24 Months Old

What better way to start your 2nd birthday month with a bit of destruction… How can I be mad when you do these things so funnily. Porridge and Weetabix got spread ALL over the kitchen floor, you’d think I’d learn that a quiet toddler was something to be terrified of.

This month started with a lovely visit by Uncle Dan, Auntie Sam, Ella and Tommy whom stayed at the Bude Holiday Park for the weekend. We all went for lunch at Tommy Jacks on the 24th and afterwards you and Tommy had a lovely time playing on the Crooklets ship and continued to play back at home. You guys get on so fabulously, it’s lovely to see. On Sunday we decided to walk down to The Weir for lunch, only to discover when we got there that they were only doing Sunday lunches and there was over an hour wait! Needless to say we stayed for a play at the park and headed back into town and had something to eat at the Olive Tree. We were all starving by the time we got out meals and I’m pretty impressed by how good you were with the whole debacle. Whilst we waited for the meal we went for a wander with Auntie Sam to see the ducks on the wharf. You went ballistic as soon as you noticed a load of motorbikes lined up and just wanted to stand and shout at them. We were all amazed when the owner of one whisked you off and sat you on his bike (he did get my permission first by the way)… You were absolutely awestruck and quite literally speechless. Of course when he took you off it all you wanted was his helmet, we left at this point as lunch had arrived. When we got home you, Daddy and Tommy played with your stacking cups and I’ve got the most wonderful video of you all falling to the floor in hysterics everytime you knocked the tower down.

On the 27th we went to Lyme for the week to stay with Auntie where we were thoroughly spoilt, as usual! You really do love it there and went straight to the sun room to get your “Time for Bed Fred” book, you’re forever going to relate that book to staying there. It didn’t take you long to settle in and had Auntie and David running around after you whilst you played the piano and got all the toys out.

On the 28th we went to Exeter. Auntie wanted to get your hair cut at Toni and Guy, unfortunately the only time was 12.15 which was in your nap zone and as predicted you fell asleep half an hour beforehand so we had to cancel. You had a lovely time whilst we were looking in The White Company and happily sat on a beanbag with a couple of push along toys whilst we chose a few presents and some pyjamas for you… Your very first pair of big boy pyjamas. We met David for lunch at Carluccios where you behaved impeccably once again, I’m so proud of how you behave my beautiful boy, long may it continue. You were happy busying yourself with your crayons and books whilst we waited for our meal which was a rather long time as it was very busy. On our way back to the car we nipped into Wilkos and bought you a yellow hard hat.the sheer pride on your face when you wear this is beautiful.

On the 29th you gave Auntie a hard time when I had to go for an appointment and you woke up as I left, apparently you wouldn’t let her take you out of the cot for a good 15 minutes but you did eventually and you were quite happy when I got back 😉 In the afternoon we went to see Caroline at her house for a catch up where she presented you with your first Halloween fancy dress costume and you proceeded in pretty much clearing her out of grapes.

The 30th we just went into town, it was horrible weather so we decided to stay another day. I saw so many people I haven’t seen in years it was lovely showing you off. We popped into Serendip Bookshop where your Grandma used to work and saw her colleagues. You set yourself up in reading corner whilst we talked.

Since we got home we haven’t been up to a great deal as the weather has been so horrific. We’ve continued to go swimming on Sundays and end up in the soft play afterwards. We’ve had a few play dates all over the place with Mila, Samuel, Grayson, Roo and Leo at Jumping Jacks, Brooks and people’s houses. 

On the 8th we attended your first of the 2nd birthday parties with Coral’s party at Penstowe Swimming Pool. You all had a fantastic time playing in the water and then had a little party afterwards with food, Pass the Parcel and cake. You were a little tired though and keeping you sitting for Pass the Parcel was near impossible.


On the 11th I had to take my car to the garage and I decided to leave the pram in the back and walk you back home seeing as you always want to walk. Of course this backfired hugely when you wanted to be carried from about 100 ft from the garage. To add to my misery we had to go to the Toy Libaray to order some items for your birthday party which meant I had to carry you about 2 milestone! My arms died shortly afterwards.


You developed a doozy of a cold in the latter half of this month, thankfully you’d got over the worst by the time your birthday came round.


You’ve been babbling a lot this month, on the telephone (and make believe ones) and whilst wandering around the house.

On the 9th you kept saying “Bubble”, why I have no idea so perhaps it’s just you experimenting with sounds.

On the 11th you said “Up” in context, in reality it sounds more like “bup” but you raise your arms whilst saying it (Teletubbies taught you this… Months I’ve egged you to say stuff and one episode if Teletubbies and you spit it out, typical 😉)

On the 13th you actually said “Daddy” for the first time, Daddy was ecstatic as were you with all the praise.

On the 16th you pointed at a picture of my mum and said “Grandma”, it broke my heart as I so wished she could have known you, and you her. She was such an incredibly warm and loving person who would have doted on you, I can’t help but feel you’ll grow up lacking because of her absence. I love the fact that you recognise who she is, you’ve always loved looking at her photo and I have obviously always told you who she is. To get recognition, especially when you have only said a couple of words, is beyond words.

On the 17th you said Banana, well it was more “Ba-a-a” but I’m super chuffed, and so were you.

On the 20th you said “Cheese” and the 21st you said “Tea” and started to say your own name. Learning the important ones.

This final week of your one’s also saw you start saying no (joy), it is more of a “Nne” than a no.

To date, at two, the words you can say are:

Mama, Hiya (though we haven’t heard this in a while), Bubble, More, Up, Yeah, Daddy, Grandma, Banana, Cheese, Tea, No, Noah

You’re still largely using sign language to communicate with us, probably because it works so well.

Holding two fingers half an inch apart next to your eye: Yogurt

Marching on the spot: Teddington (Show Me Show Me)

Waving: Mr Tumble

Swinging your arm whilst saying “Arrrrrr”: Fisherman Tumble/Pirates

Nodding: Yes

Shaking head: No

Fetching a book: Wanting a story

Tipping head to one shoulder and pouting: In the Night Garden

I’m getting a little concerned a lot of these are for TV programmes lol.


Loads of first words this month


You are the most beautifully precious little boy Noah. You are starting to show politeness, you’re loving, emphatic, funny, clever, enigmatic. You amaze us everyday and everyday I fall more and more in love with you.


Nights have been a little broken of late but I’m putting that down to your cold. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to sleeping again after months of broken sleep, so when you start waking up again we enter another fresh world of zombie.

Potty Training

We continue as we have been going. Mastering the pulling down of pants is the current task. I should be more focussed and got this cracked by now but I haven’t been overly well myself this month.


You will get weighed during your review on the 24th.

Sneaky peak, seeing as I didn’t publish until after your review, :

Weight: 13.75 kg / 30.31 Ibs

Height : 89.5 cm

This means you are following the 75 percentile in both weight and height now.


This has been a struggle this month, probably due to your cold. You haven’t really been eating much at a all and just wanting yogurt all the time, or everything smothered in ketchup. I’m hoping when your cold lifts you’ll return to normal.


