Port Isaac

We went to Port Isaac over the bank holiday to stay overnight with D’s parents who visit every year and stay at the amazingly located Quay Cottage opposite the slipway.

I love Port Isaac and these visits have always been about copious amounts of alcohol, pool, food (often just before they stop serving), late night chatting and an early morning wake up call due to the early start of the seagulls and the fishermen.

This year however, we came as a three part package and to say we were anxious about a number of things is to say the least. As you are probably aware sleep is a bit hit and miss with our Noah Bean and knowing we could feasibly wake up other people at silly o’clock without the comforts if home worried me somewhat.

Despite the seagull hoedown on the roof of our room, the lack of curtain at one window and a street light outside another he settled really well then slept until 0330 then again until 0530. Amazing, the best nights sleep in a while. However 0530 was when he started chirruping so to let everyone sleep off the beer and wine I decided to give Noah a guided tour of the beautiful Port Isaac.

One thing I love about Noah’s sleep patterns, and my lack of hangovers, is seeing the early mornings, Port Isaac was even more beautiful at this time of day. The only people around were the fishermen that I’d only ever listened to through the window of our bedroom. It was an eye opener for me, I discovered so many new nooks and crannies that had previously eluded me.

The narrowest alley in world

Noah loved it…


For all of about 20 minutes, then he slept…


Then he slept….


And slept….


And slept…..


And slept…….


And slept…………..


I think you get the gist, he pretty much slept for the entire 2 hour walk…


I must stay here more often.