Happy Second Birthday

A little late getting this one finished and published due to life! …

Happy Birthday my beautiful, funny, amusing boy. 

I still struggle with how quickly time passes since you have entered our world. 2 years since you were entrusted into our care. 2 years you have amazed us, humoured us, tested us, worried us. Two years we have adored you and with every single breath, on every single day I love you even more. I never knew it possible to love another human being so deeply, so unconditionally. I now know how it feels to truly believe that I would end my life if it meant it was the only way yours continued.

You complete me Noah, you have made me whole. I love you to the moon and back, further than that.

So what did your birthday involve? Well you woke up to be greeted by a HUGE stash of presents in the lounge, the focal point being your balance bike which you love. Unfortunately you’re still slightly too short for it meaning you need us to push you round which delights our old backs no end.

In the morning we weren’t quite organised enough to go swimming but we had a fun morning unwrapping presents and playing with all your new toys.

At 3pm until 5pm we threw you a little birthday party in the function room of Hotel An Mor thanks to the kindness of Grayson’s mummy.

We hired a few toys from the Toy Library for you all to play with (roller coaster, trampoline, ball pit and a couple of slides). Roo brought his giant tunnel and Samuel provided some ride-ons and along with a few inflatable balls and balloons this completed your birthday entertainment.

I have spent the last week or so preparing a craft corner where you could all make a birthday crown to wear. I wasn’t sure how successful this would be but it actually turned out to be really popular. This, of course, meant we were sweeping up glitter for quite a while after the party.

Everything went really well, all considered. A few people couldn’t make it due to unforeseen circumstances but on the whole it was a good turnout.

I decided to do a Pass the Parcel which actually everyone (except you) sat down and participated in.

It was an exhausting day for all but it was so lovely seeing you all playing together and with only a couple of minor injuries.

The Guests
Samuel, Roo, Blake, Freddie, Connor, Coral, Leo, Finn and Luka

Unfortunately Mila and Grayson couldn’t make it.

The Food

Cheese and Ham Sandwiches, houmous, crudités, breadsticks, chocolate treats, crisps

The Cake(s)

Well what can I say about the cake? I decided to make a cake out of my super healthy muffin recipe, this didn’t work too well and the cake was a little on the dense side so although I decorated it and we sang to it, I made some individual muffins for people to actually eat instead of the cake itself.


The Party Bags

Because everyone received a gift and bag of ‘sweets’ (pure fruit jellies) in the Pass the Parcel the gift bags were slightly limited to: Playdoh, Bubbles and a box of Raisins

The Presents

Cripes, where to start?

From Mummy and Daddy:

Stompee Balance Bike, Trampoline, Playdoh, Paints, Twistable Crayons, Sponge Paint Rollers, Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker Pad, “I Love You” and “The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep” books.

From Auntie:

Playmobil Helicopter and Digger, Little White Company Red Bus Jumper, LWC Bobble Hat and Mittens, John Lewis Winter L/S Tshirt, “The Tiger Who Came To Tea”, “Is It Bedtime Wiggly Pig?” and “Dig, Dig, Digging” books.

From Granny and Grandad:

Wooden Elephant Number Jigsaw, Hat, Printing Cubes

From Uncle Simon and Auntie Jacqueline:

JCB Drill, Trunki

From Uncle Dan and Auntie Sam:

Paint Sponges, CAT Digger

From Auntie Ann and Uncle Brian:

Next Snowsuit and a Farm Book

Guest presents:

Samuel, Mila, Corey, Grayson and Roo: JCB Mega Transporter, My Carry Potty, Flash Cards and “Snow”

Mila: My 1st JCB On Site Rock Loader Playset

Roo: Twirlywoos DVD

Freddie: Craft Straws and Feathers

Blake: Thomas the Tank Engine Fat Controller Travel Set

Connor: Animal Crayons and Little People Floor Puzzle

Coral: Wooden City Playset

Leo: Duplo Learn with ABC Train

Finn: “That’s not my Tractor” & “That’s not my Tractor” books

Luka: Wooden Pizza Set

Needless to say, you were a very lucky boy indeed.

Playing with some of the gifts you received from your friends.

*There are many more photos of your party but due to not getting permissions from all involved I left pictures of others out of this blog.


Three Months Old

Today you turned three months old!!


I can’t believe how much you’ve changed since our 12 week update just over a week ago.

You have become such a mellow and content child. You’re still plodding on through this growth spurt which means you are feeding little and VERY often, sleeping a little more happily during the day and are still a little needy… you quite literally hang on to us for dear life which is ace for us as it makes us feel wanted by you. This growth spurt is a lot easier than your last one, thank god.

You handled your second jabs like a hero, we were so proud of you and this time you kept the rotavirus down which meant we had fun with your nappies. For a couple of days there we had some quite severe diplomatic incidents.

You are handing out smiles like they’re going out of fashion and this evening you gave us your first proper, prolonged laugh… We melted. You even smiled whilst being bathed tonight and love being entertained by us pouring water. I can’t wait till you’re sitting up properly so you can play in the bath more effectively.

You are wanting to master sitting up and are constantly leaning forward to do so, pulling up on our fingers you happily sit and survey your surroundings until you get tired and have to lie back again, this infuriates you.

You love your toys and rattle and love nothing more than lying on your blanket and being entertained by silly songs. You use mat time to try and roll over too, you’re slowly mastering it with help. You’re slowly beginning to enjoy tummy time a bit more now as long as it’s not for too long and you have your funky lion to look at (courtesy of Uncle Simon and Auntie Jacqueline), you are infatuated by him and he makes you push up.


You love nothing more than making noise and have been conversing with us non stop, you even mastered a shout today which shocked both of us a little.

You’re loving going out in your pram again, letting it rock you to sleep and you even let us have lunch out today, our first time since you were 4 days old (that trip wasn’t quite so successful). You woke up of course but being held and then fed (my first time feeding you in a public place) kept you happy.


You continue to amaze us with your development and each day brings something new to the table, something new for you to astound us with. Keep up the good work my gorgeous boy, we’re so proud and totally besotted by you.

(Written 22nd February 2014)