So at two years old you have lots of favourite things. I have broken them down into sections.

Toys: Stacking Cups, Hoover, Brush, Ball, Tool Kit, Building Bricks, Hard Hat, Doggy, Gulliver, Train Set, 

Books: Time for Bed Fred, That’s Not My…

Objects: Wind Turbines, Clocks, Telephones, Locks

Places: The Beach, Otter Reserve

Activities: Swimming, Outside (Walking/Running)

Friends: Mila, Grayson, Samuel, Roo and Leo

Food: Yogurt, Blueberries, Cheese, Marmite, Baked Beans, Houmous, Nutribullet Blends

TV (though I’m loathed to admit it): In the Night Garden, Bob the Builder, Something Special (Mr Tumble), Show Me Show Me, Twirlywoos


20 Months Old

We haven’t been up to a huge amount this month. Lots and lots of walks across the downs and beach because the weathers been so good.

On the 7th we met Roo at Brooks soft play where you have finally grown tall enough to reach the first run of the ‘ladder’ meaning I don’t need to race around after you all the time, you happily do the circuit on your own, shrieking, clapping and cheering the whole time.

On the 8th I took you to the doctor about a rash that had developed on your tummy. Nothing to worry about, just some infected follicles so we came away with some antibiotic cream which we have to administer 4 times a day. This means no naked time or swimming for a week, which actually turned out to be two as the rash moved but you’re all clear of it now.

On the 9th our house sale fell through with three weeks to go until completion all because the woman buying our flat is a *********. I’m so annoyed. This of course means that you won’t get to have a garden this summer and that upsets us very much. We’re sorry darling but we hope to rectify it soon. So back to living in a show home again and endlessly cleaning.

On the 10th we drove up to Burton again to see Grandad in hospital. We stayed at the Ashby Premier Inn again but due to a very noisy night porter directly below our room it wasn’t such a successful night’s sleep. You spent the 11th with Daddy who met your Granny and Grandad Holder at Calke Abbey in Ticknall. I went to see Grandad and Andrea in the morning but Uncle Simon dropped me off afterwards so I could spend an hour with you all for lunch. What a beautiful place and fantastic weather. When I arrived (after I managed to free myself from a wedding parade as I arrived) you grabbed me by the hand and dragged me around to show me all the things that you’d done, you are such a delight and you brightened so many people’s day when you insisted you’d swap your bubble stick with a lady’s walking stick and take it for a walk. We fretted about how you’d react when you handed it back but we needn’t of, you happily handed it back with a smile and a clap. Such a relief. It did, however take us a while to get you back in your car seat when we had to leave though. When we finally got you in we went to see grandad in hospital again so he could see you. You were as good as gold and Grandad was so pleased to see you and you gave him a big kiss and a cuddle. It was a moment I will never forget as it could possibly be the last time he sees you and that breaks my heart. Your hatred of the journey hasn’t changed any and I am sorry for that, unfortunately there’s no way around it.

We’ve had a couple of play dates with Mila this month but unfortunately she’s been so poorly that they’ve been in quarantine so we haven’t spent as much time with them as we would like. We had a lovely play date with Grayson on the 21st and the two of you had a lovely time playing in his garden whilst us mums had a catch up. It’s amazing how much you guys look alike, very uncanny. 


Despite the rash all has been well. You’ve been lucky to avoid both Mila’s illnesses and my stinking cold (fingers crossed).


You’re drooling quite a lot again so thinking some more teeth are pushing their way through, hopefully they won’t be as bad as your molars were and come through pretty speedily.


It’s funny how early we start lying. I can now say that you have discovered this and it becomes apparent most when you suddenly went from smiling and laughing to shaking your head when being asked If you’d done poopy-doo when, quite obviously, you had.

Tantrums are becoming a several-times-a-day event. This is tiring for all concerned. The public ones are my favourites which usually involve trying to get you back in your pram after our morning walk for your nap, or trying to get you in your car seat. I’m surprised I haven’t been arrested by someone thinking I’m abducting you. All bribes fail, you’re a strong and wriggly little monkey which makes brute force impossible. I’ll be glad when I can start trying to reason with you about things.

This aside, you continue to delight us with your compassionate and loving nature. Your sense of humour knows no bounds.


No progression here.


Show Me Show Me… What more can I say? You’d watch it all day if I let you. You adore the musical interludes and the shop scene. As for Teddington and Miss Mouse’s songs, you’re besotted. This is a little bit of a relief to be fair, as now we have something that’ll occupy you happily when a bit of housework or phone call is needed to be done, or it’s miserable outside.

Bath time has become fun again, as long as you have a proper (ceramic *sigh*) beaker in there to fill up and splash around with.

Countdown has you enthralled again and you’ve developed the funniest dance when the countdown clock starts and ends. You also love pointing out all the numbers and letters on the screen.

You simply LOVE Wind Turbines, diggers, buses, lorries and vans and shriek everytime you see one doing a round and round hand gesture whenever you see a turbine or want to see a turbine.

Mops and brooms remain a firm favourite too. The sheer joy on your face when I relented and looked you to mop the kitchen floor was priceless.



Still all good. Still one nap a day, usually around 10 for 2 hours.



You have finally found the love for carrots again. No new tastes this month but you do love to sit in a big boy chair, much to my dismay.


18 Months Old

A year and a half.

A year and a half.

A year and a half you’ve graced my world. A year and a half I’ve been privileged to call you my son. A year and a half since the greatest love of my life entered my universe. A year and a half we’ve kept you alive.

You have brought such wonderful joy to my life Noah and for that I will forever thank you for. You, who was so longed for, so waited for, so craved for and so welcomed. For a year and a half I have been a different person, a better person, a happier person, a more rounded human being, complete and you have made me that way.

Do I miss the person I was? No, not one jot. Do I search for the me? No, because this is who I am now and I couldn’t wish for it to be any other way. Put simply I would walk in front of a train for you and I would never have done that for any reason before so yes, I am a different person.

What’s been happening this monumental month? In short…. Tonnes!

I decided to sign us up for Here’s Looking at you Little One again as it’s a really interesting 6 week course, which basically means a free 6 week play group. We’ve done everything from playing with play dough, mud, water, exploring the garden and your emotions and learning all about your emotional, physical and behavioural development. It’s a great place for you to be let loose and play whilst I learn how to best deal with your tantrums and schemas. All in all it’s brilliant. It actually started on the 17th but due to me being out of action we only got to do 5 weeks. Unfortunately it’s ended now so we’ll have to find something else to do on a Friday. 

We’ve been attending a Shining Stars session on a Tuesday which is a nice little group and means you get to raid the shed for the brooms and push the toy Hoover around the room for the whole session, I hope your desire for cleaning continues when you’re old enough to actually do the housework.


We’ve had tonnes of play dates with Mila where we’ve been playing on the Castle lawn, beach, Little Stars and at home. 


