Ozeri Turtlemeter – A Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Turtlemeter, the Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer by Ozeri. Since working with Ozeri I have struggled to find fault with any of their products. They always smart looking, neat, easy to use and do as they say ‘on the tin’ and this is no exception.

What they say

The first Baby Bath Thermometer built into a fun and safe Turtle Bath Toy. The Turtlemeter activates instantly in water with no annoying buttons or switches. The Turtlemeter dynamically calculates the bath water temperature every second, and displays the temperature with 3 different color screens, with Blue indicating Cold, Red indicating Hot, and Green indicating Just Right. Compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, the Turtlemeter is safe and fun both in and out of the bath tub. Ships with 3 AAA batteries included. 

Excerpt taken from Amazon 


As with all Ozeri products, packaging isn’t excessive. Although I was rather disappointed in the hard plastic display casing, though thankfully scissors weren’t needed to open it. Having said that, this and a cardboard insert is the only packaging involved.


Set up

None. Just chuck it in the bath. I kid you not! 

The temperature is displayed instantly in a window on the turtle’s back and also has a colour screen with three colours for easy reading.


Blue – Too cold

Green – Ideal

Red – Too hot

The temperature is measured every second.

The battery compartment is secured by tiny cross head screws. It uses 3 x AAA batteries and comes ready to use.

My Opinion

Brilliant bit of kit. Attractive, robust, easy to use and easy to read (colour coding means no need to google the ideal temperature a child’s bath should be). Even my son gives it the thumbs up, he’s often seen wandering around hugging it to his chest and chasing it as it bobs around the bath with him.

As of day of publication this product can be bought via Amazon for an incredible £9.99. I really can’t stress what a bargain this is.

**This product was gifted to me for the purpose of this review**


13 Months Old

I’ve decided (well, I decided a while ago) that now you’re one I was going to cut these diary blogs down to monthly updates. One of the main reasons being that now you’re older and more mobile I don’t have much time to write them and they were becoming increasingly late in publishing (as is the case with this one, ironically).

This month started with a bang, you celebrated your first birthday my darling, beautiful, special little boy…. Happy Birthday. We threw a little birthday party for you where you were joined by Coral, Samuel and Mila for a play date/birthday tea.

On the 26th we went to Lyme for a few nights and stayed with Auntie. It was so nice to be spoiled for a while and they both dote on you so much. You discovered paintbrushes and stairs which kept you busy for what seemed like hours!!!


We spent some lovely time together and even took you to Exeter shopping for the first time (there’ll be lots more of these expeditions in the future) where you met Monty the Penguin and were centre of attention at Carluccio’s at lunchtime.


On the 7th we went to your first birthday party for Tommy’s birthday at Stratton. You had a lovely time on the slide and playing with the giant Lego.


On the 8th we went on our very first holiday as a family. We went to Longleat Centre Parcs Winter Wonderland where we had an amazing time (despite colds). We cycled, with you in a trailer which, after an initial protest, you absolutely loved. Daddy and you shouted at each other the whole time making everyone we passed chuckle. We saw reindeer (yes, real ones), squirrels, rabbits, a Harris Hawk and a giant cuddly teddy bear. We stayed in a woodland lodge where you had your very own room and you handled it quite well. I, on the other hand…

We did a lot of swimming and bought you an inflatable training seat which you loved, took you round a whirlpool and down lots of slides, you loved it. You loved being able to crawl the huge expanse of badminton courts, saw a real life reindeer and some singing ones which totally mesmerised you and you were totally taken by all the lights everywhere, it was truly magical and something I can see us repeating every year.


On the way home we stopped to buy a Christmas tree, now I’ve pretty much always had a real one, but with you being mobile and shoving everything in your mouth you find on the floor, we decided (against my better judgement) to get a fake one so bought a monster. That night, after you went to bed, I started moving furniture in order to fit this tree into an appropriate space. I spent an hour piecing the thing together and I’m a little ashamed to admit that after a lot of bickering between your Daddy and me the tree was dismantled and packed away in the box…. It was just a little too big so I’ll sort a different one out soon, I promise x

On the 14th we went to a Christmas Party at the baby sensory unit at the Milky Way. We went with Mila, Grayson, Roo and Hobie and we sang lots of songs had lots of sensory play, saw a puppet show and met Santa Claus for the very first time. Afterwards we stayed and had a play in the soft play area which was FAB for you little ones and I can see us making a regular pilgrimage up there.


On the 18th we had a Christmas Party at the Children’s Centre ‘Little Explorers’ where we did some prints of your hands and feet to make it look like a reindeer and Santa’s sleigh, as usual this didn’t go down well. Later on in the day we had to take you for your jabs, you poor little sausage…. They hurt and we cried, that’s all I’m going to say.

Unfortunately we’ve all been struck down with a really nasty cold this month, you managed to shake yours off before we did thankfully but I question whether you’d been suffering with it along time before your symptoms started.

On the 12th December your right upper lateral incisor finally popped through.

A month of firsts.
The first, and most important, was your very first birthday.
On the 7th you went to your first birthday party (of some one else’s), Tommy, at Stratton.
On the 8th-12th we went on own very first holiday together to Centre Parcs, Longleat. This lead to many firsts…
The 8th saw many firsts:
Your first Burger King where I offered you a bite of my Beanburger, figuring a taste wouldn’t hurt… you point blank refused it, which is a first in itself, you even spat out the bread. Good boy!


