14 Months Old

Unfortunately the first half of this month was written off with illness which is such a shame as Daddy always has such a big break from work over Christmas and new year and we were all so ill we couldn’t really make the most of it.

A couple of days before Christmas we made some salt dough decorations, put up the tree and decorations and wrapped some presents. Your fascination with Sellotape and paper is quite remarkable and you managed to unwrap nearly every gift that I wrapped.

Despite everything we tried to enjoy your second Christmas, I wanted it to be so special as you were so tiny for your first Christmas and this year would be so much more enjoyable when you could appreciate your presents, decorations and food. You did enjoy the most part though you didn’t eat a great deal and got grumpy quickly due to your temperature so we spread it over a couple of days. You got the most amazing presents from everyone and got as much enjoyment out of the boxes as you did the gifts.

On the 30th we went to Lyme (with Daddy this time) to see Auntie and had another mini Christmas there where she spoilt you rotten, as usual. You got the most wonderful gifts and loved being able to roam around her house. On the way home we popped into see Uncle Dan, Auntie Sam and your cousins. I wrote a full account of all your Christmases here.

We’ve been having lots of fun indoors with your tent and tunnel and both messy, and non-messy painting.


All our groups have started again, some have changed times though which means naps may interfere in a couple of them but we’ll try to get to them all. Music Train has started again too which is nice to see the old crowd every Tuesday again.

We’ve been taking you up to the soft play at Brooks a lot recently, with Daddy, which has been lovely and had a lot of play dates with your friends.



Unfortunately this hasn’t been good, we have pretty much been ill for an entire month. You have been suffering with the worst cold ever which left you with a raging temperature, runny nose and awful, persistent cough which took you nearly a month to shake off.

On the 12th January your lower lateral incisors finally broke through which would explain the step up in drool production and grinding of teeth over the last two days.

On the 8th you started arm rolling. Not sure why you’ve started doing this, all I can think of is copying the actions in Wind the Bobbin Up. It’s very cute and you love it.

You are becoming such a cheeky little monkey and find the smallest of things hilarious. You’re still quite serious in public though and I’m often told how quiet you are, don’t worry I put them straight and tell them that you’re far from quiet at home, I think you get a bit awestruck in large groups of people and prefer to sit and study what’s going on around you rather than racing in. Your tantrums haven’t lessened any but we’re fast finding new ways to distract you as the ‘old faithfuls’ were failing miserably. You don’t fight quite so hard when getting you in your pram either, well not EVERY time which you were doing before without food bribes.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Mobility: You freestand so well but have become lazy with your lone walking efforts, we have to catch you in the right frame of mind to encourage you to walk free and have managed, up to today, a maximum of 8 unaided steps. You walk beautifully when holding onto a finger of mine or your walker, and with the latter you run up and down the lounge. You continue to cruise the furniture and can move with lightening speed, amazing me at where you can end up if I turn my back for a second. Climbing is fast becoming a bit of a problem. The cat post being your favourite and the times I’ve found you on the top rung isn’t funny. You’ve also mastered clambering onto the sofa which is fine except that you insist on climbing onto the back cushions and onto the arms. I can’t turn my back for five minutes now without finding you on the sofa or standing on the TV unit.


Communication: You continue to babble but haven’t really said anything other than mama and dada but you are finding new ways to communicate. You have now mastered the makaton symbol for milk which you use when you want a drink. You also thumb through books and point at items that you desire, such as a strawberry, banana or yogurt. You point at things you want and push away things you don’t. When asked whether you want something (yogurt or banana) for dessert you get really excited and nod your head ferociously whilst laughing.

Dancing; whenever you hear music you like you sit and bop and start breaking out some funky arm moves, we’ve decide you’re going to like body popping when you’re older lol.
Singing; you can often be heard having a little hum and sing to yourself whilst playing.
Reading, you just love your books and the cutest thing ever is when you toddle over with a book in hand for me to read to you, or atleast try to while you race ahead and keep turning pages until you get to a favoured page.

At the beginning half of this month your sleep was atrocious! Mainly down to your cold and cough. However on the 1st January you seemed to turn a corner and have pretty much slept from 1830-0530 with one wake up at 2200, though on the 3rd you didn’t even need that wake up and slept through which was a blessing for me who’s been really ill myself. I’m hoping this is you turning a corner and not a fluke. By the end of the month and pleased to announce that you are sleeping in stints of, up to, 10 hours, for this I am eternally grateful. I choose not to think that you won’t relapse though, in the hope I won’t be too disappointed

22Ib 13.5oz
You’ve only put on an ounce and a half this month. You’re still in the 50th centime and the HV aren’t worried as you haven’t dropped a centile. They think it’s due to your increased mobility as I told them how much you’ve been eating at the moment.