On the 4th we tried out Trethorne for the first time with Mila and Roo. It was good but a little pricey for what it actually was and you were far more interested with the giant broom (the Rolls Royce broom as we called it) in the barn than any of the animals that were in there. The soft play area was pretty good, despite smelling like the animals had not long been moved out of the shed it was in.

On the 9th we met Amanda and Mila at Blackberry Farm and you guys had a wail of a time in the garden, playing with the animals and watching me feed some lambs. It really is a fab place, as it’s a farm shop, officially, it’s free but has tonnes of beautifully cared for animals that you can walk with and look at. The food is amazing and even has a play area in the restaurant for you guys. There were even some newly hatched chicks in there which you were besotted with. Afterwards, and the next day, we went to Brooks Garden Centre where you are fast preferring the toy sales area over the soft play that we have to pay for!


On the 11th I took you up to Daddy’s office as we haven’t been in a while and the girls were apparently complaining they hadn’t seen you in ages. You were very shy in the main office area but when you were in Daddy’s area you were quite relaxed playing in his chair and with the pens.


On the 12th we met Samuel, Grayson and Mila at Rosie’s play park where you had a fabulous time, despite falling off a bench and cutting your chin. Afterwards we went to a couple of other parks with Mila.


On the 17th my Auntie Ann and Uncle Brian came down to Sidmouth so we went over for lunch to see them along with Uncle Simon, Auntie Jacqueline, Uncle Dan, Auntie Sam, Ella and Tommy. We ate at Dukes and you were so amazingly well behaved at the table and considering we were there for sometime it was monumental. You shared my pizza with me and ended eating half, a good thing seeing as I’m meant to be on a diet. Afterwards we went to the park and for a walk.

That night we decided to stay the night and chose the Woodlands Hotel which has been recently taken over by Uncle Simon’s school friend Dan Cozins and his wife, Megan. What a fabulous place. They’ve done so much to it and it really is beautiful. You had fun racing around the conservatory and garden and playing with the toys they had there. We had a stunning suite which meant you had your own bedroom which was a novelty. The AngelCare worked in the lounge and restaurant too meaning that we got to have a meal outside the room and joined everyone for a good old reminisce. You charmed everyone the next morning at breakfast with your laughter and shrieks of excitement and enjoyed most of my breakfast aswell as your own.

We rounded off a play date month celebrating beautiful Roo’s first birthday. His mum, Jess had laid on such a fabulous spread of food and cakes (for both mummies and babies) and then you spent the rest f the time playing with all his toys in the garden, along with the Little Tikes Spray & Rescue Fire Truck we all bought him. You all had a great time and you got extra excited about all the real tractors, and brooms, in the yard.


Another small cold but nothing horrific. A few episodes of nappy rash, have noticed it ‘seems’ to be when you’ve had lots of strawberries so I’m cutting them out for a while to see what happens. It was nothing a bit of miracle cream, Metanium, didn’t sort out overnight though it was extremely sore for you at the time, bless you.


At the beginning of the month I noticed your Right Lower front molar had all but come through, that shot through because I checked a few days before and there was nothing there. On the 7th I noticed your Upper Right Canine was coming through and the next day your Upper Left popped through, no wonder you’ve been chomping on everything. I really should buy shares in Ashton and Parsons which have been a godsend.


On the 9th you started to try and jump independently, you only manage to leave the floor with one leg but you’re so proud none the less.


You are such a determined little boy and you don’t give up easily. This usually transpires when trying to get to the cat whilst she’s on her tower, you will not be deterred from climbing up there, despite the fact it’s actually quite tall and dangerous. We’ve taken to blocking the side table with boxes to prevent you using it as a stepping stone but you soon learn how to pull everything off to give you a clear run.

You remain so thoughtful and spend so much time studying things and enjoy problem solving. You’re more interested in things that challenge you thus you’re drawn more to adult tools and ‘things’ than ones developed for toddler use. You spent an age with a hex key trying to do up a screw on your high hair when I took it apart to clean it and I’ve lost count of the times you’ve demanded I put a chair I front of the front door so you can climb on my lap and put the key in the keyhole, over, and over, and over again.


Muscle Development & Coordination

Mobility: You are running around everywhere at the moment which can be a little nerve wracking when on concrete or slate. I constantly have my heart in my mouth but know you have to do what you have to do. I’m always telling Daddy off for telling you to be careful in the hall (it’s slate), of course his fears were realised at the end of the month when you tripped over your own feet, face planted the slate floor and split your lip really quite badly leaving you with an impressive trout pout and monster bruises. I’m just glad your teeth survived.

You are also experimenting with jumping, though leaving the floor seems to elude you at the moment. You are mastering your balance by standing on whatever you can, whenever you can. This, of course, will see you in good stead when you take up surfing.


Communication: We’re getting a lot more consonants now and you’re constantly mouthing sounds but not yet vocalising them. You have started to make conversational sounds too, finally. You cheer when you do something that exites you and make the noise of the Hoover.


We recently bought a Fisher Price Ballapalooza from a friend who’s son didn’t take to it, you absolutely love it. You love the dance music it plays and your face lights up and you soon start busting some moves. You’ve already figured out how to take parts of it off and put back in again.

You still love your brooms, hoovers, dustpan and brush, water and sand. Your latest idea of fun is throwing your Ballapalooza balls down the hall and hearing the noise the make, this sends you into a fit of screams, cheers and giggles.


Without wanting to tempt fate I can say that since the 12th you have slept through the night!!!! Except for a couple of evenings where you have woken at about 2130 or 2200 you have pretty much slept from 1830 to 0430. The early mornings are killers but I’ll take them for you to sleep through. Now if only we can get the cat to stop waking us up 6 times through the night we’ll be well rested human beings once more. Your daytime nap generally lasts anywhere between 1 and 2 hours around 10 which means we are still missing out on the Life Centre Creative Tots session.


Weight: 25Ib 14oz

Height: 81cm

Getting your measurements this month was challenging to say the least. As soon as I undressed you and the health visitor said hello you clung to me like a limpet. You would not let go for love nor money. It took 30 minutes and the health visitors to leave the room for you to finally stand on the scales and measuring your length was done whilst dressing you so I’m not entirely convinced we were as accurate as usual. I’m hoping you were just tired and this isn’t the start of something toddleresque.

Pretty much all your 9-12 month clothing has been retired, what remains are a little short but need to be replaced before I put them away.


New Tastes: Tuna; Tuna and Sweetcorn Fishcakes; Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages; Popcorn

16 Months Old

On the 24th we celebrated the beautiful Mila’s first birthday where we chipped together to buy her a Tidlo Kitchen which she loved by all accounts. There was lots of playing with your friends and plenty food, chat and laughter. On a subsequent play date Mila and yourself wouldn’t get off the thing, there was lots of pushing and shoving to be totally honest.


On the 28th we celebrated Corey’s first birthday at his new home in Torpoint. We caught a lift with Samuel and the first 6 miles went smoothly, until you started crying, and you pretty much didn’t stop until we got there. I even squeezed my ample behind between the two car seats to no avail. Once there you had a fabulous time with lots of play and food once more. We all chipped in for a smartrike on this occasion and I hear it’s gone down well so thanks to Jess for organising that one. I’m pleased to say the trip home was better… You slept the whole way. 