Your first time in a bike trailer being cycled around your first time in a forest.
Your first time sleeping in your own room.
On the 11th you took your very first tentative, unsupported steps (two, to be exact).
On the 14th you met Santa for the first time.

You are definitely showing your independence and since turning one have developed quite a temper. This is usual apparent on taking something away from you, preventing you from doing something you’ve got your mind set on or simply putting you somewhere you don’t want to be… Namely your pram or car seat! So the art of distraction is fast being perfected by me for my sanity.

Standing: You are free standing a lot more now, we’ve learnt to just let you do it when you feel like it, forcing the issue wasn’t getting us anywhere.
Walking: you have mastered using your Tidlo walker without me having to slow it down and you’re off like the clappers with it now. My back is eternally grateful. You have now taken your first, tentative, unsupported steps… And I was in the toilet – due to the fact I didn’t see it I’m calling this an unconfirmed event. On the 22nd you took another two towards me so I can now confirm it.
Speech: We can now start hearing you string sounds together in some form of sentence but what you’re saying is still a mystery. Your most common sound is AH which you make when pointing at stuff so we think it’s a question, much like “What is that?”, or “Look at me!” You mimic sound patterns that we make like when we exclaim “Uh oh” when you knock something over and you, very cutely, repeat it back to us.
Recognition: For a while now you’ve recognised objects and when asked where they are you’ve gone over to them, namely us, your crocodile/penguin/lion. You have now developed a ‘point’ which is amazing and makes life so much easier, though we were laughing about how we are praising you for pointing now yet in a couple of years time we’ll be telling you not to because it’s rude. The book your Granny bought you last time they were down has a favourite page and you now always point out the banana and strawberry when asked. On the 23rd you started pointing to your nose when we asked you where your nose was, we thought this a fluke at first until we asked you where your mouth was and you pointed at that. We’re now working on other parts of your body.

What doesn’t entertain you. You love music, you love dancing and are perfecting your head banging and ‘twist’ quite nicely. You’re are totally besotted with your books still, especially ‘lift-the-flap’ ones, though these are fast losing the flaps.

This is (I fear writing this in case I curse myself) getting better. You now are settled by 1900 (at the very latest) and sleep until atleast 0530 with a maximum of 2 wake ups in between (unless poorly). On the 16th December you slept a solid 9.5 hrs straight which was amazing and seeing as I had an early night I got 7 hours too… A first!

22Ib 12oz. You have finally grown out of all your 6-9 months clothing but are predominantly still in 9-12 month ones.

You have certainly found your appetite and are constantly eating! When you’ve finished your 4 or 5 courses you then start on mine.
New Tastes: Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli; Breadsticks; HP Sauce; Ketchup; Veggie Moussaka; Aubergine; Omelette; Cauliflower Cheese; Pastry; Pumpkin Soup; Lentil, Vegetable & Chickpea Stew; Nectarine
We continue with our breastfeeding journey also.

48 Weeks Old

First off, apologies for a near two week delay in uploading this. Builders knocked out our phone line and it took that long for BT to come amd connect us.

This fortnight saw you turn 11 months old. It started off with your first ever Beer & Cider Festival at the Prestongate Inn in Poughill. The PrestonFest was possibly enjoyed more by your Daddy than you but it was nice to get out the house as a family for the day and do something kinda grown-up. I think you were a little disappointed with the band as every time they sound checked you were raring to go, bopping in anticipation, then they’d stop again… We had to leave before they started playing, unfortunately.

Your Granny and Grandad came down for the week too, which was lovely. We had lots of lovely walks and lunches out and Grandad enjoyed playing with you. Granny bought you a crocodile which you have really taken to, in fact, it’s the first cuddly toy you’ve really taken a shine to.


We also went to Boscastle for lunch which was nice as it’s the first time you’ve been there, though lunch was a little disappointing.


Daddy’s been home for the last couple of weeks which has been nice for you to have him around all the time, though I do think this, coupled with your grandparents visit has played havoc with your schedule, in a nice way you understand. However, Daddy went away again on the 20th for a couple of nights so we managed to get you back on some sort of daytime even keel.

This last week we’ve just been doing the usual groups and Music Train. We finished Here’s Looking at You little One last week which is a real shame, we’ve both thoroughly enjoyed it, it was good to learn about your development and watch you interact in a more interactive environment. I got to finish your Learning Journey and bring it home along with a goodie bag containing an egg shaker…. Your new favourite!

All good, you seem to have got rid of your cough and runny nose which I’m still certain had more to do with your teeth than a virus.

I still think I can see some bulging where your eye teeth and bottom side teeth are going to be but your drool has eased off a fair bit so am thinking you’re having a bit of respite from them for the time being.

On the 15th October we received your first passport. Now to book a holiday.
On the 19th it sounded like you said Daddy for the first time. Whether this was a fluke, we’re not sure as you haven’t said it again.

