15 Months Old

It’s been a pretty shocking month, unfortunately (hence the late posting), though it did start off nicely so let’s start with the good bits.  

On the 30th we took a trip over to Lyme and stayed with Auntie for four days so Daddy could get the flat painted so we can put it on the market. We had a famous time. You were so busy racing around and tiring us all out, Auntie in particular when you insisted on climbing all the stairs in the house repetitively.

We went for lots of walks and I took you on routes I haven’t walked since I was at school, it was lovely reminiscing if a bit sad too.

We read lots of books and you sat on my knee whilst you played my piano, I forget it’s there and haven’t shown you it before, you loved banging around on it. I often wonder whether you’ll have some musical talent.

Whilst here we took you shopping and for the first time I put you in the kids seat on a trolley (I usually carry you in the mei tai)… You absolutely loved it, looking around and swinging your legs it was lovely to see. Auntie and I embarrassed ourselves no end in the attempt at getting a decent photo of you in it mind. 

On the 3rd we tried a new soft play room, ‘Jumping Jacks’ at the Bullers Arms in Marhamchurch where you had me racing round like a loon pushing you on a bike, this went on for pretty much the entire 3 hours we were there but you did let me have a little break when you tried out a bouncy castle for the first time.

On the 11th we went and stayed with Uncle Dan et al as I had a hospital appointment the next morning. You slept fantastically despite me leaving all your bedtime accoutrement neatly folded on the sofa…. At home. In fact you slept 10 hours straight, I couldn’t have asked for more. The next day Uncle Dan took care of you until I got back from Exeter. It started so well, until Auntie Sam and Tommy left for school, then you made him work. You cried from the moment they left til the moment I walked in the door… 2 hours later bless you, and poor Uncle Dan. Unfortunately, due to this visit, we missed Samuel’s 1st birthday party of which I am so sorry.

A week later all manner of hell broke loose where your poor Daddy was thrown in at the deep end and forced to be in soul charge of you for a whole, entire night. More to the point this was the longest we’ve been apart since your conception. I, unfortunately, was taken into hospital by ambulance at 2130, luckily I’d managed to settle you before the paramedics arrived and I had hoped you’d sleep for a good few hours, unfortunately for your Daddy you woke up 5 minutes after I was taken away and that was the start of a hellish night. You both ended up only getting 4 hours sleep (which was 1 hour more than myself but 10 hours too few for you my precious). Apparently you kept pointing down the hall no matter what room you were in, thinking I was in the other and when you discovered I wasn’t there you broke down. This, of course, made me breakdown when Daddy text me when I was in A&E. My precious boy, you finally settled for him at 2 am and he brought you to me by 9am, luckily because I still breastfeed visiting hours don’t apply. We had a fun time trying to keep you amused as all you wanted to do was walk down the corridors shouting and their were lots of sick ladies that probably wouldn’t have appreciated it, though some older ladies loved seeing and hearing you.  

On February 17th you partook in your very first pancake day and you wolfed it down. Classic with blueberries all the way.


Bleurgh, another cold, more temperatures, more vomiting, more icky nappies. May be due to teeth, could just have been a cold but you’re on the mend now and full of the joys of spring once more. I hate seeing you so poorly, as a parent all I want to do is take it for you and feel totally helpless when there’s nothing more than cuddles that I can do. 


On the 11th February I discovered your upper right molar has finally come through after, what seems like, weeks of drooling, icky nappies and fist chewing. You’re yet to allow me to see if any of the others have come through mind. 


On the 31st you had your first ride in a supermarket trolley.

You rubbed your head after bumping it 2nd February. Now you rub whatever you’ve bumped, it’s so cute and terrifying too as you look so grown up doing it. 

On the 15th February you walked independently and of your own volition across the room. It’s official. You’re a walker. The speed in which you took to it confirms my suspicions you’ve been able to do for ages now but didn’t have the nerve, or the inclination, to do so. Next stop, shoe shopping! 

On the 17th February you ate your first Shrove Tuesday pancake.


You are turning into such a sweet little boy and love sharing everything you have, be it your biscuit, drink, toy or dinner you always offer it up to share, be it to us, another child at a group or play date or your doggy. It’s very endearing. 

You still know how to throw a tantrum and I have to stifle the laughter when you sit there banging your feet on the floor. You are due to exit a leap any day and after this apparently I have to start laying down the law… This should go down well!!! Watch this space!

I love how when you’re bored you throw things away shouting at them as you do so and you clear the sofa of stuff by chucking it over your shoulder shouting as you do it.

You’ve also taken to coming and getting us by the hand if you need/want us to get you something you can’t reach, it’s so adorable. You also grab our fingers and make us experience your touch and feel books as you do.