Our Thursday group has been fab this month where we’ve made spiders, (not) enjoyed sensory/messy play with a paddling pool full of baked beans, you being you showed no interest in that but loved playing with the bath water. On the 12th we made a Mothers Day card and the 19th saw me having to give a talk on BLW, not that I’m an expert at all having only muddled through it myself.


We’ve been on a few nice play dates with the boys and Mila, it’s nice when you all get together and mental seeing you guys toddling around.

On the 9th we got some rather devastating news regarding both your grandads. Grandpa has been taken to hospital as his multiple myeloma has returned and he’s been suffering with it quite badly lately and they’re trying to sort out his meds. In the meantime, your Grandad was taken into hospital and diagnosed with this same devastating and rare cancer as Grandpa. What are the chances of that? I’d never heard of a multiple Myeloma before and now 2 people we know have been diagnosed within two years of each other. At the time of posting this both were doing well. We will be taking a trip up north as soon as we can to see them both.

On the 14th we went to get your first shoes, you can read about the trip here. I was amazed you liked them considering the short amount of time you tolerate socks. It was funny when the shop assistant, Ella, put them on your feet mind. It was like someone had nailed you to the floor and you had to learn to walk again.  To top off the trip we found fault with the pair we chose meaning we got such a discount I bought the other pair I like. Since this day you often toddle off and get a shoe and try amd put it on your foot.


The next day, despite another cold, we took you into the garden for a little walk then decided to bundle you up and took you on the beach for your first walk on sand… You loved it! Despite the wind and cold you merrily sing songed your way across the sand, it was delightful. 


Since that day we have been on the beach every day thanks to the beautiful, unseasonal, weather we’re having at the moment. 


On the 21st we all went to Plymouth Aquarium where you spent more time trying to get outside and playing with conduit than actually interested in the fish but you seemed to enjoy it all the same. Afterwards we went and had some lunch on the Barbican where you watched the world go by.



We’ve had to take you to the doctor regarding a couple of lumps we’ve found on your scalp and leg. We have to return after 3 weeks (which will be next week) for a follow up as they haven’t gone away.


You’re still struggling with your first molar, all four points are through now and you’re constantly drooling. I’m trying to find a teether that’ll satisfy you as all that seems to be in favour are your fingers and metal spoons. Your incisors seem to be more noticeable at the moment so think they may be close to appearing.


14th – First shoes

15th – First walk/run on beach

20th – First proper mouthful of sand. 


You are becoming a real stubborn little character who doesn’t easily give up. You want to do what you want to do and when stopped you certainly let us know with a shriek that would put any banshee to shame. You insist on walking when you’ve started in that vein. On the 20th you walked from Life’s a Beach to the lock gates where we had a little play then all the way back home, and I mean up the steps, across the downs, the whole entire way. God help me if I stopped to wipe your nose. You know what you want and you’re hell bent on getting it, even if it’s not possible.

You’ll come up to me and grab my hand and take me to where you want to go which is hilarious, though a little tiresome when it’s all day, you need to hurry up amd talk so you can tell me what you want to do.

Muscle Development & Coordination

Mobility: You just don’t stay still. You walk/run everywhere now. I rarely see you crawl anymore which, sadly, means our Thursday group will be nearing it’s end.

Communication: You are definitely toying with more sounds now and intently watch my face when I speak and try and mimic the shapes my mouth makes. D’s are coming on and I swear this is because you get so excited when you see a dog and are desperately trying to say it. Your understanding of the world is spot on, you know what things are and what we’re asking of you to the point I ask you to get me a nappy and you toddle off to the nappy box, grab one and bring it back to me, often stopping en route to unfold it amd shove it between your legs.


Walking and the outside world. I need not say anything else. You want to be outside ALL the time and whilst there you want to walk.

Daddy went to visit Granny and Grandad a few days ago and came back laden with gifts, of which you have a new favourite toy in the musical squirrel microphone. We’ve got endless videos of you dancing and singing along to it and are often found just walking around holding it and pressing the music button.

Books, buttons and keys are still firm favourites and can’t see this dwindling anytime soon. 



This is coming on and you definitely understand the word ‘no’. I’m having to be pretty firm with you which I’m struggling with but I’m beginning to see that it’s paying off and you are actually starting to understand some rules.


You’ve pretty much dropped a daytime nap now. Night time has been hit or miss, you’ve had quite a nasty cough which has interfered with a good night’s sleep and on a couple of occassoyouve woken with a night terror and I’ve had a long struggle to resettle you. Having said that you’ve had a few nights where you’ve slept through or woken just the once. You’re still waking at 5.30am mind but then you nap around lunchtime for up to 2 hours which is nice.


23Ib 13oz. Only a 3oz gain but then you’ve been off your food (due to colds and teeth) and so active so they’re not concerned.


It’s no secret, much to some people’s chagrin, that I’ve been bringing you up Vegetarian until a time as you decide not to be (or, decide to carry on being… Who knows?!). I have though, always toyed with the idea that you should have fish as they do provide relevant vitamins and minerals that can be hard (at your age) to supplement with a vegetarian diet. On the first of March I bit the bullet and cooked you some fish fingers for supper and you wolfed them down. You’ve been a bit hit or miss with your food at the latter end of the month, preferring pouches to anything home cooked. Not sure whether it’s a ‘stage’ or your teeth but you’re preferring your milk at the moment. I’m hoping it’ll get back on track again soon.

New Tastes: Fish Fingers; Potato Wedges; Beetroot

15 Months Old

It’s been a pretty shocking month, unfortunately (hence the late posting), though it did start off nicely so let’s start with the good bits.  

On the 30th we took a trip over to Lyme and stayed with Auntie for four days so Daddy could get the flat painted so we can put it on the market. We had a famous time. You were so busy racing around and tiring us all out, Auntie in particular when you insisted on climbing all the stairs in the house repetitively.

We went for lots of walks and I took you on routes I haven’t walked since I was at school, it was lovely reminiscing if a bit sad too.

We read lots of books and you sat on my knee whilst you played my piano, I forget it’s there and haven’t shown you it before, you loved banging around on it. I often wonder whether you’ll have some musical talent.

Whilst here we took you shopping and for the first time I put you in the kids seat on a trolley (I usually carry you in the mei tai)… You absolutely loved it, looking around and swinging your legs it was lovely to see. Auntie and I embarrassed ourselves no end in the attempt at getting a decent photo of you in it mind. 

On the 3rd we tried a new soft play room, ‘Jumping Jacks’ at the Bullers Arms in Marhamchurch where you had me racing round like a loon pushing you on a bike, this went on for pretty much the entire 3 hours we were there but you did let me have a little break when you tried out a bouncy castle for the first time.