You are becoming more and more inquisitive, something you’ve always shown but these days seem to have stepped up a gear. You’re also showing that you don’t give in easily and your sheer determination to learn something new is quite awe inspiring. You get really lost in what you’re doing showing real focus, you don’t just give up and move on to something else like others can. Trouble is this is also the case when you want to be doing something you shouldn’t (something that could harm you) so I get the brunt of your frustration when I try and distract you into doing something else… A near impossible task.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Walking: You are walking really well these days (with our support, or the support of furniture, of course). You can’t half shift whilst cruising and race along the sofa and units now, then you use other items (such as your jumperoo or a box) to navigate across a gap to another piece of furniture. It’s really impressive to watch. We’ve been trying to encourage you to free stand but this is very early days and you only manage to last a few seconds when we get you properly centred before your knees buckle and you crumple to the floor.
Coordination: You’re busy perfecting using your spoon and bowl at the moment which is lovely to see, though leaves an awful mess in your wake. You’ve pretty much mastered the shape sorter though you struggle when the block’s coordinated hole is on the side of the box. You’re constantly putting things in and taking things out of things and for this reason I have cut out lots of holes in a cardboard box so you can ‘post’ things, which you love.
Speech: You do seem to be forming words now, what they are we have no idea but you’re certainly babbling about something.

It would appear that your item d’jour is a spoon. Of all the toys in this house, your spoon is of great interest not letting go of it from supper, through your bath and afterwards. Posting and putting things into boxes. The crocodile Granny bought you seems to have grabbed your attention as has the Lion Uncle Simon and Auntie Jacqueline bought you when you were born.

Your sleep has still been horrendous with you wanting to start your day at 3/4am which is tiring, to say the least. However, on the night of the 20th you did a complete turn around and slept through the night for the first time ever! A miracle! You were asleep by 1830 and didn’t wake until 0430 then slept again until 0630. Of course I was awake at 12, 2 and 3. The next night wasn’t as good but not too bad, the night after (when your Daddy returned home) we reverted back to three wake ups and a 0430 start. Ho well!

Seeing as you turned 11 months this week I decided to get you weighed again, that and the fact you seem, recently to have got really heavy.
Weight: 21Ibs 11.5oz

You seem to have gone off eating this fortnight, really not sure why but Amy says Coral has done the same. Though you would happily tuck away yogurt and Porridge until the end of time I’ve read that I shouldn’t just give in and give you what you want in the hope hunger prevails, the health visitor shared the same opinion… Hmmmm, that isn’t going to go well. However an idea occurred to me today, as it occurred to me everything I eat you want to have, to perhaps load your food onto something. So I made some homemade tortilla chips and loaded your shepherds pie onto it and it worked, you ate the whole lot!
New Tastes: Houmous, kiwi fruit, quesadilla, homemade tortilla chips which I have discovered are great for loading or dipping.

46 Weeks Old

A busy weekend to start this fortnight with a visit to a Macmillan Coffee Morning at Adventure International to support friends then a visit to a local art event, The Cruel and Curious Sea II at the National Trust’s Stowe Barton to see some amazing works along with our super talented friend Hannah Wheeler. What a spectacle it was, we didn’t manage to go last year as I was ‘heavy with child’ and therefore tucked up in bed by the time it started. Amazing works, bar and food gave it a real party atmosphere with the addition of an exhibition. It’s a shame we couldn’t get to see it at dusk where I’m sure the works would have come alive but it was still an awesome experience in an amazing setting.

Here’s Looking at You Little One continues to be interesting. We’ve learnt about Schemas and Behaviour this fortnight. Although all the activities are a little lost on you as all you want to do is find the nearest thing to climb up. We did have fun with a tent and some tunnels with involved me placing you at the opening of one tunnel and rushing to the other side to coax you through the tunnel and take a photo only to see your feet disappear as you followed me around… on the outside! You loved the playdough, though them making it salty to prevent little mouths swallowing it was lost on you as you popped a piece in, shuddered, swallowed and repeated until I had to take you away from it. Would appear you like salt!

You’re still enjoying Music Train despite the fact you’re usually shattered by the time we get there having not slept since 3am (I shall discuss this further below). Participants are dropping like flies I may add at this point lol.

We filled out your first passport application this week too and sent that off, I’m so excited to get it! Your photos are so cute. We got them done for £8 at Studio Southwest and he was brilliant. You sat on the end of my knees as he meowed and barked at you. I never thought a baby could look like a convict but you kinda do, bless your heart. All you wanted to do was lean into me as I tried to make you sit up straight.


I also lost your toothbrush this week so had to give you your big boy brush which you had no problems mastering. I’m kinda glad you love toothpaste so much, long may it continue that you actually hanker after cleaning your teeth.


You’ve had a bit of a cough this last fortnight, I think this is due to the excess saliva you have due to your teething as you only do it at night when lying down. We’ve elevated your cot at one end in the hope this alleviates it a little and we’ll use see how you are in the next few days.

These are still giving you hell, or we’re assuming that’s why you’re constantly grinding your teeth, drooling and not sleeping. I have a feeling the teeth behind your eye teeth are making your gums tender.

On the 1st October you went from crawling to sitting up, you usually crawl to what you want then roll onto your back to study it but you’ve now mastered sitting up to study or play. It’s far more fluid and you look like a big boy doing it.

Development & Co-Ordination
You’re practising standing unaided now but not managing more than a few seconds. You only use one hand for support these days and tend to lean on things so you can stand and play using both hands.

You are engrossed in your shape sorter these days. It’s always been around as more of a decorative box until recently. At Here’s Looking At You on the 26th September you were playing with a shape sorter and managed to successfully out a couple of shapes, I took this as fluke but decided to claim them anyway. When we got home I got your lion sorter out and sat you in front of it with the shapes and you repetitively picked out the round shape, posted it, opened the box, retrieved it and posted it again, over and over again. The look of concentration on your face is adorable and you stick your tongue out like we do. I’ve introduced other shapes to the mix and you successfully sort them. I’m actually a little in awe of you for this.