You are still sharing everything which I find so endearing. Whether it be everything you’re eating, or something you’re playing with, 

Muscle Development & Coordination 

Mobility: it’s official. You are now officially walking independently. We’ve been getting free steps everyday for a while now but only a couple at a time (6 being the most) and only once or twice a day. I think it was either a lack of confidence or pure laziness because you run whilst holding onto my hand and you’re not putting any of your weight onto me at all. However, whilst running a fever and thoroughly snotty, on the 15th February you were standing yourself up and taking a few steps towards furniture, you were practising pretty much all day and by the evening you were becoming really brave and pushing yourself. By the next morning you independently walked from the door to the chair then to me, by the afternoon you walked the entire length of the lounge. There is no stopping you now, the speed in which you did it proves you’ve been able to do it for a while, you lazy little monkey. Next stop… The dreaded shoe shop, though I still maintain my no shoes rule on the whole, however I can’t have you walking around barefoot outside, especially in this weather and in these times.

I’m beyond proud, and maybe boring Facebook and Twitter just a little. 

You continue to climb everything. We’ve had to modify the cat tower to stop you climbing the rungs but the rest of the room is pretty much your playground seeing as we can’t protect everything.

Communication: Still no improvement on words but you certainly know how to communicate using your finger, shrugs, nodding, shaking your head and props. You’re very clever, we just need to hear your voice more than just ‘mama’, ‘dada’, ‘AH’ and ‘uh huh’. 


Telephone play. EVERYTHING is a telephone at the moment, be it your thermometer, the remote control, a credit card or a spoon, you are constantly nattering away to whoever you’re talking to.

Buttons. Your fascination with buttons is driving us mad. Especially the TV power button, where you press it three times, every time meaning it’s ALWAYS off. 

Keys. You love keys and are always wanting to put them in the door keyhole (or anything that resembles a keyhole, for that matter).  

Books. You still LOVE books and are constantly toddling over with one for us to read to you. You still prefer your ‘If I Were…’ And ‘That’s Not My…’ books.


You really have turned a corner on this front now and sleep really well most of the time. The odd night you wake up still, but only the once. Though, having said that, on the 9th you threw a right whappy. We’re not sure what really happened but I knew it was going to be a tough night when I put you down, but I didn’t envisage that. All we can think of is that you had a night terror because it took ages to calm you down when you woke and then you point blank refused to go back to sleep. You kept pointing down the corridor at the lounge and when I finally relented and took you to the lounge you pointed down the corridor at the bedtime, and so this went on…. For hours!!! 


You now weight 23Ib 10oz and have, finally, grown out of all your 6-9 month clothing.


I’ve started introducing a knife and fork at dinner times now and you love trying to use them. The knife is no more than a toy at the moment (I’m not expecting you to cut anything just yet) but you handle the fork brilliantly, stabbing the food with it and managing not to take an eye or your tongue out when putting the morsel into your mouth.

New Tastes: Omelettes; Cherries; Stuffed Jacket Potatoes; Lychees; 


14 Months Old

Unfortunately the first half of this month was written off with illness which is such a shame as Daddy always has such a big break from work over Christmas and new year and we were all so ill we couldn’t really make the most of it.

A couple of days before Christmas we made some salt dough decorations, put up the tree and decorations and wrapped some presents. Your fascination with Sellotape and paper is quite remarkable and you managed to unwrap nearly every gift that I wrapped.

Despite everything we tried to enjoy your second Christmas, I wanted it to be so special as you were so tiny for your first Christmas and this year would be so much more enjoyable when you could appreciate your presents, decorations and food. You did enjoy the most part though you didn’t eat a great deal and got grumpy quickly due to your temperature so we spread it over a couple of days. You got the most amazing presents from everyone and got as much enjoyment out of the boxes as you did the gifts.

On the 30th we went to Lyme (with Daddy this time) to see Auntie and had another mini Christmas there where she spoilt you rotten, as usual. You got the most wonderful gifts and loved being able to roam around her house. On the way home we popped into see Uncle Dan, Auntie Sam and your cousins. I wrote a full account of all your Christmases here.

We’ve been having lots of fun indoors with your tent and tunnel and both messy, and non-messy painting.


All our groups have started again, some have changed times though which means naps may interfere in a couple of them but we’ll try to get to them all. Music Train has started again too which is nice to see the old crowd every Tuesday again.

We’ve been taking you up to the soft play at Brooks a lot recently, with Daddy, which has been lovely and had a lot of play dates with your friends.



Unfortunately this hasn’t been good, we have pretty much been ill for an entire month. You have been suffering with the worst cold ever which left you with a raging temperature, runny nose and awful, persistent cough which took you nearly a month to shake off.

On the 12th January your lower lateral incisors finally broke through which would explain the step up in drool production and grinding of teeth over the last two days.