You eat practically all day at the moment, solids and you’ve stepped up your milk intake recently too, the latter I think is due to the leap you have entered this month. According to the book, breastfed babies want feeding more due to wanting mummy more so I’m expecting this to be a little glitch.
New Tastes: Onion Chutney; Carrot and Almond Soup; Nut Roast; Roast Parsnips; Roast Potatoes; Bread Sauce; Stuffing; Mediterranean Bean Casserole; Quorn Sausages; Quorn Bacon


36 Weeks Old

This fortnight saw you turn 8 months old, amazing to think you have been part of me for 17 months now. I seriously can not remember what my life was like before I knew about you. It sounds contrived but it’s true. It was always something friends said when they had children and I never really understood what they meant until I had you. What I did with my time back then is a source of intrigue.


To make up for last fortnight we’ve done quite a lot this time round. The fortnight started with a lovely weekend as a family. On Saturday 19th we did lots of walking, down to The Weir where you and daddy had a nice swing together and you tasted your first chip 😏

Then down to Tommy Jack’s where we saw Kate and Grayson for a little chat. On Sunday you woke up a little wheezy but we decided to take a trip over to Budleigh to see Uncle Dan, Auntie Sam, Ella and Tom. You had your first bounce on a trampoline and you loved it, as did Ella and Tommy who, again, found you fascinating and doted on you. It’s lovely to see you all together, I just wish you were closer in age but there’s not a lot I can do about that one.

You were as good as gold and had a lovely day although that night you terrified us with your breathing at midnight so Daddy and I didn’t get much sleep, you on the other hand slept soundly after the initial meltdown. You were still a bit wheezy in the morning so I took you to the doctors. Of course you didn’t wheeze when we saw him but he checked you over. Your lungs were clear and temperature ok so we just had to monitor you. At the time of posting this you still have it but we now know it’s phlegm that you just need to cough up, it’s slowly going.

The weather has been simply incredible but because of this we’ve been pretty much trapped inside after our early morning strolls so we can literally ‘chill out’ under the ceiling fans. Though the ladies and babies did get stuck with us one Thursday as a massive thunder storm took us all by surprise.

On the 28th I took you home to Lyme Regis to spend a few days with Auntie. I bought an O Baby travel cot but had to purchase an extra mattress from Argos as it’s so hard, a fault all travel cots seem to have reading the reviews. It is nice and easy to put up and down though and doubles up as a play pen it’s so sturdy. Of course you don’t particularly like it as a play pen but it does buy me time to at least go to the toilet or put the washing on.

We had a lovely time at Auntie’s where you were doted on by both her and David who didn’t quib at nipping out and getting you a paddling pool and some fruit to save us a trip. It was so hot but we enjoyed al fresco meals and long walks along the Cobb and Marine Parade showing you my childhood haunts. Caroline and Grace came over to see us too bringing us a cot and highchair so we have one to leave there saving me carting them to and fro.




On the way back home on the 30th we stopped off at Uncle Dan’s so we could drop off Ella’s birthday present and had a nice walk along Budleigh seafront and a naughty sundae. You also had your first sit in a proper swing at the park there, you appeared to like it despite it being a little on the large side.


On the 1st we spent the day in the car driving up to Farnham for Jen and Phil’s wedding on the 2nd. You did amazingly well despite the awful traffic meaning it took a couple of hours longer than we had anticipated. We stayed in fleet at the Premier Inn there. Talking of travel cots, I wish I’d brought the mattress with us that we’d bought. The one provided was awful and you didn’t settle in it for long before we brought you in with us. I was so proud of how well you behaved in the restaurant that evening. It was late when we ate and you were so good, unlike the other little boy that was there screaming the place down (and he looked to be a little older than you).

You’re still holding on to this mucus on your chest so I think I might take you to the docs again on Monday.

Lots of drool, lots of chewing but no sign of anymore coming through just yet.

Trampoline on 20th July.
First doctor visit on the 21st July. It was very strange seeing your name come up on the screen.
On the 22nd you started climbing things… Anything so you’re up on your knees. You look so proud of yourself when you do it and are fast wanting to bring your feet under so you stand but haven’t quite mastered this yet.