I also allow you to play in the kitchen when I’m doing the washing up etc, it’s easier than constantly ushering you out or trapping you in your highchair. I open the Tupperware cupboard and just let you go for it, it’s hilarious to watch.



This is a sore subject at the moment. Let’s start with a positive, you are settled in bed before 1900hrs every night (usually 1800). That’s it for the positives. For the last week you’ve been starting your day at 3.30am after approximately 4-5 ‘normal’ wake ups during the night. Which, I suppose, is a small improvement from the weekend which had you awake from 10pm until 2.30am and then awake again at 5. It’s quite simply torturous, I’m not sure the skin under my eyes can take the weight of the luggage currently stored there. I even thought that I’d take you for a walk to watch the sun rise one morning, I googled when that should occur, apparently even the sun gets to sleep in until 7.30 these days.

A friend posted this picture on Twitter this week as a number of babies your age are experiencing the same shattering sleep patterns, at the moment it’s most fitting.


21Ib 4oz.
I’ve finally had to retire a few of your 6-9 month sleep suits and your 6-9 jeans are a little snug around the waistband which has left us in the position where your 9-12 month trousers are huge, so huge in fact, you crawl out of them.

New Tastes: Cous Cous; Tomatoes on toast; Frozen Frubes
We’ve lifted your strawberry ban this fortnight and I’ve never seen you snaffle something so quickly, it is safe to say you blooming LOVE strawberries. You’ve also returned to using your spoon again, hurrah. Really dumbfounded as to why you stopped using it in the first place but very glad you’re using it again, makes life an awful lot easier. You’re also demonstrating a new skill of putting spoon in bowl and then into your mouth but are yet to load the spoon aswell. Feeding me is also a new thing you’ve developed, on a one for me, one for you basis.

44 Weeks Old

Well our weeks have been quite full lately, they’ve started re-rendering our side of the building and the noise is unbearable so we’ve been out and about as much as possible to avoid it all. Having said that the noise seems to have no effect on your naps at all (ironically), must be the result of us playing all that white noise to you at night.

We’ve been attending Music Train and the usual baby groups along with the Here’s Looking at You session where we’ve been learning about your senses and emotions. We’ve had lots of get togethers with the ladies and babies. It would appear I’m turning into a lady who lunches

Last weekend was the amazing Bude for Food Festival held in the Castle grounds which we attended. It was a beautiful weekend weather wise so it was a huge success and you got to play on the lawn with friends. It was lovely to get out and about at an event as a family. We saw the incredible Martin Dorey do what he does best with a mackerel, although Daddy missed out on a sample as people descended on it like fly on muck before it reached us.

The beginning of this fortnight saw you with a streaming nose, not sure whether it was a cold or your teeth as you seemed ok in yourself however as your nose stopped running you developed a really nasty cough which meant a few sleepless nights for us, I was going to take you to the doctor as I was beginning to worry it was croup but you seem to have shrugged off the worst of it.

On the 25th your upper front teeth made an appearance. I noticed the right one had come through when I was battling you into your pram after lunch at Lauren’s, by the time we walked home the left one had come to play. It would appear Coral’s made an appearance on the same day!

Despite you being in the middle of a long leap you are pretty content, teething aside that is. We can see you’re stubborn by the way you don’t give up on something easily, the times we have to stop you from doing something that’ll hurt you and the way you return to do exactly that as soon as you’re free to is incredible.

Development & Coordination
Standing: You aren’t happy unless you’re standing, cruising or climbing something and are desperate to stand on your own now.
Walking: This is coming on really nicely, you take lots of little steps when holding my hands and rarely do this on tiptoe these days.
Speech: You’re stringing lots of sounds together and are having right little conversations with yourself, we have no idea what these mean, but they sometimes amuse you.

Over and under seems to be a fascination with you these days that and turning things over and over and over again. You’ve really mastered flipping your bowl and have been getting some really good air of late. No matter how many toys are scattered around you you gravitate to an empty box, carton or bowl and just turn it over and over. This can be nerve wracking for me when you decide a large plastic box is your favoured item, tears invariably occur when you get it wrong. I don’t want to stop you though as you get quite engrossed and I know it won’t seriously hurt you.

Your early evening settles are continuing, you are still waking several times a night and come into bed with me from about 3-4am as usual. Naps are hit or miss in the daytime. Mornings can be a struggle and often you go all day with just one nap, you look like you’ve been in a fight on these days your eyes are so dark.

I didn’t get your weighed this fortnight.

New Tastes: Thai Green Curry; Pea, Basil and Paneer Fritters; Balsamic Roasted Tomatoes; Saag Paneer; Rice
The saag paneer actually went down better than I thought, it was quite spicy but you didn’t spit any out. You only ate about 6 spoonfuls but then you haven’t been eating great amounts of late (teeth, I suspect) so your tolerance for spicy heat is obviously deepening.

42 Weeks Old

Compared to last fortnight it’s been a relatively quiet one. You’ve been in such a good place on the whole but by the 10th I came to the conclusion you were definitely in your next leap… Über grumpy baby.

