18 Weeks Old

A monumentous fortnight.
A fortnight of firsts.
A fortnight of mummy gaining some balls.
A bloody good fortnight.

I write this while you’ve fallen asleep in my arms after a particularly exciting yet exhausting week for you. I look down at you and feel such love and such pride. You have done a lot this fortnight and you’ve handled it so beautifully despite going through a massive developmental leap which should be making you fractious yet you’ve been as good as gold and taken it all in with intrigue and humour.

Last week I bit the bullet, pulled up my socks, grew some balls…. I braved a baby group in town. I knew you’d love it and it’s not right that you’re deprived because of my insecurities and fears. The women who run it are lovely and make everyone welcome and every child feel special. I didn’t know anyone there and no-one really spoke but you had a whale of a time looking at everything going on around you. We’ll be going every week because you deserve it.

This week (25.03.14 – 27.03.14) I had to bite the bullet again and take you to see my hometown. I’ve been putting this off because I was scared of doing a long journey with you on my own. Other drivers worry me and I don’t like that I can’t see you in your car seat, I know that you’re fine but I still worry that you’re not. Anyway I needed desperately to go to the dentist, get my legs waxed (it’s been 6 months!!!!!!) and see friends so I bought a mirror. After a lot of research I settled on a Lindam adjustable back seat mirror, it’s AMAZING! It’s big enough that I can get a really good view of you but not too big as to be a distraction. It’s easily fitted to the rear headrest and padded so as not to damage any leather interior. Of course you slept all the way there, and all the way back without incident but it was so comforting seeing you were fine. This has broken the fear so we’ll be heading back more often now.

We stayed with Auntie in her house overlooking the bay. Auntie was your grandma’s best friend, she’s always been in my life and since your grandma’s passing has been my rock. She absolutely doted on you, she had total control when I was in my appointments and you behaved impeccably. You enjoyed long walks through the gardens above the Cobb, along the marine parade, seeing all places I used to work and hang out and through the town.


She also spoilt you with beautiful clothes and books, you lucky boy. You loved her house, it’s so big and bright and full of colour, despite pooing pretty much everywhere ;). I took you for long walks around her garden showing you all the flowers, trees and wildlife which enthralled you. You spent copious amounts of time in her original Marmet pram which was great for all of us. I hope she’ll mean as much to you as she does to me.


You were finally introduced to lots of my friends who showered you with gifts and praise and we popped along to see my best friend Caroline who hasn’t seen you since you were a day old. You didn’t sleep much but I hope you’ll catch up now you’re home.

This fortnight also bid a fond farewell to your jabs until you’re a year old

Everyday your personality develops. You have humour and are so easily made to giggle and smile now. We think you’re going to be a thinker, you get so absorbed in things, studying and analysing anything new and you’re easy frustrated by things you want to do but can’t quite achieve yet.

Muscle Development and Coordination
On the 19th March you successfully carried out your first spontaneous roll from your back to your front taking me a little by surprise to say the least. One minute you were asleep in your crib whilst I watched tv in bed, the next you were nestled into my side face down. You haven’t head butted me for a while now. I’m trying to encourage you to concentrate on sitting but you’re adamant you want to stand and won’t concentrate on the steps that’ll get you there.

On the 17th March you did your first sustained laugh. Long enough for us to get it on video. In the last few days you’ve been stringing sounds together that are beginning to sound a lot like words and on the 25th March whilst lounging in the Marmet pram in Auntie’s kitchen you shocked us both by quite clearly saying “Mama”. Now I know you don’t know what that means and weren’t saying it to get my attention but you did, it was quite frankly one of the best moments. We both shrieked following this with tears of joy, you just looked a little confused!

As long as you can shove it in your mouth you’re happy! Books are becoming your new fascination and you get so excited over the pictures you can’t possibly hear the story.

Same. Your first stint of sleep generally lasts between 4.5 and 6 hours and then you’re awake every 2 for food. I’ve taken to bringing you into bed with me at your 4am ish feed as you go back to sleep else you’d be awake for the day. Whilst in Lyme you only managed 1 x 1 hour nap each day and your longest stint at night was 3 hrs but then who could blame you with all the excitement.

I’m still persevering with the bedtime routine and it rarely goes awry, even in a different environment you were asleep within half an hour.

At your last baby clinic (last week due to our trip to Lyme this week) you’d put on a whopping 1Ib in weight weighing in at 13Ib 10oz. You’re still in your 0-3 month clothing but I’ve had to retire a couple of vests that were a little short.

No problems here, sometimes you’re more sickly than others. I’ve decided there’s no rhyme nor reason for this except a possible over fill.

In a nutshell this fortnight has seen your first big social event, your first unaided roll from back to front, your first sustained laughter, your first trip away, your first trip to Lyme and your first word. Wow, just wow!

Today you sleep, my precious boy.