On the 8th you started arm rolling. Not sure why you’ve started doing this, all I can think of is copying the actions in Wind the Bobbin Up. It’s very cute and you love it.

You are becoming such a cheeky little monkey and find the smallest of things hilarious. You’re still quite serious in public though and I’m often told how quiet you are, don’t worry I put them straight and tell them that you’re far from quiet at home, I think you get a bit awestruck in large groups of people and prefer to sit and study what’s going on around you rather than racing in. Your tantrums haven’t lessened any but we’re fast finding new ways to distract you as the ‘old faithfuls’ were failing miserably. You don’t fight quite so hard when getting you in your pram either, well not EVERY time which you were doing before without food bribes.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Mobility: You freestand so well but have become lazy with your lone walking efforts, we have to catch you in the right frame of mind to encourage you to walk free and have managed, up to today, a maximum of 8 unaided steps. You walk beautifully when holding onto a finger of mine or your walker, and with the latter you run up and down the lounge. You continue to cruise the furniture and can move with lightening speed, amazing me at where you can end up if I turn my back for a second. Climbing is fast becoming a bit of a problem. The cat post being your favourite and the times I’ve found you on the top rung isn’t funny. You’ve also mastered clambering onto the sofa which is fine except that you insist on climbing onto the back cushions and onto the arms. I can’t turn my back for five minutes now without finding you on the sofa or standing on the TV unit.


Communication: You continue to babble but haven’t really said anything other than mama and dada but you are finding new ways to communicate. You have now mastered the makaton symbol for milk which you use when you want a drink. You also thumb through books and point at items that you desire, such as a strawberry, banana or yogurt. You point at things you want and push away things you don’t. When asked whether you want something (yogurt or banana) for dessert you get really excited and nod your head ferociously whilst laughing.

Dancing; whenever you hear music you like you sit and bop and start breaking out some funky arm moves, we’ve decide you’re going to like body popping when you’re older lol.
Singing; you can often be heard having a little hum and sing to yourself whilst playing.
Reading, you just love your books and the cutest thing ever is when you toddle over with a book in hand for me to read to you, or atleast try to while you race ahead and keep turning pages until you get to a favoured page.

At the beginning half of this month your sleep was atrocious! Mainly down to your cold and cough. However on the 1st January you seemed to turn a corner and have pretty much slept from 1830-0530 with one wake up at 2200, though on the 3rd you didn’t even need that wake up and slept through which was a blessing for me who’s been really ill myself. I’m hoping this is you turning a corner and not a fluke. By the end of the month and pleased to announce that you are sleeping in stints of, up to, 10 hours, for this I am eternally grateful. I choose not to think that you won’t relapse though, in the hope I won’t be too disappointed

22Ib 13.5oz
You’ve only put on an ounce and a half this month. You’re still in the 50th centime and the HV aren’t worried as you haven’t dropped a centile. They think it’s due to your increased mobility as I told them how much you’ve been eating at the moment.

You eat practically all day at the moment, solids and you’ve stepped up your milk intake recently too, the latter I think is due to the leap you have entered this month. According to the book, breastfed babies want feeding more due to wanting mummy more so I’m expecting this to be a little glitch.
New Tastes: Onion Chutney; Carrot and Almond Soup; Nut Roast; Roast Parsnips; Roast Potatoes; Bread Sauce; Stuffing; Mediterranean Bean Casserole; Quorn Sausages; Quorn Bacon

50 Weeks Old

Eep, the next blog I write will be your one year, I’m not sure I’m entirely ready for that!

This fortnight started off with a lovely weekend spent as a family with lots of lovely walks, I also started running again… I hurt! It’s half term this week so most of our groups are not running which is probably good as it looks like I’ll be waiting in everyday for BT to come and repair the phone line the builders killed when re-rendering. In fact, as it turns out, we pretty much stayed in for the entire fortnight waiting for BT.


This fortnight saw you start to clap properly and also saw you start to kiss us, it is rather cute despite the fact you do this with an open, slobbery mouth or just bump heads together.

In the world: On the 26th October Britain’s war with Afghanistan came to an end after 13 years, crazy to think that your cousin has only ever known us to be at war.

Apart from a runny nose [teething?] you’ve been fine. I, on the other hand, had a nice bout of mastitis on the 2nd. Way to go. Thought I’d left that delight a long way behind me so it’s another load of antibiotics which I hope don’t make you poorly.

I feel your eye teeth are on their way, I thought I saw a flash of white on the 29th but haven’t seen anything since so it was probably something else. Mila already has hers through!

On the 2nd November you started clapping your hands together properly…. And I missed it due to being laid up in bed. It was nice that daddy experienced a first though.
On the 4th you started to kiss which is just the most wonderful, amazing thing ever!