We’ve been swimming in Holsworthy and at Kate’s parents house, you do love being in the water, thank god. We’ve been enjoying the most glorious weather with lots of long walks and plays in the park and on the beach, I’m dreading the onset of winter.

On the 9th we went to our first Music Train session, despite being tired you appeared to like it. There’s lots of singing with actions, movement and play with your friends, Mila, Grayson, Samuel and Corey. Afterwards we had a fab afternoon with everyone.

On the 10th the Life Centre Creative Toddler sessions started again so we popped down for a play. I expected it to be packed but it wasn’t at all. Coral, Buckey and Finn were there though.

On the 12th we started on a 4 week Here’s Looking at You Little One course at the children’s centre. It’s basically a group session where we (as parents) learn how you will develop and ways in which we can enhance this development through play and activity thus lessening your frustrations. It’s brilliant! This week we painted your hands and feet and took some more prints (slightly more successfully than last time). We played in the sensory garden and you even rode a trike, the look of pride on your face was incredible, you looked like a proper little boy!

After this we raced home for a visit from Kieron, Tom and Arty dog. Kieron is my oldest friend having known him since Charmouth Playschool days and then the Woodroffe School and Weymouth College years. I haven’t seen them for far too long and this was the first time they met you. We had a lovely walk and chill on the beach and Arty kept scaring you by barking in the beginning but when on the beach we all started barking when he did until you found it funny instead of scary.

(I stole this image from Kieron, you weren’t looking at the camera for mine)

All good.

On the 1st September I spied a glimpse of tooth on your upper gum (your left front tooth). Not exactly where I expected to see it and of course you won’t open your mouth for the HV so she can check it but I’m 99% sure that’s what it is. On the 11th I spied the other one popping into view too.

Sat and pushed along on a trike for the first time on the 12th September.
Met Kieron and Tom for the first time on the 12th.

You continue to be such a happy, funny, chilled out little boy. Always laughing and smiling despite these teeth coming through. You’re becoming so explorative now the world is becoming bigger to you. You study everything you see so deeply and we can actually see your thought processes sometimes whilst you repeat tasks over and over until the outcome you wanted is achieved, you really are quite incredible.

Development & Coordination
Movement: I’m going to just use this heading now to encompass it all as your sitting, crawling and standing have all been mastered. You continue to cruise the furniture and even stand unaided for a few seconds at a time, the look on your face is priceless… Soooo proud.
Speech: This has come on in leaps and bounds this fortnight and it almost sounds like you’re saying proper words eg: hiya, baba whilst waving. You’re also stringing sounds together which makes it sound like you’re saying a sentence, what this is I have no idea though lol.

You’ve recently learnt that you can flick things away from you and love nothing more than doing so then chasing after that item to continue your little game. Peek-a-boo has returned with a vengeance, nothing seems to crack you up more than when we hide round a corner and reappear and you’ve started to instigate this by hiding yourself behind, or under something. Boxes and balls continue to rate highly in your favourites and you’ve taken to wanting a ball pit ball to come with us when we go out.

Daddy and I have discovered the most hilarious book in Dr Xargle and I can’t wait for when you’re older and can understand it. It’s under lock and key until then so you don’t rip it up.

This is totally erratic at the moment. You pretty much settle for the night between 6 and 7.30 but you’re still waking every 3-4 hours. I don’t know whether this is due to heat, as it’s got warmer again, teeth, leap or just your pattern. I’ve fully accepted that you’re not going to sleep through, EVER!

Getting you to nap during the day is also turning into a bit of a mission, all the fail safes are, well, failing largely. Though this does mean you settle earlier at night, trouble with this being you wake earlierin the morning… I really should go to bed earlier myself.

20Ib 9oz

New tastes: Marmite… You LOVED it! Crumpets. Arancini. Boiled Egg. English Muffins. Coriander.

You are now successfully eating three meals a day and I’m finding that now you’re drinking a lot more water you’re not having as many milk feeds during the day, though you make up for this in the mornings, evenings and at night.

30 Weeks Old

It’s amazing to think that in two days time you’re going to be 7 months old. I know I seem to say this a lot but time is galloping along, as is your development. The saying babies learn more in their first year than in their entire lives becomes scarily evident when you’re a parent. Every day seems to bring something new, it’s an absolute delight to watch you grow and develop new skills/likes/dislikes yet you mourn the tiny baby too.

We’ve been going to lots of baby groups this fortnight and coffee ‘meet ups’ which has been lovely.

The 15th saw your Daddy celebrating his very first, and much longed for, Fathers Day. We spoilt him… with pants and socks. Though we did take him for lunch too for which you behaved impeccably.


The weather has been truly beautiful. This has meant lots of (very) early morning walks along the canal, beach time, swimming in an effort to keep you cool.

All good, bar teeth cutting.

After the drama of your first tooth coming through on the 6th, blow me if your second one didn’t come through the next day. Another squawk and cry and there it was. I never knew they came through so quickly, from nothing! By the time of publishing this blog they are about 2mm above your gum line. I don’t know why, but I didn’t know they grew so quickly.

Food: You swallowed your first morsal of food on the 8th after a piece of mango broke off and I think you were a little surprised by it hence the swallow.

On the 10th, however, you purposely and successfully devoured 2 Organix Carrot Sticks and as much as I would have preferred your first food to have been homemade rather than out of a packet I’m pleased you’ve actually swallowed something now.

