and actually thought it would make a fun, light-hearted post and a little insight into who I am. So here it is, 26 alphabetical things about me…


Age: 42 (really not sure how this happened as I’m still 25 in my head)


Biggest fear: Something dreadful happening to Noah. 


Current time: 0845


Drink you last had: Water


Every day starts with: a tiny little voice saying “Mama” from the cot by our bed followed by the best smile and cuddle anyone could wish to experience.


Favorite song: Too many to choose from, currently I suppose… M83’s “Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun”.


Ghosts, are they real: in my opinion, yes. I like to find a logical explanation for everything and don’t jump to the supernatural straight away but I’ve seen and experienced things in my life where there is no explanation other than the existence of the supernatural.


Hometown: Lyme Regis, Dorset (bloody love and miss the place).


In love with: Noah and David (sorry David, it’s in that order 😝)


Jealous of: People (adults) who have, and take for granted, parents. I’d give anything for the love, help and support only a parent provides. I find this even more so now I have a child. All around me parents pack their children/babies off to the grandparents’ for a day/night/weekend/week and yet still moan and whinge about their interfering. Be grateful because it’s bloody hard work doing this without any support.


Killed someone?: No, and long may that continue.


Last time you cried?: Half an hour ago


Middle name: Don’t have one


Number of siblings: 2. Not sure where I’d be without my amazing older brothers. I love them dearly and wished I saw them more.


One wish: For Noah to grow up happy, healthy and loving who he is in a world that’s safe for him to explore and experience.


Person you last called: ‘Auntie’ Another person I’m not sure I’d know how to survive without. She provides so much love and support and I can never thank her enough for always being there.


Question you’re always asked: How are you? 


Reason to smile: Noah


Song last sang: Bob the Builder


Time you woke up: 0445


Underwear color: Black


Vacation destination: my ultimate vacation dream is Hawaii (never been) with Cape Cod coming in a more realistic second (I’ve been a few times and if I was to ever emigrate, it would be to there). Reality however dictates Longleat Centre Parcs, Winter Wonderland in December… Can’t wait.


Worst habit: Picking at and biting my fingers when I’m stressed which leads to an horrific looking mess. Can’t help it!


Your favorite food: Yoghurt (fitting considering the alphabet letter). Simply can’t get enough and have always been the same. According to my mum it was the only thing (other than her milk) I ate until I was over 1. No wonder it’s Noah’s favourite too.


X-Rays you’ve had: Omitting dental X-rays…1, can’t remember what for but remember having it done, think it was probably related to my cg knee problems.


Zodiac sign: Leo 


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