You are showing your loving side now that you are kissing and hugging us. There’s nothing more heart melting than this, I can tell you. You continue to be intrigued by everything around you and everyone remarks on this.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Walking: On the 29th October I assembled the wooden trolley walker granny and grandad bought you. I was going to wait until your birthday but I thought you’d benefit from it now. I was right… You’re addicted! You really shift with it.



Coordination: You are constantly playing with your shape sorter and stacking rings and have pretty much mastered both. You still love using your spoon to scoop food from your bowl but do this as a game rather than to gain sustenance. Clapping your hands together has finally been mastered. You’ve being clasping your hands together and shaking them up and down and taking our hands in yours and making us clap but on the 2nd you finally clapped your own together, a beautiful moment and you looked so pleased with yourself.
Speech: You’ve certainly found your D’s much to Daddy’s pride. You’re also saying words (or, atleast making sounds that sound like words) like hiya and yeah and babble away to yourself quite happily.
Recognition: You certainly know the words for items now and when asked ‘Where’s your crocodile/lion/penguin/bowl/spoon/ball, etc?’ You go straight to the item.

Dancing/bopping is a new favourite whenever you hear some lively music be it on TV, iPod or a toy. It’s an absolute delight to see you starting to enjoy music.
You still love your shape sorter and stacking rings and you’ve also developed a bond with the crocodile Granny and Grandad bought you, this is the first cuddly toy you’ve shown a real interest in, to the point you kiss it and bite it’s feet and look happy to see it.

Well you haven’t treated us to a sleep through again, I knew it was going to be a fluke though you’re not bad. The clocks went back last week which upset us a bit as you were waking at four, which considering it was your 5 couldn’t be complained about.

I didn’t get you weighed this fortnight, I’m saving that for next time.

You’re still not eating lunch from a spoon, favouring nachos or Melba toast as a utensil. You’re also still not interested in anything other than porridge for tea but you do it a wide range of food for lunch so I’m not too bothered.
New tastes: Melba toast

48 Weeks Old

First off, apologies for a near two week delay in uploading this. Builders knocked out our phone line and it took that long for BT to come amd connect us.

This fortnight saw you turn 11 months old. It started off with your first ever Beer & Cider Festival at the Prestongate Inn in Poughill. The PrestonFest was possibly enjoyed more by your Daddy than you but it was nice to get out the house as a family for the day and do something kinda grown-up. I think you were a little disappointed with the band as every time they sound checked you were raring to go, bopping in anticipation, then they’d stop again… We had to leave before they started playing, unfortunately.

Your Granny and Grandad came down for the week too, which was lovely. We had lots of lovely walks and lunches out and Grandad enjoyed playing with you. Granny bought you a crocodile which you have really taken to, in fact, it’s the first cuddly toy you’ve really taken a shine to.


We also went to Boscastle for lunch which was nice as it’s the first time you’ve been there, though lunch was a little disappointing.


Daddy’s been home for the last couple of weeks which has been nice for you to have him around all the time, though I do think this, coupled with your grandparents visit has played havoc with your schedule, in a nice way you understand. However, Daddy went away again on the 20th for a couple of nights so we managed to get you back on some sort of daytime even keel.

This last week we’ve just been doing the usual groups and Music Train. We finished Here’s Looking at You little One last week which is a real shame, we’ve both thoroughly enjoyed it, it was good to learn about your development and watch you interact in a more interactive environment. I got to finish your Learning Journey and bring it home along with a goodie bag containing an egg shaker…. Your new favourite!

All good, you seem to have got rid of your cough and runny nose which I’m still certain had more to do with your teeth than a virus.

I still think I can see some bulging where your eye teeth and bottom side teeth are going to be but your drool has eased off a fair bit so am thinking you’re having a bit of respite from them for the time being.

On the 15th October we received your first passport. Now to book a holiday.
On the 19th it sounded like you said Daddy for the first time. Whether this was a fluke, we’re not sure as you haven’t said it again.

You are becoming more and more inquisitive, something you’ve always shown but these days seem to have stepped up a gear. You’re also showing that you don’t give in easily and your sheer determination to learn something new is quite awe inspiring. You get really lost in what you’re doing showing real focus, you don’t just give up and move on to something else like others can. Trouble is this is also the case when you want to be doing something you shouldn’t (something that could harm you) so I get the brunt of your frustration when I try and distract you into doing something else… A near impossible task.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Walking: You are walking really well these days (with our support, or the support of furniture, of course). You can’t half shift whilst cruising and race along the sofa and units now, then you use other items (such as your jumperoo or a box) to navigate across a gap to another piece of furniture. It’s really impressive to watch. We’ve been trying to encourage you to free stand but this is very early days and you only manage to last a few seconds when we get you properly centred before your knees buckle and you crumple to the floor.
Coordination: You’re busy perfecting using your spoon and bowl at the moment which is lovely to see, though leaves an awful mess in your wake. You’ve pretty much mastered the shape sorter though you struggle when the block’s coordinated hole is on the side of the box. You’re constantly putting things in and taking things out of things and for this reason I have cut out lots of holes in a cardboard box so you can ‘post’ things, which you love.
Speech: You do seem to be forming words now, what they are we have no idea but you’re certainly babbling about something.