On the 14th you drank your first water and kept going back for more, we’re still not sure whether you liked it what with all the grimacing but you swallowed it all none the less.

Pushchair: You had your first trip out in your pushchair on the 12th up to stay and play seeing as there was no risk of rain, you looked so proud. This also meant you could get a proper look at the ducks on the canal for the first time on the 14th, you weren’t overly bothered bless you. the carrycot has now officially been retired.


Cot: The 15th saw you spend your first night in the cot. You still need time to get used to it bless you… I’m not ashamed to say a shed a tear thinking that it’ll be a blink of an eye before we’re buying you a double bed! .

Beach: On the 17th you had your first play on the beach. Considering we live two minutes from the beach this sounds ludicrous. You have been on the beach before now but in your pram. However the weather has been such that you’ve never got onto it, either it’s been raining or too hot so with the advent of our early morning strolls coupled with the most glorious weather meant I could sit you on the beach without fear of you getting heat stroke or burning yet still being warm enough. To say you were mesmerised by the sand and the feel of it is an understatement


Swimming: On the 19th I took you swimming for the first time at Sandymouth Holiday Park. I really wanted to take you sooner than this but you can blame your flake of a mother with all her hang ups for that. We went with Amanda, Mila, Lauren, Corey, Dani, Adam and Blake. You loved it and immediately started frog kicking. It helped that the pool was so lovely and warm. I wasn’t brave enough to dunk you though, that’ll have to wait until we go to a supervised session. Getting us both dressed was interesting to say the least, I was glad of back up.

Your humour is coming through now. You have taken to instigating peek-a-boo by throwing your cwtchy on your face then peeping over the top with a wry smile followed by a gorgeous giggle. You continue to study everything around you with such depth

Muscle Development & Co-ordination
Movement: You are all over the place now. This week, when you wake in the night I’m placing bets on what position you’re going to be in. We’ve had you with your head at the bottom of the cot, lying on your front with your bum in the air, face down, sideways and trying to climb the sides. You’re getting so frustrated on your tummy because no matter how much you flap your arms and legs around you’re not moving, and that’s infuriating you. I’m hoping crawling isn’t too far away, you certainly get a gold star for sheer effort you just need to learn to pick your head off the floor when you attempt it.
Sitting: A lot more confident and stable now and you rarely topple over except when you over stretch, you are yet to master righting yourself in time.
Standing: You’re still insisting on standing at every given opportunity.
Coordination: your hand eye coordination is amazing now. I swear BLW has enhanced this ability. Your pincer grip is coming on nicely too and I don’t think it’ll be long until that’s mastered
Speech: you’re experimenting with more sounds now though no more formed sounds have been discovered. Today, in fact, you quite clearly uttered da, ma and ba. Let’s hope Mama comes soon, we want to beat Dada don’t we 😉😜

You love putting things in and taking things out of your little box and will sit there for ages doing so.



You happily and readily bang blocks together and hit different things to hear the different tones. You’re now instigating Peek-A-Boo yourself and absolutely love us playing with you, be it covering your own face with your cwtchy or muslin then unveiling yourself or us hiding round a corner and suddenly coming back into view, wither way you find it utterly hilarious. Bubbles are fascinating you these days and you watch in awe as they float around especially when they get caught up in the ceiling fan draught.

As I mentioned above, you are a right little fidget at night now. You’ve taken to turning in your sleep, either onto your front or onto your side pressed up against the side of the nest which we thought you might out grow thus using it for another couple of months but it simply isn’t safe now you’re so mobile. Since moving you into your cot we have been met with the same issues as when you were introduced to the bednest. Settling you in it is hardwork, as soon as we lie you down you wake yourself up again. Bedtimes take over an hour and settling you at night is taking the same which is alien territory, you have always settled quickly at your night feeds. I have to admit, in the interest of my sleep, I’ve given up and you’ve come into bed with us at 2am, though on the 19th this didn’t happen til 5 and this is pretty much your wake up time anyway.

Weight: 18Ib 1/2oz
Length: 67
You’re now a tiny bit off the 50th centile so you’ve left the 9th well and truly behind, this is reaffirmed my belief that food before one is just for fun. I can now rest in the knowledge that I don’t need to purée anything simply to ‘get it in you’ you’re still thriving on milk and can take food at your own pace. You’re still in 3-6 mo clothing although due to the hot weather I’ve had to pull your 6-9 mo rompers out. They swamp you a little but then that can only help with air flow in this heat.

We’re experimenting with lots of foods. You’ve even had a homemade Quorn shepherd’s pie yet the first thing you properly ate was out of a packet… Not what I had in mind but if it gives you some confidence in swallowing something other than milk I’m happy. Atleast they’re natural and healthy snacks. On the 14th you ate 1/2 a petit filous, you loved it, this was bound to happen considering the amount of yogurt I devoured when pregnant with you.the 15th saw you devour an entire petit filous (minus casualties), two strips of pear and half a strawberry. Yogurt does appear to be your go to favourite… Just like your mummy, apparently it was the only thing I ate (from my mum’s finger) for months. It’s a messy experience but you love it.


Port Isaac

We went to Port Isaac over the bank holiday to stay overnight with D’s parents who visit every year and stay at the amazingly located Quay Cottage opposite the slipway.

I love Port Isaac and these visits have always been about copious amounts of alcohol, pool, food (often just before they stop serving), late night chatting and an early morning wake up call due to the early start of the seagulls and the fishermen.