On the 11th we went and stayed with Uncle Dan et al as I had a hospital appointment the next morning. You slept fantastically despite me leaving all your bedtime accoutrement neatly folded on the sofa…. At home. In fact you slept 10 hours straight, I couldn’t have asked for more. The next day Uncle Dan took care of you until I got back from Exeter. It started so well, until Auntie Sam and Tommy left for school, then you made him work. You cried from the moment they left til the moment I walked in the door… 2 hours later bless you, and poor Uncle Dan. Unfortunately, due to this visit, we missed Samuel’s 1st birthday party of which I am so sorry.

A week later all manner of hell broke loose where your poor Daddy was thrown in at the deep end and forced to be in soul charge of you for a whole, entire night. More to the point this was the longest we’ve been apart since your conception. I, unfortunately, was taken into hospital by ambulance at 2130, luckily I’d managed to settle you before the paramedics arrived and I had hoped you’d sleep for a good few hours, unfortunately for your Daddy you woke up 5 minutes after I was taken away and that was the start of a hellish night. You both ended up only getting 4 hours sleep (which was 1 hour more than myself but 10 hours too few for you my precious). Apparently you kept pointing down the hall no matter what room you were in, thinking I was in the other and when you discovered I wasn’t there you broke down. This, of course, made me breakdown when Daddy text me when I was in A&E. My precious boy, you finally settled for him at 2 am and he brought you to me by 9am, luckily because I still breastfeed visiting hours don’t apply. We had a fun time trying to keep you amused as all you wanted to do was walk down the corridors shouting and their were lots of sick ladies that probably wouldn’t have appreciated it, though some older ladies loved seeing and hearing you.  

On February 17th you partook in your very first pancake day and you wolfed it down. Classic with blueberries all the way.


Bleurgh, another cold, more temperatures, more vomiting, more icky nappies. May be due to teeth, could just have been a cold but you’re on the mend now and full of the joys of spring once more. I hate seeing you so poorly, as a parent all I want to do is take it for you and feel totally helpless when there’s nothing more than cuddles that I can do. 


On the 11th February I discovered your upper right molar has finally come through after, what seems like, weeks of drooling, icky nappies and fist chewing. You’re yet to allow me to see if any of the others have come through mind. 


On the 31st you had your first ride in a supermarket trolley.

You rubbed your head after bumping it 2nd February. Now you rub whatever you’ve bumped, it’s so cute and terrifying too as you look so grown up doing it. 

On the 15th February you walked independently and of your own volition across the room. It’s official. You’re a walker. The speed in which you took to it confirms my suspicions you’ve been able to do for ages now but didn’t have the nerve, or the inclination, to do so. Next stop, shoe shopping! 

On the 17th February you ate your first Shrove Tuesday pancake.


You are turning into such a sweet little boy and love sharing everything you have, be it your biscuit, drink, toy or dinner you always offer it up to share, be it to us, another child at a group or play date or your doggy. It’s very endearing. 

You still know how to throw a tantrum and I have to stifle the laughter when you sit there banging your feet on the floor. You are due to exit a leap any day and after this apparently I have to start laying down the law… This should go down well!!! Watch this space!

I love how when you’re bored you throw things away shouting at them as you do so and you clear the sofa of stuff by chucking it over your shoulder shouting as you do it.

You’ve also taken to coming and getting us by the hand if you need/want us to get you something you can’t reach, it’s so adorable. You also grab our fingers and make us experience your touch and feel books as you do.

You are still sharing everything which I find so endearing. Whether it be everything you’re eating, or something you’re playing with, 

Muscle Development & Coordination 

Mobility: it’s official. You are now officially walking independently. We’ve been getting free steps everyday for a while now but only a couple at a time (6 being the most) and only once or twice a day. I think it was either a lack of confidence or pure laziness because you run whilst holding onto my hand and you’re not putting any of your weight onto me at all. However, whilst running a fever and thoroughly snotty, on the 15th February you were standing yourself up and taking a few steps towards furniture, you were practising pretty much all day and by the evening you were becoming really brave and pushing yourself. By the next morning you independently walked from the door to the chair then to me, by the afternoon you walked the entire length of the lounge. There is no stopping you now, the speed in which you did it proves you’ve been able to do it for a while, you lazy little monkey. Next stop… The dreaded shoe shop, though I still maintain my no shoes rule on the whole, however I can’t have you walking around barefoot outside, especially in this weather and in these times.

I’m beyond proud, and maybe boring Facebook and Twitter just a little. 

You continue to climb everything. We’ve had to modify the cat tower to stop you climbing the rungs but the rest of the room is pretty much your playground seeing as we can’t protect everything.

Communication: Still no improvement on words but you certainly know how to communicate using your finger, shrugs, nodding, shaking your head and props. You’re very clever, we just need to hear your voice more than just ‘mama’, ‘dada’, ‘AH’ and ‘uh huh’. 


Telephone play. EVERYTHING is a telephone at the moment, be it your thermometer, the remote control, a credit card or a spoon, you are constantly nattering away to whoever you’re talking to.

Buttons. Your fascination with buttons is driving us mad. Especially the TV power button, where you press it three times, every time meaning it’s ALWAYS off. 

Keys. You love keys and are always wanting to put them in the door keyhole (or anything that resembles a keyhole, for that matter).  

Books. You still LOVE books and are constantly toddling over with one for us to read to you. You still prefer your ‘If I Were…’ And ‘That’s Not My…’ books.


You really have turned a corner on this front now and sleep really well most of the time. The odd night you wake up still, but only the once. Though, having said that, on the 9th you threw a right whappy. We’re not sure what really happened but I knew it was going to be a tough night when I put you down, but I didn’t envisage that. All we can think of is that you had a night terror because it took ages to calm you down when you woke and then you point blank refused to go back to sleep. You kept pointing down the corridor at the lounge and when I finally relented and took you to the lounge you pointed down the corridor at the bedtime, and so this went on…. For hours!!! 


You now weight 23Ib 10oz and have, finally, grown out of all your 6-9 month clothing.


I’ve started introducing a knife and fork at dinner times now and you love trying to use them. The knife is no more than a toy at the moment (I’m not expecting you to cut anything just yet) but you handle the fork brilliantly, stabbing the food with it and managing not to take an eye or your tongue out when putting the morsel into your mouth.

New Tastes: Omelettes; Cherries; Stuffed Jacket Potatoes; Lychees; 

14 Months Old

Unfortunately the first half of this month was written off with illness which is such a shame as Daddy always has such a big break from work over Christmas and new year and we were all so ill we couldn’t really make the most of it.

A couple of days before Christmas we made some salt dough decorations, put up the tree and decorations and wrapped some presents. Your fascination with Sellotape and paper is quite remarkable and you managed to unwrap nearly every gift that I wrapped.

Despite everything we tried to enjoy your second Christmas, I wanted it to be so special as you were so tiny for your first Christmas and this year would be so much more enjoyable when you could appreciate your presents, decorations and food. You did enjoy the most part though you didn’t eat a great deal and got grumpy quickly due to your temperature so we spread it over a couple of days. You got the most amazing presents from everyone and got as much enjoyment out of the boxes as you did the gifts.

