Three Months Old

Today you turned three months old!!


I can’t believe how much you’ve changed since our 12 week update just over a week ago.

You have become such a mellow and content child. You’re still plodding on through this growth spurt which means you are feeding little and VERY often, sleeping a little more happily during the day and are still a little needy… you quite literally hang on to us for dear life which is ace for us as it makes us feel wanted by you. This growth spurt is a lot easier than your last one, thank god.

You handled your second jabs like a hero, we were so proud of you and this time you kept the rotavirus down which meant we had fun with your nappies. For a couple of days there we had some quite severe diplomatic incidents.

You are handing out smiles like they’re going out of fashion and this evening you gave us your first proper, prolonged laugh… We melted. You even smiled whilst being bathed tonight and love being entertained by us pouring water. I can’t wait till you’re sitting up properly so you can play in the bath more effectively.

You are wanting to master sitting up and are constantly leaning forward to do so, pulling up on our fingers you happily sit and survey your surroundings until you get tired and have to lie back again, this infuriates you.

You love your toys and rattle and love nothing more than lying on your blanket and being entertained by silly songs. You use mat time to try and roll over too, you’re slowly mastering it with help. You’re slowly beginning to enjoy tummy time a bit more now as long as it’s not for too long and you have your funky lion to look at (courtesy of Uncle Simon and Auntie Jacqueline), you are infatuated by him and he makes you push up.


You love nothing more than making noise and have been conversing with us non stop, you even mastered a shout today which shocked both of us a little.

You’re loving going out in your pram again, letting it rock you to sleep and you even let us have lunch out today, our first time since you were 4 days old (that trip wasn’t quite so successful). You woke up of course but being held and then fed (my first time feeding you in a public place) kept you happy.


You continue to amaze us with your development and each day brings something new to the table, something new for you to astound us with. Keep up the good work my gorgeous boy, we’re so proud and totally besotted by you.

(Written 22nd February 2014)