By the 24th you were climbing to standing and have since mastered this nicely, even daring to let go of own hand.
An 8 hour straight sleep on the 27th.
On the 28th you had your first night in your new travel cot.
The 29th saw your first time on the Cobb also your first splash in a paddling pool.
First time in a proper swing on the 30th at Budleigh Salterton’s park by the sea.
The 1st saw your first trip along the A303 past Stonehenge… You were thrilled


You’re in a Wonder Weeks leap phase at the moment and are a little more clingy than usual, in fact I can barely put you down without you whinging, crying or crawling over and climbing up me to be held again. Then you spin around and want to get down again, and so the cycle continues. You do love your pram though and calmly sit in it, expecting a trip out no doubt. You love the outside too, in fact you can’t get enough of it which is a shame that it’s so blooming hot at the moment as it means we’re holed up indoors to keep you cool.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Movement: You’re climbing up and over everything now, nothing appears to obstruct you without a concerted effort to conquer it.
Sitting: Mastered
Standing: You’re doing this brilliantly now, with support of course, and you look so proud when you’re up even letting go so that you’re only holding on with one hand.
Coordination: Improving daily. You love tapping and banging things together and rarely miss your mouth with your spoon now except when a little over zealous.

Speech: Same.

Anything and everything that you can climb so you’re in a more upright position. Drumming… You’re properly banging blocks together and on things now and will mimic us when we tap on things that make a noise.n fact mimicking is your new favourite pastime, be it sticking out tongues, drumming, tapping or facial expressions you are mimicking us… It’s kinda cool.

On the 27th you slept a FULL EIGHT HOURS STRAIGHT!!!! You didn’t do it again!

I haven’t got you weighed this fortnight.

New tastes: Chips (naughty I know), Melon, Blackberry, White Potato, Bean Pate, Three Bean Chilli, Macaroni Cheese, tea cake,
You’re finally making a concerted effort to drink now but soon revert back to hurling your cup around. You seem to be dropping some milk feeds at night and don’t seem to be feeding as often during the day either.

Due to a drop in milk feeds (I assume) my cycles have returned which has been met with panic, panic that you will soon no longer need me, stupid I know as you’ll need me for a few years yet but the thought of our special bonding, quiet time together may soon be over is really quite upsetting.

34 Weeks Old

Nothing particularly special happened this fortnight, our cold’s pretty much had us quarantined except for swimming and coffee with the ladies.

Another cold and this one was a doozy. So ill you were we had to cancel your first gig and Daddy had to go and see Elbow at the Eden Project on his own. Was such a shame but it just wouldn’t have been responsible for us to take you out when you were feeling so grotty. We even bought you ear defenders for it.

I’m not sure that you’re not beginning to cut your next two teeth. You’ve suddenly developed an interest in all your teething toys again and if the old wives tale of colds with teeth have anything to go by, who knows!

Your first definite Mama to get my attention occurred on the 5th. You were incredibly grouchy and I’d gone into the kitchen out of sight. My heart skipped a beat.
On the 10th July you did your first total submersion (dive) at the swimming pool, you handled it so well.
Jumperoo/Poo incident, don’t think we need a date but I did promise I’d put this in the blog 😂
On the 15th you (officially) ‘slept through’. From 2100 until 0440 you didn’t wake once, when you did you fed and settled within 15 minutes. I felt awesome the next day. At the time of completing this blog entry you hadn’t repeated this.

You are a determined little man and now you’re so mobile your determination is only more evident. You refuse to give up and despite your frustrations your perseverance shines through. You have started giving proper hugs and understand what kisses are now and willingly partake showing your loving side which melts my heart every time.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Movement: You still haven’t progressed to a proper crawl from all four rocking yet but you have put the accelerator down on your commando crawl. Jeez Louise the cat’s in for trouble.
Sitting: You’ve nailed this now, the only time you do topple is if you look round too far or are tired.
Standing: You’re desperately trying to pull yourself up into a standing position on your own using the sofa, or your cot, it won’t be long until you master this.
Coordination: Your pincer grip is starting to develop and you’re practising it at every given opportunity, usually with something on the carpet, to my dismay.
Speech: You continue to practise this a lot and we often laugh because you come out with definite sounds that seem like words such as: “Hiya”, “Nah”, “Abba”

The cat! What more can I say. The poor old soul is being terrorised now you can crawl, though your commando style does allow her plenty of time to move out your way, not that you give up easily. You’re a persistent little monkey and follow her behind armchairs, under tables, into the kitchen, it’s hilarious to watch but she better watch out when you finally master proper crawling.

I hate to tempt fate but this seems to be improving, you have actually slept through with one wake up a fair few times recently. I’m not saying it’s every night but the odd night is better than nothing and on the 15th you slept for a solid 7.5 hours. Whether this is to do with your cold or the fact you’re so active now who knows but it can continue please. This, of course, doesn’t mean I’m getting much more, in fact probably less because I wonder why you’re not waking up lol. You have taken to lying face down more and more now too wis a mild worry but we have the monitor on so I shouldn’t fret really.

