Goodbye Dolphins

Well that’s that, the end of a chapter for our gorgeous little boy. Last Friday, the 31st August, Noah had his very last session at Pre-School.

To say I was emotional is an understatement. He’s gone from a little boy that cried to the point of vomiting on the sheer mention of going to ‘school’, to a little boy who air punched whenever we said it’d be a school day.

I really can’t rate Dolphins enough. They have cared for him, nurtured him, educated him and had fun with him and more importantly made him trust them.

I can’t quite fathom how much he’s changed since his first session back in January 2017.

He’s gone from a quiet child who barely talked and who struggled immensely with being separated from me, to the extremely confident, independent and excessively chatty boy we have today.

I cannot thank the wonderful staff at St Petroc’s Early Years enough for the part they have played in his development.

For the care they provided for him when they had to practically wrench him from the bear hug he was giving me when I made to leave at every single drop off, for making sure they knew him well enough to know (and prepare) a perfect distraction for him and made sure it was in place prior to his arrival.

For providing a safe and friendly environment to enable him to open up and to develop the best of friendships.

For the part they’ve played in his educational development, helping to teach him to write his name and to recognise numbers and letters.

He has not only thrived in this setting, he has gone from strength to strength emotionally, educationally and socially.

He has thoroughly enjoyed his time there but is so ready to move on. On asking him in the car after picking him up whether he’d miss Dolphins, he replied, without hesitation “Nooooooooooo Mummy, not at all, my new school is soooooo much better, it’s got more rooms and a bigger garden”. So there you have it, out of the mouths of babes.

So here’s to Dolphins and all its fabulous staff, especially his amazing key worker, Miss Brown whom never failed to greet him with the biggest smile.

And here’s to the start of a momentous new chapter in our amazing boy’s life when, on Thursday 13th September, he starts at his ‘big school’ alongside all his bestest of friends.

End of first day Jan’ 17 to beginning of last day Aug ‘18

Leaving Dolphins on his last day


The Most Successful Session Yet

That’s what Mrs White said when I picked Noah up from Pre-School on Monday. To say I breathed a sigh of relief is an understatement given the sheer hell we went through to get him there that morning.

From the moment I mentioned the ‘S’ word, as it’s become known as in this house, that morning we had the most heartbreaking tears, sobs and begging to not send him.

I mentioned it to Miss Brown as I attempted to ‘drop’ him off (seeing as he wouldn’t declamp himself from my hip for half an hour). I also mentioned the nightmares and the dread he expressed when the ‘S’ word was mentioned.

On pick up Mrs White said those immortal words. I could have cried with joy. Noah was so excited to show me all the drawings he had done whilst he was there and couldn’t wait to tell me about the trip they will go on next week. Mrs W suggested we move his Froday session to Tuesday afternoon but this would mean him finishing at 5.30, this unfortunately is half an hour past his tea time and only an hour before bed so I think we’re going to stick with the Monday and Froday for a couple of weeks before we do that.

On driving past the school he cheerily waved singing, “Goodbye school, see you next time”. My heart skipped with joy. 

Until we got home to put his well earned stickers on his reward chart….

Then he said he’s not going again. Lol

Monday Activities and Treats

Friday (today) started hopefully. I didn’t mention school until he did which was when I started getting him dressed at about 7.15. No tears. I said we could go swimming afterwards as a treat, still no tears. Then they came, thick and fast, accompanied by the most heart wrenching sobs and begs. I managed to pacify him, sort of, with a few episodes of Ruby and Max before we left in a deluge of tears and snot.

I had decided that I was going to leave him fairly quickly today, prolonging the inevitable wasn’t working so I paid up the money for his trip and gave him the biggest of hugs, told him I loved him very much and pushed him away from towards Mrs White and left, I felt terrible.

As I got to the school gate I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was one of the staff who had come out to tell me that Noah had stopped crying and was playing already, the quickest he has settled yet. Perhaps we are turning that corner after all.

On pick up I arrived ten minutes early so spent 5 minutes peeking through the window and watched, with delight, Noah playing ‘walk the plank’ off the low window sills with the other children. It was lovely to have this fly on the wall opportunity to observe him without him knowing I was there. He was smiling and enjoying himself so much, my heart exploded. After I rang the bell I could here them tell Noah it was me and it still took several minutes for him to come, Miss Brown said what a wonderful day he had. I really couldn’t be happier. 

He had earned two stickers, which we put on his award chart along with two more that we match for school days.

It’s been an hour since we’ve been home and he hasn’t mentioned not going back. In fact he’s getting excited about the school trip on Monday so hopefully that’ll get us through Monday morning’s possible trauma.

We just need to crack these tearful send offs now, for both our sanity.

Friday rewards