On the 30th we went to Lyme (with Daddy this time) to see Auntie and had another mini Christmas there where she spoilt you rotten, as usual. You got the most wonderful gifts and loved being able to roam around her house. On the way home we popped into see Uncle Dan, Auntie Sam and your cousins. I wrote a full account of all your Christmases here.

We’ve been having lots of fun indoors with your tent and tunnel and both messy, and non-messy painting.


All our groups have started again, some have changed times though which means naps may interfere in a couple of them but we’ll try to get to them all. Music Train has started again too which is nice to see the old crowd every Tuesday again.

We’ve been taking you up to the soft play at Brooks a lot recently, with Daddy, which has been lovely and had a lot of play dates with your friends.



Unfortunately this hasn’t been good, we have pretty much been ill for an entire month. You have been suffering with the worst cold ever which left you with a raging temperature, runny nose and awful, persistent cough which took you nearly a month to shake off.

On the 12th January your lower lateral incisors finally broke through which would explain the step up in drool production and grinding of teeth over the last two days.

On the 8th you started arm rolling. Not sure why you’ve started doing this, all I can think of is copying the actions in Wind the Bobbin Up. It’s very cute and you love it.

You are becoming such a cheeky little monkey and find the smallest of things hilarious. You’re still quite serious in public though and I’m often told how quiet you are, don’t worry I put them straight and tell them that you’re far from quiet at home, I think you get a bit awestruck in large groups of people and prefer to sit and study what’s going on around you rather than racing in. Your tantrums haven’t lessened any but we’re fast finding new ways to distract you as the ‘old faithfuls’ were failing miserably. You don’t fight quite so hard when getting you in your pram either, well not EVERY time which you were doing before without food bribes.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Mobility: You freestand so well but have become lazy with your lone walking efforts, we have to catch you in the right frame of mind to encourage you to walk free and have managed, up to today, a maximum of 8 unaided steps. You walk beautifully when holding onto a finger of mine or your walker, and with the latter you run up and down the lounge. You continue to cruise the furniture and can move with lightening speed, amazing me at where you can end up if I turn my back for a second. Climbing is fast becoming a bit of a problem. The cat post being your favourite and the times I’ve found you on the top rung isn’t funny. You’ve also mastered clambering onto the sofa which is fine except that you insist on climbing onto the back cushions and onto the arms. I can’t turn my back for five minutes now without finding you on the sofa or standing on the TV unit.


Communication: You continue to babble but haven’t really said anything other than mama and dada but you are finding new ways to communicate. You have now mastered the makaton symbol for milk which you use when you want a drink. You also thumb through books and point at items that you desire, such as a strawberry, banana or yogurt. You point at things you want and push away things you don’t. When asked whether you want something (yogurt or banana) for dessert you get really excited and nod your head ferociously whilst laughing.

Dancing; whenever you hear music you like you sit and bop and start breaking out some funky arm moves, we’ve decide you’re going to like body popping when you’re older lol.
Singing; you can often be heard having a little hum and sing to yourself whilst playing.
Reading, you just love your books and the cutest thing ever is when you toddle over with a book in hand for me to read to you, or atleast try to while you race ahead and keep turning pages until you get to a favoured page.

At the beginning half of this month your sleep was atrocious! Mainly down to your cold and cough. However on the 1st January you seemed to turn a corner and have pretty much slept from 1830-0530 with one wake up at 2200, though on the 3rd you didn’t even need that wake up and slept through which was a blessing for me who’s been really ill myself. I’m hoping this is you turning a corner and not a fluke. By the end of the month and pleased to announce that you are sleeping in stints of, up to, 10 hours, for this I am eternally grateful. I choose not to think that you won’t relapse though, in the hope I won’t be too disappointed

22Ib 13.5oz
You’ve only put on an ounce and a half this month. You’re still in the 50th centime and the HV aren’t worried as you haven’t dropped a centile. They think it’s due to your increased mobility as I told them how much you’ve been eating at the moment.

You eat practically all day at the moment, solids and you’ve stepped up your milk intake recently too, the latter I think is due to the leap you have entered this month. According to the book, breastfed babies want feeding more due to wanting mummy more so I’m expecting this to be a little glitch.
New Tastes: Onion Chutney; Carrot and Almond Soup; Nut Roast; Roast Parsnips; Roast Potatoes; Bread Sauce; Stuffing; Mediterranean Bean Casserole; Quorn Sausages; Quorn Bacon

46 Weeks Old

A busy weekend to start this fortnight with a visit to a Macmillan Coffee Morning at Adventure International to support friends then a visit to a local art event, The Cruel and Curious Sea II at the National Trust’s Stowe Barton to see some amazing works along with our super talented friend Hannah Wheeler. What a spectacle it was, we didn’t manage to go last year as I was ‘heavy with child’ and therefore tucked up in bed by the time it started. Amazing works, bar and food gave it a real party atmosphere with the addition of an exhibition. It’s a shame we couldn’t get to see it at dusk where I’m sure the works would have come alive but it was still an awesome experience in an amazing setting.

Here’s Looking at You Little One continues to be interesting. We’ve learnt about Schemas and Behaviour this fortnight. Although all the activities are a little lost on you as all you want to do is find the nearest thing to climb up. We did have fun with a tent and some tunnels with involved me placing you at the opening of one tunnel and rushing to the other side to coax you through the tunnel and take a photo only to see your feet disappear as you followed me around… on the outside! You loved the playdough, though them making it salty to prevent little mouths swallowing it was lost on you as you popped a piece in, shuddered, swallowed and repeated until I had to take you away from it. Would appear you like salt!

You’re still enjoying Music Train despite the fact you’re usually shattered by the time we get there having not slept since 3am (I shall discuss this further below). Participants are dropping like flies I may add at this point lol.

We filled out your first passport application this week too and sent that off, I’m so excited to get it! Your photos are so cute. We got them done for £8 at Studio Southwest and he was brilliant. You sat on the end of my knees as he meowed and barked at you. I never thought a baby could look like a convict but you kinda do, bless your heart. All you wanted to do was lean into me as I tried to make you sit up straight.


I also lost your toothbrush this week so had to give you your big boy brush which you had no problems mastering. I’m kinda glad you love toothpaste so much, long may it continue that you actually hanker after cleaning your teeth.


You’ve had a bit of a cough this last fortnight, I think this is due to the excess saliva you have due to your teething as you only do it at night when lying down. We’ve elevated your cot at one end in the hope this alleviates it a little and we’ll use see how you are in the next few days.

These are still giving you hell, or we’re assuming that’s why you’re constantly grinding your teeth, drooling and not sleeping. I have a feeling the teeth behind your eye teeth are making your gums tender.

On the 1st October you went from crawling to sitting up, you usually crawl to what you want then roll onto your back to study it but you’ve now mastered sitting up to study or play. It’s far more fluid and you look like a big boy doing it.

Development & Co-Ordination
You’re practising standing unaided now but not managing more than a few seconds. You only use one hand for support these days and tend to lean on things so you can stand and play using both hands.