Weight: 18Ibs 9.5oz
I’m finally having to discard a lot of your 3-6 month clothing now, mainly trousers as T-shirts still fit. This has caught me off guard as the weather has been so good lately you’ve just been in rompers, on a chillier day I realised you have no 6-9 month trousers, oops

You continue to enjoy your food and new favourites include blueberry pancakes, croissant, sweet potato, pizza toast. You still prefer to hoy your cup around rather than drink it’s contents but I’m trying a few techniques that friends have recommended. I think we’ve finally cracked you handing the spoon back to me instead of hoying it on the floor which benefits the carpet whilst penalising Lolly



It never ceases to amaze me how quickly you are growing up and developing. I can’t quite comprehend that you will be 8 months old on Tuesday, this month has galloped past.

24 Weeks Old

So what’s been happening this fortnight… Not a great deal.

We’ve been continuing going to baby groups which we’re both getting a lot out of. It’s nice to meet other mums and have some adult conversation and you love to look at the other babies. We both particularly like the stay and play, ironically as it’s the one that initially terrified me the most.

Your Granny and Grandad came down again this last week and stayed in Port Isaac so we spent Sunday night down there which was interesting, so much so I wrote it’s very own blog “Port Isaac” because a series of photos I posted on Twitter caused great mirth. They’ve also been up to see us a few times and spent quality time with you, you wouldn’t believe how much you’re loved my precious boy.

We’ve also been to visit a few of my clients this fortnight and I can say that you really brightened their day and you were on your best behaviour, I was so proud of you.

Cradle cap is nearly gone, just a stubborn patch on your fontanelle.
You have another cold and this one is stubbornly hanging around making breathing a little tricky once again so we’re back on the Calpol, Saline Spray, Snuffle Babe and Olbas Oil.

Thumb sucking. You have, today, finally and properly found your thumb, you generally like to wrap some fabric around it before sucking but sucking it you are! Bring on the self soothing…. Please?


You continue to delight us with your wonderfully chilled manner. You’re developing so quickly and seem to have progressed in so many aspects in what seems like a blink of an eye and we can now see a really cheeky side to your character. You’re so determined and know what you want and are learning how you can get it. We can also see an impatient side to your nature and this is no more evident when I’m trying to encourage you to practise your sitting, you just want to stand. It’s almost like you’re bored with sitting now you can do it and you just want to move on to the next stage. I think this is something you’ve got from both myself and your daddy.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Movement: the time has come where I can’t turn my back for 2 minutes without finding you on the other side of the room.


Yesterday we actually watched you spot Dee Dee, roll twice to get to her, reach out to grab her and pull her to you then roll onto your back for a play… Incredible! You love being on your tummy and are currently desperate to crawl favouring your forehead as a way to drag yourself along the floor.


Sitting: You are progressing here so quickly but we still have to perfect your balance, if something catches your eye you still fall over but if you have something to hold onto with one hand you’re away. You especially favour sitting up in your pram.


Standing: You continue to want to stand and hold your weight really well with me just holding your hands. I can see you walking before, or soon after, you crawl at this rate.
Coordination: You know what you want and you know how to get it without missing now. Look out Lolly cat! You love nothing more than shaking your rattle and hurling it across the room.

You’re developing your vocabulary nicely now and on listening to you chattering away to yourself we can often hear words in your sounds, it’s truly amazing. It seems every day brings a new sound, pitch or tone.

If it rattles, crackles, crunches or squeaks you’re besotted. I got out the pots and pans this week and handed you a wooden spoon, you’ve not quite got it yet, but you’re trying and love the sound when I bang on them. The space blanket, Dee Dee and your feet continue to be your best playthings, alongside us of course 😉 you have recently taken up playing the air guitar which is fine but when naked I live in fear you may damage your peeny

We seem to have regressed once more, so much so I dedicated a post to your sleeping (or lack thereof) called, well, “Sleep…” I’m attributed this awful pattern to your blocked nose, bless your heart. The bedroom is a heady mix of Snuffle Babe and Olbas Oil after shooting saline spray up your little nose.

You are now 15Ib 15.5oz.
I have now packed away all your 0-3 clothes and this week you actually moved from the 9th centile into the 25th which has alleviated my concerns that you weren’t getting enough milk and I’d have to start weaning you early. As it stands I’m going to wait.

Well as I said above I thought that you weren’t getting enough from just me alone but it turns out you’ve been getting plenty so weaning will wait another two weeks meaning I can concentrate on it after coming back from seeing your Grandpa and your Great Nana. In the meantime we’ve been practising sitting in your highchair.