It would appear that your item d’jour is a spoon. Of all the toys in this house, your spoon is of great interest not letting go of it from supper, through your bath and afterwards. Posting and putting things into boxes. The crocodile Granny bought you seems to have grabbed your attention as has the Lion Uncle Simon and Auntie Jacqueline bought you when you were born.

Your sleep has still been horrendous with you wanting to start your day at 3/4am which is tiring, to say the least. However, on the night of the 20th you did a complete turn around and slept through the night for the first time ever! A miracle! You were asleep by 1830 and didn’t wake until 0430 then slept again until 0630. Of course I was awake at 12, 2 and 3. The next night wasn’t as good but not too bad, the night after (when your Daddy returned home) we reverted back to three wake ups and a 0430 start. Ho well!

Seeing as you turned 11 months this week I decided to get you weighed again, that and the fact you seem, recently to have got really heavy.
Weight: 21Ibs 11.5oz

You seem to have gone off eating this fortnight, really not sure why but Amy says Coral has done the same. Though you would happily tuck away yogurt and Porridge until the end of time I’ve read that I shouldn’t just give in and give you what you want in the hope hunger prevails, the health visitor shared the same opinion… Hmmmm, that isn’t going to go well. However an idea occurred to me today, as it occurred to me everything I eat you want to have, to perhaps load your food onto something. So I made some homemade tortilla chips and loaded your shepherds pie onto it and it worked, you ate the whole lot!
New Tastes: Houmous, kiwi fruit, quesadilla, homemade tortilla chips which I have discovered are great for loading or dipping.

46 Weeks Old

A busy weekend to start this fortnight with a visit to a Macmillan Coffee Morning at Adventure International to support friends then a visit to a local art event, The Cruel and Curious Sea II at the National Trust’s Stowe Barton to see some amazing works along with our super talented friend Hannah Wheeler. What a spectacle it was, we didn’t manage to go last year as I was ‘heavy with child’ and therefore tucked up in bed by the time it started. Amazing works, bar and food gave it a real party atmosphere with the addition of an exhibition. It’s a shame we couldn’t get to see it at dusk where I’m sure the works would have come alive but it was still an awesome experience in an amazing setting.

Here’s Looking at You Little One continues to be interesting. We’ve learnt about Schemas and Behaviour this fortnight. Although all the activities are a little lost on you as all you want to do is find the nearest thing to climb up. We did have fun with a tent and some tunnels with involved me placing you at the opening of one tunnel and rushing to the other side to coax you through the tunnel and take a photo only to see your feet disappear as you followed me around… on the outside! You loved the playdough, though them making it salty to prevent little mouths swallowing it was lost on you as you popped a piece in, shuddered, swallowed and repeated until I had to take you away from it. Would appear you like salt!

You’re still enjoying Music Train despite the fact you’re usually shattered by the time we get there having not slept since 3am (I shall discuss this further below). Participants are dropping like flies I may add at this point lol.

We filled out your first passport application this week too and sent that off, I’m so excited to get it! Your photos are so cute. We got them done for £8 at Studio Southwest and he was brilliant. You sat on the end of my knees as he meowed and barked at you. I never thought a baby could look like a convict but you kinda do, bless your heart. All you wanted to do was lean into me as I tried to make you sit up straight.


I also lost your toothbrush this week so had to give you your big boy brush which you had no problems mastering. I’m kinda glad you love toothpaste so much, long may it continue that you actually hanker after cleaning your teeth.


You’ve had a bit of a cough this last fortnight, I think this is due to the excess saliva you have due to your teething as you only do it at night when lying down. We’ve elevated your cot at one end in the hope this alleviates it a little and we’ll use see how you are in the next few days.

These are still giving you hell, or we’re assuming that’s why you’re constantly grinding your teeth, drooling and not sleeping. I have a feeling the teeth behind your eye teeth are making your gums tender.

On the 1st October you went from crawling to sitting up, you usually crawl to what you want then roll onto your back to study it but you’ve now mastered sitting up to study or play. It’s far more fluid and you look like a big boy doing it.

Development & Co-Ordination
You’re practising standing unaided now but not managing more than a few seconds. You only use one hand for support these days and tend to lean on things so you can stand and play using both hands.