This year however, we came as a three part package and to say we were anxious about a number of things is to say the least. As you are probably aware sleep is a bit hit and miss with our Noah Bean and knowing we could feasibly wake up other people at silly o’clock without the comforts if home worried me somewhat.

Despite the seagull hoedown on the roof of our room, the lack of curtain at one window and a street light outside another he settled really well then slept until 0330 then again until 0530. Amazing, the best nights sleep in a while. However 0530 was when he started chirruping so to let everyone sleep off the beer and wine I decided to give Noah a guided tour of the beautiful Port Isaac.

One thing I love about Noah’s sleep patterns, and my lack of hangovers, is seeing the early mornings, Port Isaac was even more beautiful at this time of day. The only people around were the fishermen that I’d only ever listened to through the window of our bedroom. It was an eye opener for me, I discovered so many new nooks and crannies that had previously eluded me.

The narrowest alley in world

Noah loved it…


For all of about 20 minutes, then he slept…


Then he slept….


And slept….


And slept…..


And slept…….


And slept…………..


I think you get the gist, he pretty much slept for the entire 2 hour walk…


I must stay here more often.

20 Weeks Old

Continuing on from the busyness of last fortnight we had your grandparents come to stay last week, to say you were spoilt rotten is an understatement. Among your swag of goodies, your Granny had knitted you a wonderful blanket, jumper and two of the cutest animal hats whilst your Grandad amused you with Dee Dee and plied us with copious amounts of chocolate and sweets! You relished being doted on despite being a bit off colour, it soon became apparent you had developed your first cold.

This week saw the arrival of Auntie Ann and Uncle Brian delivering to us your cot. This cot has a long history within our family. It initially belonged to your maternal great grandparents (my Nanny and Poppa) who bought it for your grandma (my mummy) when she was a baby. She then used it for Uncle Simon, Uncle Daniel and myself before it went to Auntie Ann to be used for my cousins Lisa and Helen. It then returned to the Petitt’s when it was used by Uncle Daniel and Auntie Sam for your cousins Ella and Tommy. Then back it went to be used by the Jaworski’s (my cousin Lisa and her husband Kuba) to be used for their two children Alex and Maja before it went to cousin Helen and her partner Leo to be used for Macey. Now it’s my turn to use it for you. It’s not in bad nick considering it’s 76 years old. Auntie Ann doted on you and I’ve never seen you so relaxed in the arms of a ‘stranger’ before, it’s a shame she couldn’t stay longer but it was lovely that she finally got to meet you and it was quite obvious you loved her.

First trip to the pub for an evening meal at the Brendan Arms with Granny and Grandad, you behaved exceptionally but started getting tired so I rushed you home so as to get you to bed but you did wait til I’d finished my meal.

First cold, bless your heart, I thought you’d avoid it but unfortunately not. Apart from being very stuffed up you were happy enough, I just had to sit up with you all night so you could sleep upright thus enabling you to breathe.

First rolls. On the 6th April at 1450 you did your first, totally unaided roll from your tummy to your back, even with a cold you amaze me! Of course this was shortly after you pooped on your playmat and prior to peeing on it 😉 On the 9th you flipped from back to front on a totally flat surface.

Taken immediately after your first f-b roll

Your humour continues to shine through finding your father’s face the most amusing thing ever. I don’t blame you 😉 You’ve been really chilled out despite your cold and not being able to breathe properly, an absolute delight.

Muscle Development & Coordination
You’re doing proper little push ups now when on your tummy and are throwing yourself around from side to side and have finally rolled front to back and back to front. Though you’re not doing this every time it put you on your mat. This week I’ve noticed you paying particular interest in your bouncer play arch… Finally. You grab the little lion, in particular, with both hands and study it deeply, slowly turning it as you go, it really is a delight to watch you, I often find myself wondering what you’re thinking. Your newest trick is pinching and then twisting which is fun for us, especially when you grab my neck or under my arm and I’m pleased to announce you have, in the last two days, found your thumb and I’ve caught you sucking it on a few occasions, hopefully you’ll be self soothing before we know it.

You’ve been quite quiet this fortnight, this could be down to the fact you haven’t felt very well but you’ve still shared plenty of smiles and giggles with us. In the last couple of days though you’ve been back to your normal gobby self which is amazing!

You’ve absolutely fallen in love with your Lamaze Dragon (Dee Dee) this last couple of weeks and nothing delights you more than seeing her swoop down from a height rewarding her with a big chomp on her nose or ear. You love being read to and enjoy your cardboard books, mostly to munch on granted! I bought you a bumbo this week which you LOVE. Honestly, it’s the best thing I’ve bought, you look like such a grown up little boy in it and I’m sure you must feel more independent.


Hmm, this is hit and miss. I’ve had a four hour stretch followed by one hourly feeds from you yet one day last week you slept for 7 hours then a half hour feed followed by another 4 hours (of course I was checking on you every 3 hours). There’s no rhyme nor reason to it, we just have to take each night as it comes.

Your bedtime routine is still working, although the one night we ordered take away with granny and grandad to arrive at 8 when you’re ALWAYS asleep you decided to not settle til gone 9! I’m going to start a more rigid nap time for you during the day soon too, hoping to put you in your crib awake so you fall asleep that way. I’m yet to start this though *eek*

You are now 14Ib 9.5oz.
I have been trying your 3-6 month clothing on the last couple of days but they swamp you still, though I have now put you in your bigger baby gros at night which is rather funny. I’ve retired some of your 0-3 stuff but some brands still fit you nicely.