I can’t quite believe that by my next diary entry you’ll be 6 months old… 6 months, a whole half a year. We will be starting on a new road of discovery into the world of food. I’m still reading books on the subject, I’m sure I’ll end up just winging it though, we’ve winged everything this far and you’ve survived surprisingly well so I must be doing something right.


22 Weeks Old

This fortnight saw you turn 5 months old, 5 MONTHS!!! I can’t quite believe it’s been that long since we welcomed you to our world. 5 months of being more in love than I ever thought possible. 5 months of the hardest but most rewarding job I’ve ever had the privilege of having. 5 of the best months of my entire life.

Your Uncle Dan, Auntie Sam and cousins came to see you this fortnight. They brought you a rocking horse that your grandma bought for Ella, it’s fab! We put you on it tentatively and you loved it, I can’t wait until you’re a little older to use it properly. They also brought you Tommy’s old train set which I’m sure you’ll love when you’re older aswell as your first Easter present. Your cousins loved you and Tommy, in particular, was quite besotted with you, I think he really wants you to be older so he can play with you but he was quite content with just holding your hand constantly, even when you were in your pram.


We’ve been going to a few baby groups too which has been nice as we’ve been meeting friends at them and you’ve been loving socialising (and flirting) with the other babies and mums.

The weather has been lovely and warm which proved to be an issue when we took you for a walk only to strip you to your vest and still discover you were too warm, you were glad to get home after that one!

I’ve been battling with your cradle cap over the last two weeks, gently rubbing olive oil into your scalp with cotton wool to gently lift the flakes, I’m finding it quite revoltingly satisfying 😄

This fortnight saw your first Easter and although you didn’t get any eggs you certainly enjoyed playing with ours.
First time in a sun hat and with sunscreen on


You’re such a chilled out, happy little boy. You’re an absolute delight at the moment and only ever cry when you’re hungry. You’re enjoying learning and we see you progress on an almost daily basis. You study and absorb everything around you and try so hard when experimenting with new found skills.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Movement:You’re throwing yourself around quite freely these days, you still favour front to back rolling and I put this down to you not particularly liking tummy time. Having said that you’re holding your head up really well as long as there’s something, or someone, holding your attention. You tend to just wriggle yourself around the mat and you’ve mastered sidewinding.
Sitting:You’re sitting up nice and straight now and we’re working on your balance, though you sit up when I’ve positioned you over your lower legs you’re still to sit up for more than a few seconds without support between my legs.


Standing: you’re never happier than when you’re upright and amaze us with the strength in your legs. Last night you stood with stable legs and I only had hold of your hands… Amazing!
Coordination: You rarely miss when grabbing at something now and manoeuvre yourself on your mat to grab at a toy that I leave just out of reach. You love grabbing at anything we’re holding and as I write this (having just woken up) you’re pawing at the iPad inserting your own words here and there (this may explain any spelling or grammatical anomalies that I may have overlooked). I have a fisherprice app that you love but I don’t want you spending too much time looking at it preferring you to use 3 dimensional toys to aid your development.

Well you’ve certainly made up for being quiet whilst you were ill. You’ve been a proper little chatterbox since our last update and bestowing us with tonnes of smiles and laughter.

You continue to enjoy being read to and you’re now freely participating in you touch and feel books. The remotes seem to be your focus these days (your daddy will hate this 😉) You still enjoy your Bumbo but I think you prefer being able to move freely on your mat and can entertain yourself quite happily there. You’ve found your feet now and love being naked so you can move more freely grabbing and pulling at them and shoving them in your mouth which doesn’t bode well if you’ve just eaten.


The best thing I’ve ever bought you has been a 75p space blanket, the hilarious videos I’ve got of you playing with it are priceless, you love it!


You’ve had quite a few 7 hour stretches this last fortnight but they’re not guaranteed. I got some advise from a baby sleep expert on Twitter yesterday and am keen to implement her tips (see: Routine). Though last night failed totally, you didn’t nap yesterday and I always know if you don’t nap you won’t sleep.

Lisa Clegg of Blissful Baby fame gave me the following advice via Twitter to encourage a good nights sleep. I thought she’d tell me off for not putting you in your crib for daytime naps but to my amazement she was quite happy with our ‘routine’ just saying we need a few tweeks. She did say until you’re on 2 solid meals a day she wouldn’t expect a baby to do a 12 hour stretch which is a relief. She advised that after putting you down at night I should wake you at 2230/2300 hrs with a nappy change and lights on to ensure you’re awake then give you a full milk feed, she also said I needn’t worry if you fall asleep during feeding/winding as long as you’re awake at start so you don’t think of the breast as a sleep prop and this would mean you shouldn’t be hungry in subsequent wake ups and should be able to resettle yourself with no more feeds til morning. She also advised your daytime naps to consist of a 30 minute to an hour at 0900/1000, a 2 hour nap at lunchtime and again another at 1600/1700 (these you do usually)

How did this go last night? Awful! Of course it didn’t help that you woke at 2230 of you own volition crying so hard I couldn’t change your nappy before feeding you. Then you slept in 2 hour intervals actively feeding on waking until you woke up at 0430 again. I put half of this problem down to you not napping yesterday as we had another busy day.