You are engrossed in your shape sorter these days. It’s always been around as more of a decorative box until recently. At Here’s Looking At You on the 26th September you were playing with a shape sorter and managed to successfully out a couple of shapes, I took this as fluke but decided to claim them anyway. When we got home I got your lion sorter out and sat you in front of it with the shapes and you repetitively picked out the round shape, posted it, opened the box, retrieved it and posted it again, over and over again. The look of concentration on your face is adorable and you stick your tongue out like we do. I’ve introduced other shapes to the mix and you successfully sort them. I’m actually a little in awe of you for this.

I also allow you to play in the kitchen when I’m doing the washing up etc, it’s easier than constantly ushering you out or trapping you in your highchair. I open the Tupperware cupboard and just let you go for it, it’s hilarious to watch.



This is a sore subject at the moment. Let’s start with a positive, you are settled in bed before 1900hrs every night (usually 1800). That’s it for the positives. For the last week you’ve been starting your day at 3.30am after approximately 4-5 ‘normal’ wake ups during the night. Which, I suppose, is a small improvement from the weekend which had you awake from 10pm until 2.30am and then awake again at 5. It’s quite simply torturous, I’m not sure the skin under my eyes can take the weight of the luggage currently stored there. I even thought that I’d take you for a walk to watch the sun rise one morning, I googled when that should occur, apparently even the sun gets to sleep in until 7.30 these days.

A friend posted this picture on Twitter this week as a number of babies your age are experiencing the same shattering sleep patterns, at the moment it’s most fitting.


21Ib 4oz.
I’ve finally had to retire a few of your 6-9 month sleep suits and your 6-9 jeans are a little snug around the waistband which has left us in the position where your 9-12 month trousers are huge, so huge in fact, you crawl out of them.

New Tastes: Cous Cous; Tomatoes on toast; Frozen Frubes
We’ve lifted your strawberry ban this fortnight and I’ve never seen you snaffle something so quickly, it is safe to say you blooming LOVE strawberries. You’ve also returned to using your spoon again, hurrah. Really dumbfounded as to why you stopped using it in the first place but very glad you’re using it again, makes life an awful lot easier. You’re also demonstrating a new skill of putting spoon in bowl and then into your mouth but are yet to load the spoon aswell. Feeding me is also a new thing you’ve developed, on a one for me, one for you basis.

44 Weeks Old

Well our weeks have been quite full lately, they’ve started re-rendering our side of the building and the noise is unbearable so we’ve been out and about as much as possible to avoid it all. Having said that the noise seems to have no effect on your naps at all (ironically), must be the result of us playing all that white noise to you at night.

We’ve been attending Music Train and the usual baby groups along with the Here’s Looking at You session where we’ve been learning about your senses and emotions. We’ve had lots of get togethers with the ladies and babies. It would appear I’m turning into a lady who lunches

Last weekend was the amazing Bude for Food Festival held in the Castle grounds which we attended. It was a beautiful weekend weather wise so it was a huge success and you got to play on the lawn with friends. It was lovely to get out and about at an event as a family. We saw the incredible Martin Dorey do what he does best with a mackerel, although Daddy missed out on a sample as people descended on it like fly on muck before it reached us.

The beginning of this fortnight saw you with a streaming nose, not sure whether it was a cold or your teeth as you seemed ok in yourself however as your nose stopped running you developed a really nasty cough which meant a few sleepless nights for us, I was going to take you to the doctor as I was beginning to worry it was croup but you seem to have shrugged off the worst of it.

On the 25th your upper front teeth made an appearance. I noticed the right one had come through when I was battling you into your pram after lunch at Lauren’s, by the time we walked home the left one had come to play. It would appear Coral’s made an appearance on the same day!

Despite you being in the middle of a long leap you are pretty content, teething aside that is. We can see you’re stubborn by the way you don’t give up on something easily, the times we have to stop you from doing something that’ll hurt you and the way you return to do exactly that as soon as you’re free to is incredible.

Development & Coordination
Standing: You aren’t happy unless you’re standing, cruising or climbing something and are desperate to stand on your own now.
Walking: This is coming on really nicely, you take lots of little steps when holding my hands and rarely do this on tiptoe these days.
Speech: You’re stringing lots of sounds together and are having right little conversations with yourself, we have no idea what these mean, but they sometimes amuse you.

Over and under seems to be a fascination with you these days that and turning things over and over and over again. You’ve really mastered flipping your bowl and have been getting some really good air of late. No matter how many toys are scattered around you you gravitate to an empty box, carton or bowl and just turn it over and over. This can be nerve wracking for me when you decide a large plastic box is your favoured item, tears invariably occur when you get it wrong. I don’t want to stop you though as you get quite engrossed and I know it won’t seriously hurt you.