It’s becoming quite obvious we’re nearing weaning time with you. You are fascinated with what I’m eating and drinking often grabbing for the cup or plate I’m holding and smacking your lips. In a comical moment in the pub when Granny and Grandad were down, you grabbed hold of Daddy’s pint glass and pulled that to your mouth. It made for a wonderful photograph. God forbid I eat something now when you’re feeding as you pull off me and glare at what I’m doing with a total look of “Excccccccccuse me, what do you think you’re doing?”

I’m not sure where the last 20 weeks has gone, in one sense it feels like only yesterday we welcomed you into the world, yet on the other I can’t even start to imagine my life prior to your arrival. You continue to delight us everyday and with every smile, giggle, frown or even whinge I fall deeper and deeper in love with you. I never imagined my heart could hold so much and wonder how it has room for anymore but it seems to grow with you. I’m so totally in awe of you and so proud.

Mother’s Day

My mum, my beautiful, intelligent, funny, witty, kind, caring, popular, strong, heroic mum… where do I start? She is quite possibly the love of my life, second only, since November, to my boy.


She sacrificed so much for us, she worked tirelessly to bring the three of us up to respect and care for others. She raised us single handed when my Dad had to go to Nigeria to work, she scrimped and saved to give us what we needed and often what we wanted. She was known not to eat herself so we had food on the table at a particularly bad time financially, working two jobs then coming home to do freelance typing just to pay the bills. She threw us the most amazing birthday parties, kids loved coming to our parties, in fact kids loved simply coming to our house for her cakes and warm welcome, never did she make them feel uncomfortable or in the way when I’m sure at times they were. I have the most wonderful memories of my childhood with her. She was strict but fair, we were never spoilt where objects were concerned and if we were naughty she never failed to punish us, the worst punishment of all was knowing she was disappointed or ashamed by our behaviour. However she loved us openly and never ever made us feel that we weren’t the centre of her world as she was ours.

As I grew into an adult our relationship changed from mother/daughter to best friends, we did pretty much everything together. We holidayed together, shopped together, worked together, often lived together, partied together, cried together and laughed together. Not a day went by when we didn’t talk except when I went travelling where phone calls were limited to, at the very least, once a week. She never turned us away, never made us feel that we couldn’t turn to her if we needed her and we so often did. She sacrificed so much for us and never asked for anything in return except that we be happy.

She’s the strongest woman I know, she’s a fighter, she tackled everything head on and with gusto. She wouldn’t let anything defeat her without a damn good fight.

In 2000 she was given the devastating news that she had cancer of the breast. Again she put on her bravest face and started the biggest battle of her life, never letting her humour or smile evade her, not in front of us anyway. She beat it after months of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I have never been so totally in awe of someone in my life, her bravery and positivity were inspiring to more than just us. She wasn’t just our hero, she touched the lives of so many people and rarely lost touch with anyone she came into contact with and as such had hundreds of friends across the world. This was never more evident than at every birthday and Christmas where the sheer number of cards that she received spoke volumes.

Unfortunately the cancer returned years later, it had metastasised and again her battle began to prolong her life. She fought it so well until unfortunately her body couldn’t fight any longer. Our relationship changed again and as her health began to fail I became her carer. It was my turn to look after the woman that had looked after me for 35 years and yet still her foremost concern was us and how we were. She never ceased to amaze us and despite medical opinion she saw in her 70th birthday, filling her room at the hospice with well wishers to bursting, so much so I was literally pushed out the patio doors. Even here she made friends, the staff loved her, she filled the place with light and laughter even when she was obviously in so much pain. That year, 2008, I celebrated my last Mother’s Day with the woman that defined me. Unfortunately 9 days after her birthday, on April 13th, we lost our brave, beautiful, wonderful, precious mother. Our hearts broke and continue to break to this day. Not a day goes by where I don’t think of her and miss her. A hole was left which nothing can ever fill.

The last five years I have tried to hide from Mother’s Day. I avoid card shops and florists, I turn my head away from gift shop windows in the run up and tend to lock myself away on that Sunday so as not to see the happy faces of mothers and daughters out on walks or out for lunch. I’m jealous you see and bloody angry that this evil disease has robbed the world, us, of such a precious person when there are so many wicked people still roaming it. I hate Mother’s Day.

Now here I am in 2014 no longer avoiding it but being the centre of it because now it’s taken on a whole new meaning… It’s now my badge of honour. I am now that mother to be celebrated. I’m not sure how I’m going to cope with this change having harboured such ill feelings for the last 5 years. I hopefully got all my tears out of the way last night in the hope that there won’t be any sad ones shed today.

I find myself missing my mum even more since the birth of my beautiful Noah. She would have doted on him and I feel he’s been robbed of this beautiful woman, of a doting grandmother so although this is now ‘my’ day I still find myself struggling to see it that way, I feel like a fraud, in my mind it will always belong to the woman that brought me into the world, she was a real mother.

My mum was my first love. She was my life. She was my everything. Now it’s my turn to hopefully give Noah the same wonderful memories and to instill the same moral and social principles. She’s a tough act to follow but I hope I do her proud.

Happy Mother’s Day Mum, I love you.