Today I will be ensuring you nap and see what tonight brings.

You are now 15Ib 6oz.
I have pretty much retired all, bar a couple of T-shirts, of your 0-3 clothing and this weekend I’ll be packing them all away and reorganising your chest of drawers… Will I cry? Quite possibly.

I’ve been reading up about baby led weaning in preparation for the next big stage in your little life, the move onto solid foods. I’m both dreading it and a little excited. I’m terrified of you choking on stuff yet looking forward to seeing what things you like, but that’s a whole different blog 😉

16 Weeks Old

On Friday you turned 16 weeks old. Not a great deal has happened this last fortnight darling except the sun made a very welcome appearance, and for a couple of days we enjoyed some beautiful long sunshine lit walks, it makes a change from our usually overcast and wet ones. Daddy even strapped you up into your baby carrier and took you out in that… YOU LOVED IT! Daddy’s back, however, didn’t 😉 We didn’t eve manage to get a photo of this ‘first’ as neither of us had a camera, that’s right… Your father was separated from his phone for the first time ever!

You had your photo taken for an oil portrait by our super talented friend Hannah Wheeler. I’m so so proud of you. You did exactly what Hannah wanted you to do, I can’t wait to see the results, the photograph was beautiful.

Maria, a lovely friend from work, popped in this week and showered you with the most beautiful hand made gifts. She is such a talented, lovely lady and I’m so pleased she came to see you finally, I’ve missed her.

All of a sudden it would appear you don’t like my glasses. We came to this conclusion when you were smiling endlessly at Daddy and not at all to me. To say I was mildly upset is an exaggeration. Your daddy, of course, and his infinite wisdom told me to remove my glasses so I put in my contact lenses for the first time in nearly a year and voilà, abundant smiles! Silly Mummy!

You continue to develop into such a character. You study absolutely everything so deeply, usually to the detriment of your sleep, you simply don’t want to miss a thing. Everything around you fascinates you and you want to study it all at great length. You study your hands for endless minutes. When you look at us you seem to be absorbing every bit of us, every wrinkle, every blemish, every follicle, every pore in our faces. You smile all the time, except when we get the camera out, then you’re too busy studying that to give us a grin to record.

Muscle Development and Coordination
It’s safe to say that you let your head loll once in a blue moon now. You’re sitting up nice and straight and holding your chin away from your chest for longer periods of time, you are still so desperate to master this skill and we can happily let go of one of your hands when you’re upright, letting go of both results in you tumbling into your pillow barriers mind.

You’re enjoying tummy time a bit more now and are doing mini push ups now. You have now decided to try rolling again and manage front to back with ease, with our assistance. Whilst on your back you arch your spine and kick your leg quite violently so I don’t think it long before you shock yourself with a flip.


This week I saw you pass one of your toys from one hand to another so I’m going to buy some blocks and rings for you to improve your technique. Everything is going into your mouth smoothly now… Watch out Lolly, that tail looks mightily tasty!

You are slowly mastering your depth perception. We watch you study your dangling animals on your bouncer, gym and pram before ever so slowly reaching out to touch or grab them instead of just batting at them. A couple of days ago, after your daddy had washed his hair, you were fascinated by the spikes that had formed and amazed us when you stood in his lap and reached out to grab a handful.

You continue to babble and coo, I recently sent a video to your Grandpa who swears blind you said Grandad… Of course the reality is you said mummy 😉 (joking) We are getting more giggles as time goes by but these are yet to be spontaneous or guaranteed but are lengthening in time. It’s usually your daddy that is the receiver of this privilege.

You continue to show loads of interest in your toys. Mad Monkey, Rabbit and your comforter still ranking highest. I bought you some teethers this week to give my knuckle some peace. It’s quite safe to say Sophie is your favourite, she’s made of natural rubber and has an almost chalky texture to her but you seem to like it. The wall cats still hold your attention and humour you greatly.


You love being bounced on our knees ‘horsey stylee’ finding it hilarious. I’ve taken to walking around the flat with you now, showing you everything and telling you it’s name because you don’t like to be in one place for too long. You’ve suddenly discovered Lolly the cat, we find you watching her plod around the place and reach out to touch her when you think she’s close enough, I think she’s finally getting used to you being around now too.