Your early evening settles are continuing, you are still waking several times a night and come into bed with me from about 3-4am as usual. Naps are hit or miss in the daytime. Mornings can be a struggle and often you go all day with just one nap, you look like you’ve been in a fight on these days your eyes are so dark.

I didn’t get your weighed this fortnight.

New Tastes: Thai Green Curry; Pea, Basil and Paneer Fritters; Balsamic Roasted Tomatoes; Saag Paneer; Rice
The saag paneer actually went down better than I thought, it was quite spicy but you didn’t spit any out. You only ate about 6 spoonfuls but then you haven’t been eating great amounts of late (teeth, I suspect) so your tolerance for spicy heat is obviously deepening.

42 Weeks Old

Compared to last fortnight it’s been a relatively quiet one. You’ve been in such a good place on the whole but by the 10th I came to the conclusion you were definitely in your next leap… Über grumpy baby.

We’ve been swimming in Holsworthy and at Kate’s parents house, you do love being in the water, thank god. We’ve been enjoying the most glorious weather with lots of long walks and plays in the park and on the beach, I’m dreading the onset of winter.

On the 9th we went to our first Music Train session, despite being tired you appeared to like it. There’s lots of singing with actions, movement and play with your friends, Mila, Grayson, Samuel and Corey. Afterwards we had a fab afternoon with everyone.

On the 10th the Life Centre Creative Toddler sessions started again so we popped down for a play. I expected it to be packed but it wasn’t at all. Coral, Buckey and Finn were there though.

On the 12th we started on a 4 week Here’s Looking at You Little One course at the children’s centre. It’s basically a group session where we (as parents) learn how you will develop and ways in which we can enhance this development through play and activity thus lessening your frustrations. It’s brilliant! This week we painted your hands and feet and took some more prints (slightly more successfully than last time). We played in the sensory garden and you even rode a trike, the look of pride on your face was incredible, you looked like a proper little boy!

After this we raced home for a visit from Kieron, Tom and Arty dog. Kieron is my oldest friend having known him since Charmouth Playschool days and then the Woodroffe School and Weymouth College years. I haven’t seen them for far too long and this was the first time they met you. We had a lovely walk and chill on the beach and Arty kept scaring you by barking in the beginning but when on the beach we all started barking when he did until you found it funny instead of scary.

(I stole this image from Kieron, you weren’t looking at the camera for mine)

All good.

On the 1st September I spied a glimpse of tooth on your upper gum (your left front tooth). Not exactly where I expected to see it and of course you won’t open your mouth for the HV so she can check it but I’m 99% sure that’s what it is. On the 11th I spied the other one popping into view too.

Sat and pushed along on a trike for the first time on the 12th September.
Met Kieron and Tom for the first time on the 12th.

You continue to be such a happy, funny, chilled out little boy. Always laughing and smiling despite these teeth coming through. You’re becoming so explorative now the world is becoming bigger to you. You study everything you see so deeply and we can actually see your thought processes sometimes whilst you repeat tasks over and over until the outcome you wanted is achieved, you really are quite incredible.

Development & Coordination
Movement: I’m going to just use this heading now to encompass it all as your sitting, crawling and standing have all been mastered. You continue to cruise the furniture and even stand unaided for a few seconds at a time, the look on your face is priceless… Soooo proud.
Speech: This has come on in leaps and bounds this fortnight and it almost sounds like you’re saying proper words eg: hiya, baba whilst waving. You’re also stringing sounds together which makes it sound like you’re saying a sentence, what this is I have no idea though lol.

You’ve recently learnt that you can flick things away from you and love nothing more than doing so then chasing after that item to continue your little game. Peek-a-boo has returned with a vengeance, nothing seems to crack you up more than when we hide round a corner and reappear and you’ve started to instigate this by hiding yourself behind, or under something. Boxes and balls continue to rate highly in your favourites and you’ve taken to wanting a ball pit ball to come with us when we go out.

Daddy and I have discovered the most hilarious book in Dr Xargle and I can’t wait for when you’re older and can understand it. It’s under lock and key until then so you don’t rip it up.

This is totally erratic at the moment. You pretty much settle for the night between 6 and 7.30 but you’re still waking every 3-4 hours. I don’t know whether this is due to heat, as it’s got warmer again, teeth, leap or just your pattern. I’ve fully accepted that you’re not going to sleep through, EVER!

Getting you to nap during the day is also turning into a bit of a mission, all the fail safes are, well, failing largely. Though this does mean you settle earlier at night, trouble with this being you wake earlierin the morning… I really should go to bed earlier myself.

20Ib 9oz

New tastes: Marmite… You LOVED it! Crumpets. Arancini. Boiled Egg. English Muffins. Coriander.

You are now successfully eating three meals a day and I’m finding that now you’re drinking a lot more water you’re not having as many milk feeds during the day, though you make up for this in the mornings, evenings and at night.

