The 3rd Party

On Saturday 26th November you had your birthday party to celebrate you turning 3 years old.

I don’t think I’ll ever find these stress free but it was all worth it in the end. It would appear the party was a hit, you and your friends seemed to enjoy yourself and there were no major traumas.

For months now you have wanted a pirate theme and I had such amazing and wonderful ideas for it. As we had to hire a room at the Parkhouse Centre a lot of these ideas weren’t possible but I tried to make the room look as bright as I could with pirate flags, banners and bunting alongside the inflatable palm trees and LOTS of balloons that Coral immediately gathered up into one giant cluster which became the most sought after item of the party.

We had hired some equipment from the toy library for the day, you had the whirligig (which was Luka’s firm favourite), the Thomas roller coaster (which everyone fought over), a big slide and a ball pit. The latter I actually got in for the babies to use but it soon became apparent that none of you are too old for some pit action, especially you who went running towards it and dive bombed into it, much to everyone’s surprise, not least your father.

The pass the parcel wasn’t as successful this year, there were only a few that actually sat down patiently for the whole thing, everytime the parcel came to you I had to wrestle the parcel out of your vice like grip because you thought it was your present and wouldn’t grasp the concept that it was for everyone. In the end we opened one of your other presents just to stop you sulking. A famous Lesley Gore song sprung to mind in that instant.

The Guests:
Coral, Mila, Luka, Leo & Toby, Roo & Harvey, Grayson & Cooper, Finn, Blake, Theo & Sandy, Connor

The Food:

I kept this to a minimum this year as there was so much waste last year. We had Cheese sandwiches, Marmite sandwiches and Ham sandwiches. Crudités and houmous. Cheese straws. Bread sticks. Crisps. Fruit. Matchsticks. Chocolate coins littered the table for treasure and of course the cake.

Gemma had made the most amazing fruit bowl out of a melon which got an awful lot of attention, she is very clever.

The Cake:

I’d spent a long time deciding on a cake and settled on a 3 dimensional Pirate Ship which I’ll write a separate post about as a few people have asked for details. As it goes it wasn’t that horrific to do in the end but it didn’t quite look how I had it in my mind’s eye, but for a first attempt I was quite pleased with how it turned out. Besides, you loved it and that was the best and biggest compliment I could have ever got.

I love you my beautiful boy. Happy Party Day.


The Birthday

Your special day started brilliantly after a perfect (for you) night’s sleep, some mummy and daddy time in bed with lots of play and cuddles and then a birthday breakfast followed by some card and present opening.


I had spent a bit of time decorating the lounge for your special day but the balloons I bought in town didn’t last long. However, they lasted long enough for your birthday breakfast (blueberry porridge, as usual) and the look on your face when you first saw them was priceless, which more than made up for my disappointment in their droopiness half an hour later (I won’t use Box of Secrets again).

We spent the morning as a family, opening cards and presents and getting ready for your party.


We had planned your birthday party to run from 12 until 3(ish). Firstly, apologies for not throwing you a massive party my darling. Due to lack of space and the fact that you are still so tiny we decided a play date party would be the best all round. We would have loved to have invited every one of the babies that mean something to you, and us, but we just don’t have the room this year.

Despite numbers dwindling due to hand, foot and mouth, colds and prior commitments your very first birthday party went pretty well. In actual fact it was probably a blessing as space was limited with just the four of you and it all becomes a little overwhelming for you all.

The first guest to arrive was Coral and the two of you had some fun with some gloop that I whipped up before everyone else arrived. After this Samuel arrived, shortly followed by Mila. We had the paper, crayons, blackboard and chalks out along with all your new (and old) toys.


It’s pretty safe to say that you all enjoyed yourselves playing with each other (and on your own 😉 and all enjoyed the food very much. Daddy, who’s never really seen you interacting with others, was amazed how everything just stopped when you all got your food and watched as you all sat on the floor with it. There weren’t even any tears!!!


The rest of the afternoon was spent opening the rest of your presents and enjoying some family time.

It was a perfect day, finished off with a nice bit of cake…


The Guests
(Also present were the mummies, your Daddy and myself)

The Food
Cheese Sandwiches
Marmite Sandwiches
Pizza Toast
Organix Sweetcorn Rings
Organix Carrot Sticks
For the mummies:
Four Bean Chilli with Nachos and dips
(Lots of) Prosecco
Chocolate and Blueberry Muffins

The Cake
After much investigation I ended up adapting an American recipe and made you a sugarless Banana and Blueberry Cake with cream cheese frosting decorated with fresh strawberries and raspberries. I have to say, it was a bit of a hit and, considering it was sugar free, tasted really quite nice.


The Party Bags
Ella’s Kitchen Treats

The Gifts
In no particular order…

That’s Not My Dinosaur Book
FisherPrice Telephone
Colin The Cloud Book
Disney Christmas CD
From: Uncle Dan & Auntie Sam, Ella and Tommy

Activity Tents and Tunnel
Wooden Shape Sorter
From: Uncle Simon and Auntie Jacqueline

Scrap Book
Felt Tips
Nights Before Christmas Story Book
Click Clack Car Track
Silver Money Box
From: Mummy and Daddy

Cuddly Doggy
From: Gemma, Ryan and Evan

London Bus T Shirt
Spot Goes to the Farm Book
Eric Carle My Very First Book of Colours
Eric Carle Touch and Feel Book
From: Auntie

Photo Frame
From: Auntie Caroline, Simon, Thomas and Grace

Lion Bead Frame
Skittle Set
From: Granny and Grandad

Santa’s Plate
Elf Hat
From: Katie C.

‘Noah’ Tree Ornament
From: Auntie Katie F.

Wooden Walker
From: Auntie Ann and Uncle Brian

From: Grandpa and Andrea

From: Great Nanna

Stacking Blocks
From: Coral

Radio Flyer Tryke
From: Grayson, Mila, Samuel, Roo and Corey

Even the cat got into the spirit of things…