Well let’s not dwell on this. You still fight it and rarely sleep for longer than 2 hours. Although you have had 3 x 4-5 hour stints recently, they are a rarity and not to be guaranteed. You have now decided that your wake up time is 0430, I’ve embraced this now so it doesn’t hurt quite as much.

I’m still persevering with your bedtime ritual when you show signs of tiredness I have no intention of enforcing a set time for a while yet. This week saw your daddy successfully carrying it out for the first time, the last attempt failed miserably but then he was reading you some book about York City so with all due respect you can’t be blamed for crying.

I haven’t weighed you this week as you were done at your 3 month review last week. You’re still in you 0-3 clothes and no closer to growing out of them, although there are some vests of a certain make that are a little on the short side now.

No problems here except you are a tad sicky still which at night is particularly frustrating as you are regularly woken up by vomiting which I swear is making your sleep problems worse as you must be getting hungrier quicker and so we continue.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Noah, you continue to amaze us. I can’t believe how quickly you’re developing and changing in front of our eyes. I’m already missing aspects of you now you’re getting older; those nights when you wouldn’t sleep unless you were snuggled up to me in our bed; looking down on your beautiful sleeping face pushed against me as close as I would allow you to get; the milk comas you’d fall into as soon as you were fed; the little pops and squeaks you made when you were sleeping, all been replaced by other traits that I’m sure I’ll miss in a few months time as you get older and change some more no doubt displaying other, new traits that I’ll love and grow to miss.

All of these changes, all of these new and wonderful things you’re doing make me love you more and more each day my darling boy. I relish every minute I share with you and although I’d love to have a bit more sleep at night I also relish those dark and silent times only we share. Before I know it you’ll be grown up and won’t need me anymore. I’ll be left with my memories of being your all, being your everything and I’ll recall these long nights where it’s just the two of us and I’m the only one that can provide you with what you need.

There’s one thing for sure in amidst all this change you’ll never lose your smile and every time I see it it’ll melt my heart, no matter how old you are.


14 Weeks Old

On Friday you turned 14 weeks old, how fast time flies and how fast you’re developing.

I recently bought a book on the recommendation of a friend, it’s called The Wonder Weeks by Hetty van de Rijt, Ph.D. It details your 10 predictable fussy stages and helps me prepare for them, embrace them and stimulate you during these phases. It’s amazing, it’s really helped me prepare for these stages. It’s helped me understand you a bit better and what you’re going through during these grumpy stages. It also tells me what I’m likely to see on the other side which makes it all worthwhile.

I think we are finally leaving one of these phases and you have truly leapt forward developmentally, you amaze me every day and you’re turning into such a happy little soul.

We had your 3 month developmental review this week. I was a little perturbed to discover it was a group session and was worried you’d be too distracted by all the other babies to show the HV how much you’re developing. I needn’t have worried as we were the only ones that turned up and she (the nursery nurse) didn’t want you to perform anyway, she simply measured and weighed you and asked me whether you were achieving the milestones that you actually perfected a few weeks ago and was impressed to see you doing things ahead of ‘schedule’ (proud mummy moment). She also put my mind at ease that you are not teething. It is, as we originally thought, your saliva ducts maturing and the hand chewing is simply because you’ve located this hole in your face that you can put stuff into… Your favourite pastime.

It was your Daddy’s birthday on Sunday, I don’t think he’s ever had such a fabulous day simply because you were here to share it with him. Your card to him is in pride of place on the table.

We went out for coffee this week too, I was nervous to see how you’d be in public as you’ve been in such a finicky mood lately. I needn’t have worried there either, you were as good as gold until you got tired after a couple of hours which is fair enough considering I had woken you up to take you out in the first place. I simply bade our friends a farewell, popped you in your pram and you were asleep before we’d crossed the carpark.

Where to start? You are simply gorgeous, you’re turning into such a happy little chap. You have mastered your smiling and there’s no more perfect a moment than when you wake up, see us and reward us with the broadest most genuine smile I’ve ever seen, it is truly heart melting. You no longer need to be coaxed to smile, you give them out quite freely now and are fast mastering the art of laughter, but this is still a work in progress. You love nothing more than to snuggle up to us and still aren’t entirely happy when sitting in your bouncer or on your playmat… You are very headstrong and you need to be in the right frame of mind to do that. However, when you do want to be there you quite happily bat at the hanging toys but not for long, I think you may feel a little trapped by them as they are quite close to your face now. Perhaps you’re like me and don’t like to feel confined? Who knows, time will tell. You are so inquisitive and prefer to be up high and walking around so you can observe more. Gone are the days we can just sit on the sofa with you but on the occasions we can you love nothing more than giggling at the black cats on the wall… Still they amuse you like nothing else. You’re slowly showing signs of attachment to your toys and in particular your Jelly Cat rabbit comforter, you love nothing more than feeling it and stuffing it into your mouth.