You are engrossed in your shape sorter these days. It’s always been around as more of a decorative box until recently. At Here’s Looking At You on the 26th September you were playing with a shape sorter and managed to successfully out a couple of shapes, I took this as fluke but decided to claim them anyway. When we got home I got your lion sorter out and sat you in front of it with the shapes and you repetitively picked out the round shape, posted it, opened the box, retrieved it and posted it again, over and over again. The look of concentration on your face is adorable and you stick your tongue out like we do. I’ve introduced other shapes to the mix and you successfully sort them. I’m actually a little in awe of you for this.

I also allow you to play in the kitchen when I’m doing the washing up etc, it’s easier than constantly ushering you out or trapping you in your highchair. I open the Tupperware cupboard and just let you go for it, it’s hilarious to watch.



This is a sore subject at the moment. Let’s start with a positive, you are settled in bed before 1900hrs every night (usually 1800). That’s it for the positives. For the last week you’ve been starting your day at 3.30am after approximately 4-5 ‘normal’ wake ups during the night. Which, I suppose, is a small improvement from the weekend which had you awake from 10pm until 2.30am and then awake again at 5. It’s quite simply torturous, I’m not sure the skin under my eyes can take the weight of the luggage currently stored there. I even thought that I’d take you for a walk to watch the sun rise one morning, I googled when that should occur, apparently even the sun gets to sleep in until 7.30 these days.

A friend posted this picture on Twitter this week as a number of babies your age are experiencing the same shattering sleep patterns, at the moment it’s most fitting.


21Ib 4oz.
I’ve finally had to retire a few of your 6-9 month sleep suits and your 6-9 jeans are a little snug around the waistband which has left us in the position where your 9-12 month trousers are huge, so huge in fact, you crawl out of them.

New Tastes: Cous Cous; Tomatoes on toast; Frozen Frubes
We’ve lifted your strawberry ban this fortnight and I’ve never seen you snaffle something so quickly, it is safe to say you blooming LOVE strawberries. You’ve also returned to using your spoon again, hurrah. Really dumbfounded as to why you stopped using it in the first place but very glad you’re using it again, makes life an awful lot easier. You’re also demonstrating a new skill of putting spoon in bowl and then into your mouth but are yet to load the spoon aswell. Feeding me is also a new thing you’ve developed, on a one for me, one for you basis.

44 Weeks Old

Well our weeks have been quite full lately, they’ve started re-rendering our side of the building and the noise is unbearable so we’ve been out and about as much as possible to avoid it all. Having said that the noise seems to have no effect on your naps at all (ironically), must be the result of us playing all that white noise to you at night.

We’ve been attending Music Train and the usual baby groups along with the Here’s Looking at You session where we’ve been learning about your senses and emotions. We’ve had lots of get togethers with the ladies and babies. It would appear I’m turning into a lady who lunches

Last weekend was the amazing Bude for Food Festival held in the Castle grounds which we attended. It was a beautiful weekend weather wise so it was a huge success and you got to play on the lawn with friends. It was lovely to get out and about at an event as a family. We saw the incredible Martin Dorey do what he does best with a mackerel, although Daddy missed out on a sample as people descended on it like fly on muck before it reached us.

The beginning of this fortnight saw you with a streaming nose, not sure whether it was a cold or your teeth as you seemed ok in yourself however as your nose stopped running you developed a really nasty cough which meant a few sleepless nights for us, I was going to take you to the doctor as I was beginning to worry it was croup but you seem to have shrugged off the worst of it.

On the 25th your upper front teeth made an appearance. I noticed the right one had come through when I was battling you into your pram after lunch at Lauren’s, by the time we walked home the left one had come to play. It would appear Coral’s made an appearance on the same day!

Despite you being in the middle of a long leap you are pretty content, teething aside that is. We can see you’re stubborn by the way you don’t give up on something easily, the times we have to stop you from doing something that’ll hurt you and the way you return to do exactly that as soon as you’re free to is incredible.

Development & Coordination
Standing: You aren’t happy unless you’re standing, cruising or climbing something and are desperate to stand on your own now.
Walking: This is coming on really nicely, you take lots of little steps when holding my hands and rarely do this on tiptoe these days.
Speech: You’re stringing lots of sounds together and are having right little conversations with yourself, we have no idea what these mean, but they sometimes amuse you.

Over and under seems to be a fascination with you these days that and turning things over and over and over again. You’ve really mastered flipping your bowl and have been getting some really good air of late. No matter how many toys are scattered around you you gravitate to an empty box, carton or bowl and just turn it over and over. This can be nerve wracking for me when you decide a large plastic box is your favoured item, tears invariably occur when you get it wrong. I don’t want to stop you though as you get quite engrossed and I know it won’t seriously hurt you.

Your early evening settles are continuing, you are still waking several times a night and come into bed with me from about 3-4am as usual. Naps are hit or miss in the daytime. Mornings can be a struggle and often you go all day with just one nap, you look like you’ve been in a fight on these days your eyes are so dark.

I didn’t get your weighed this fortnight.

New Tastes: Thai Green Curry; Pea, Basil and Paneer Fritters; Balsamic Roasted Tomatoes; Saag Paneer; Rice
The saag paneer actually went down better than I thought, it was quite spicy but you didn’t spit any out. You only ate about 6 spoonfuls but then you haven’t been eating great amounts of late (teeth, I suspect) so your tolerance for spicy heat is obviously deepening.

42 Weeks Old

Compared to last fortnight it’s been a relatively quiet one. You’ve been in such a good place on the whole but by the 10th I came to the conclusion you were definitely in your next leap… Über grumpy baby.

We’ve been swimming in Holsworthy and at Kate’s parents house, you do love being in the water, thank god. We’ve been enjoying the most glorious weather with lots of long walks and plays in the park and on the beach, I’m dreading the onset of winter.

On the 9th we went to our first Music Train session, despite being tired you appeared to like it. There’s lots of singing with actions, movement and play with your friends, Mila, Grayson, Samuel and Corey. Afterwards we had a fab afternoon with everyone.

On the 10th the Life Centre Creative Toddler sessions started again so we popped down for a play. I expected it to be packed but it wasn’t at all. Coral, Buckey and Finn were there though.

On the 12th we started on a 4 week Here’s Looking at You Little One course at the children’s centre. It’s basically a group session where we (as parents) learn how you will develop and ways in which we can enhance this development through play and activity thus lessening your frustrations. It’s brilliant! This week we painted your hands and feet and took some more prints (slightly more successfully than last time). We played in the sensory garden and you even rode a trike, the look of pride on your face was incredible, you looked like a proper little boy!

After this we raced home for a visit from Kieron, Tom and Arty dog. Kieron is my oldest friend having known him since Charmouth Playschool days and then the Woodroffe School and Weymouth College years. I haven’t seen them for far too long and this was the first time they met you. We had a lovely walk and chill on the beach and Arty kept scaring you by barking in the beginning but when on the beach we all started barking when he did until you found it funny instead of scary.

(I stole this image from Kieron, you weren’t looking at the camera for mine)

All good.