Muscle Development
It seems your back and neck muscles are strengthening every day. You’re not happy leaning back or lying down now, the majority of the time you’re pulling your head forward wanting to sit up, you grab hold of our fingers and we help you sit up and you’re so happy there, in fact sometimes that isn’t enough and when you come into a sitting position you amaze us by putting the pressure on your legs and coming up into a standing position. You don’t seem to be overly interested in rolling over unless I encourage it, you’re putting all your effort into sitting. You’re a lot easier to hold and carry now as you hold your upper body up brilliantly now and are happy to sit on our laps.

You continue to babble and squawk at us. Consonants are featuring massively so of course I’m encouraging the m’s 😉 You’ve mastered volume control now and delight in showing us this new found skill. You can often be heard ‘shouting’ when you want my attention should I have left your sight for a few minutes.

Anything and everything is entertainment to you now, you become absorbed in everything you see. Of particular interest are your hands, you love looking at them and rubbing them together. You love textures and when I’m doing the laundry I let you feel everything I fold to familiarise yourself with the different fabrics. You love to hold and stroke your Jelly Cat Rabbit Comforter often shoving an ear or nose in your mouth while rubbing the comforter between your hands. Your Lamaze dragon is becoming increasingly entertaining to you, as is your giant Lion, the colours, textures and rattles are what’s making them fascinating I think. You love to be sung to which is excruciating for your Daddy (he doesn’t like my singing voice) but because I don’t really remember many baby songs I’m afraid my love for The Sound of Music has come into play (this will please your Grandpa and Uncles greatly) and you particularly love the Wizard if Oz and Knick Knack Paddy Whack, the latter two I sing to make you laugh or to stop you crying.

Mmmmmm, well I’m still not getting much ;).
You still wake every 2-3 hrs for a feed through the night but do sleep for a longer stretch very, very occasionally (3 times to date) but because you feed and settle so quickly (20 mins max) I’m ok with that. This week I’ve started to introduce a loose bedtime routine to try and stop you relying on feeding to get you to sleep. We haven’t enforced a time yet, baby steps first. I wait until you are tired, you make this obvious as you rub your eyes, yawn and coo repeatedly. I then pop you in your DreamPod, give you a top up and put you in your bednest awake. I give you your comforter and sit with you reading you bedtime stories. You’ve been fast asleep within half an hour so far, I’m so incredibly proud of you. Of course this has affected me more than I’d have known, I almost feel like you no longer need me… Ridiculous I know! We of course are not enjoying an evening in front of the TV because of this, on the first night we’d checked on you 15 times in the first 20 minutes, when we reached 30 we gave up and came to bed ourselves…. this hasn’t improved! I hope that in a month or so we’ll be at a point that we put you to bed at a set time and you know that this means it’s sleepy time. I’m finding story time a wonderful part of the day. I know you don’t understand what I’m saying and that it’s the tone of my voice you’re focusing on, but I hope that this is the start of your enjoyment of books and stories, they’re such a big part of my life and were when I was growing up and I hope reading is an enjoyment you will find too.

I’ve discovered you are particularly fractious if you don’t have a mid morning and mid afternoon nap so I’m trying to enforce these more now when I see your tired cues, this can be a daily battle. You still have bath time between 5 and 6 mad I’ve started introducing a bedtime routine (see Sleep, above)

At exactly 14 weeks you hadn’t gained as much as you did at the last baby clinics… Only 8.5oz but by your review on Tuesday you’d gained another 3oz. The nursery nurse isn’t concerned, you’re growing proportionally and following your growth curve (9th centile) so I’m happy, you’re just a diddy baby and that’s fine, us Petitt’s aren’t known for being large and this is the case on your fathers side too.

Weight: 12Ib 11oz (5.76 kg)
Height: 58cm

For the last few weeks I can happily say we’ve cracked this feeding malarkey. No longer do I have to line your nose up and shove your head into me, you just get on with it. I’ve had no problems with blocked ducts lately, unless I’ve laid on my side, and all is well. You have been quite sicky again lately but I think this is more to do with gluttony than reflux these days. Sometimes you gorge so quickly you overload your tiny little tummy and decide to cover us both in milk. At least three daytime and 2 nighttime outfit changes a day is standard currently. I’ve been trying to detach you mid feed to prevent this but you are not impressed by this event and make sure you let me know about it.

Every day you continue to amaze us, we are so proud of you. You are our beautiful boy and I’ll never tire of telling you how we love you more with every passing second.

Helping Daddy