On the 1st September I spied a glimpse of tooth on your upper gum (your left front tooth). Not exactly where I expected to see it and of course you won’t open your mouth for the HV so she can check it but I’m 99% sure that’s what it is. On the 11th I spied the other one popping into view too.

Sat and pushed along on a trike for the first time on the 12th September.
Met Kieron and Tom for the first time on the 12th.

You continue to be such a happy, funny, chilled out little boy. Always laughing and smiling despite these teeth coming through. You’re becoming so explorative now the world is becoming bigger to you. You study everything you see so deeply and we can actually see your thought processes sometimes whilst you repeat tasks over and over until the outcome you wanted is achieved, you really are quite incredible.

Development & Coordination
Movement: I’m going to just use this heading now to encompass it all as your sitting, crawling and standing have all been mastered. You continue to cruise the furniture and even stand unaided for a few seconds at a time, the look on your face is priceless… Soooo proud.
Speech: This has come on in leaps and bounds this fortnight and it almost sounds like you’re saying proper words eg: hiya, baba whilst waving. You’re also stringing sounds together which makes it sound like you’re saying a sentence, what this is I have no idea though lol.

You’ve recently learnt that you can flick things away from you and love nothing more than doing so then chasing after that item to continue your little game. Peek-a-boo has returned with a vengeance, nothing seems to crack you up more than when we hide round a corner and reappear and you’ve started to instigate this by hiding yourself behind, or under something. Boxes and balls continue to rate highly in your favourites and you’ve taken to wanting a ball pit ball to come with us when we go out.

Daddy and I have discovered the most hilarious book in Dr Xargle and I can’t wait for when you’re older and can understand it. It’s under lock and key until then so you don’t rip it up.

This is totally erratic at the moment. You pretty much settle for the night between 6 and 7.30 but you’re still waking every 3-4 hours. I don’t know whether this is due to heat, as it’s got warmer again, teeth, leap or just your pattern. I’ve fully accepted that you’re not going to sleep through, EVER!

Getting you to nap during the day is also turning into a bit of a mission, all the fail safes are, well, failing largely. Though this does mean you settle earlier at night, trouble with this being you wake earlierin the morning… I really should go to bed earlier myself.

20Ib 9oz

New tastes: Marmite… You LOVED it! Crumpets. Arancini. Boiled Egg. English Muffins. Coriander.

You are now successfully eating three meals a day and I’m finding that now you’re drinking a lot more water you’re not having as many milk feeds during the day, though you make up for this in the mornings, evenings and at night.

40 Weeks Old

It’s hard to imagine that on Tuesday the 28th you have been in my arms as long as you were in my tummy. You’ve been part of me for a whole 80 weeks. Those first 39 +4 weeks were wracked with worry, worry that somehow you wouldn’t ‘be’ and then there you were, the latter 40 weeks have been wracked with worry that you’d somehow be taken away from me. I’m not sure this worry will ever end, this motherhood lark is going to give me grey hairs.

This monumental fortnight started with a trip to Newquay to see Wendy and Lee in the morning and then we were awaiting the arrival of Granny and Grandad who are coming to stay for the week. Due to traffic and Bude Carnival we didn’t see them until the next day where they came bearing gifts. We had such a lovely day with them, it’s been a while since they saw you last and you’ve developed so much you’re like a whole different boy to the one they saw in June.

On the 18th I had a wee wobble thinking about your Grandma whilst listening to one of her favourite sings from when I was a little girl. I remember her turning it up full volume in the house and singing at the top of her voice, it seemed like yesterday and made me miss her so much. As soon as I started crying you stopped what you were doing, crawled over to me and climbed into my lap and gave me the most heartfelt cuddle. You stayed there for over half an hour bless you. To show empathy at such a young age is incredible, I didn’t think it possible. In that moment I knew that you’re going to grow up to be a loving little boy.

We’ve had lots of lovely walks and lunches out with Granny and Grandad whilst they’ve been down and I was very pleased when your grandad remarked how well behaved you were. See I think you are all the time but to hear it from someone else is always nice.


On the 19th you had your 9 month review with the health visitor. She weighed and measured you and checked that you were hitting the developmental milestones that you should be achieving. Everything was fine.

On the 26th we were meant to go swimming with the other babies but due to late naps and asda deliveries we got there a little late so just enjoyed a lovely lunch and chat instead.

On the 27th I took you home for a few days where we had a lovely stay with Auntie and David again. Your uncle Simon and Aunty Jacqueline were down and you sent some lovely times with them too. We had some nice walks around Lyme and along the new sea walk that’s been built along back beach.



We met a lot of your Grandma’s friends and an old work colleague of mine who all said you had her eyes, this meant the world to me as I so wish you could have met her, I can’t help but think you’ve missed out hugely by her not being in your life though Auntie and David dote on you like she would and for that we are so very lucky.


Auntie bought you a Graco high chair from Argos for when we are staying there that you loved, despite still being a little small for. She even fed you your breakfast which was a highly comical sight to see.


We also bought you some balls and put them in the paddling pool which you loved!


All good bar some bumps and grazes. Cruising war wounds, so to speak.

Still no sign, despite grumbles and excessive amounts of drool.

On the 16th you waved for the first time in a definite ‘Hello’ situation.
On the 18th you showed empathy for the first time, I didn’t know it came at such a young age and couldn’t have come at a better time.

You are such a kind, caring, funny little boy. Everyone who spends any time with you tell us how chilled and happy you are, I’m so pleased because sometimes I fret that you’re not. You’re at your best when you’ve had a good sleep/nap and find the most ridiculous things hilarious.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Movement: Crawling, standing, cruising… The world (lounge) is your domain!
Standing: You’re becoming quite adept at this now and nothing holds you back. You are even trying to jump now.
Co-ordination: You amaze me almost daily with your progress. Your pincer grip is now mastered and I watched in awe when you wanted a blueberry that was just out of reach, you decided you couldn’t get it so grabbed a strawberry whilst I moved it into reach. As soon as you saw it you dropped the strawberry and grabbed and ate the blueberry, we could actually see your thought process and decision making, you amaze me!
Speech: No change here, still loads of babbling, raspberry blowing and the addition of lip reverberation (something Daddy can do but totally eludes me)

Balls and boxes, that’s all I can say… You love them! Combining them is even better and can provide hours (baby hours) of entertainment much to Lolly’s dismay as she scrambles to avoid another ball hurled in her direction.


I’m happy to say you are back to settling early on in the evening again meaning Daddy and I get to have some time alone together. Your first stint of sleep tends to be between 4 and 6 hours now too. You did sleep better in your travel cot at Auntie’s mind. I’m thinking this is because you can move more freely in it as it’s wider and you do like to travel at night.

At your review you weighed in at 19Ib 13.5 oz and measured 71cm in length. This puts you in the 50th centile for weight and 25th for height.

New tastes: Sweetcorn Fritters.
I still haven’t found anything you don’t like, though there are definite favourites such as yogurt, blueberries, strawberries and sweet potato. Your drinking has come on since the introduction of the Avent sippy cup and you spontaneously pick it up and have a good guzzle.