38 Weeks Old

This fortnight kicked off with an epic test… A wedding! Your first wedding! My first wedding with a baby! Babies and weddings are notoriously hard so everyone says. The fact that I had to do the majority on my own because Daddy was a bridesmaid was interesting. It took place at Frensham Heights School and you weren’t too thrilled about sitting down and it was so hot so I stood at the back of the room and jiggled you to keep you happy. You did start squawking (happily, not annoyingly) at one point so I took you outside so as not to disturb proceedings, of course as soon as we left the crucial part took place and we missed their marriage announcement. You did exceptionally well. The rest of the day consisted of us being segregated from the main party because daddy got you to sleep on the wrong side of a very noisy gravel pathway so we all chilled under a big oak tree for a couple of hours.


Then you had a nice play in the Orangery whilst all the speeches were taking place during high tea. It was a great big carpeted room so I could let you loose as you’d been cooped up in your pram all day and you were so bored bless you.


We left at 2000 so we could get you back to the hotel to bed. All in all I was extremely proud of you, everyone cooed over you and said how well you were behaved.


The next day was my birthday, my very first birthday as a Mummy and now I know what my mum meant when she said once you have children your own birthday takes a back seat. Ordinarily I’d be cheesed off that we had to drive back home on my day but I just didn’t care, it was just another day with a few cards thrown in for good measure. Your present to me was a smooth and peaceful journey back to Bude. We went down to Tommy J’s for a drink (Kate bought us a Prosecco as a birthday treat) then back home for a usual evening.

We haven’t done anything particularly exceptional since. I took you over to Budleigh again on the 8th as I had to return a dress to Auntie Sam and we had a nice long walk and play in the park again with Tommy.

On the 11th I had to go into the office so you were cooed over there for a couple of hours and once again behaved so well, you had another fantastic large carpeted room to crawl around on without tonnes of furniture getting in the way like at home.

On the 12th we met the girls at The Weir for a well deserved catch up, we’ve all been so busy with visitors lately it’s been nearly two weeks since our last get together. Luckily we managed to secure the huge sofa so all you babies could be easily entertained, though I regret showing you the fish tank… You were so taken with them that you royally threw your teddies out the pram when I took you away from them, having to distract you with anything and everything until you’d forgotten about them.

A weigh in and usual baby group on Thursday with another catch up afterwards pretty much ended this fortnight.

You have, as I write this blog, finally shaken that wheeze you had. You’re still very catarrhal though and have taken up snoring. There now appears to be a battle on at night over who can snore the loudest, you or Daddy!? At last you feed silently again though, I was beginning to wonder whether you’d ever do it again. You did develop a very nasty rash on your head when we got back from the wedding but I have a feeling it was a heat rash from so much time in your car seat and pram at the weekend, it soon went and didn’t seem to bother you any.

Still no sign of any more though the drool has notched up a gear and you are now favouring my collar bone as a teether which is fun.

On the 2nd you attended your first wedding and I couldn’t think of a better one to attend than that of Jen and Phil. You were so well behaved.
On the 3rd you celebrated my birthday for the very first time.
On the 4th you stood up in your cot for the very first time now there’s no stopping you and even in the middle of the night I wake to see you peeping over the top or gnawing on the top bar.


On the 6th you crawled on all fours for the very first time, it was fleeting and would take you a few days to take it up properly.
By the 7th you were climbing everything and anything and side stepping along tables and chairs. You love this new found freedom of movement but, obviously, have no sense of what will hurt you.


On the 8th you took your first definite and concerted steps (not free of course, holding very tightly onto me)
On the 12th crawling on all fours became your favoured mode of transport… I cried!
On the 13th you clapped your hands together mimicking me.
Finally, on the 15th I had you sitting in your high chair facing a mirror so I could tidy up after an exceptionally messy dinner and I caught you waving at your own reflection!!!

This leap phase is still taking it’s toll. You just don’t know where you want to be. You want to climb into my arms, then you want to be on the floor, then up, then down, ad nauseum. You’re getting very frustrated with things that don’t go according to how you want them and are making it clearly known if you don’t want to do something. Changing of nappies has turned into a battle of wills and you firmly plant a leg either side of your jumperoo seat knowing that I’m putting you in there so I can do something (namely go to the toilet). Other than this you are also super giggly at the moment and it really doesn’t take much to have you in stitches now.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Movement: You are off like a rocket these days and everything you do is super quick, there’s no thinking about things now. It is so tiring! You are climbing everything and anything which has made us look at our furniture in a whole new light, fast realising that NOTHING is child friendly. Everything has sharp and hard edges meaning that I’m constantly cupping my hand around the edges of whatever it is you’ve favoured to climb and play with, I’m thinking of bringing out a range of child friendly furniture, namely padded and wrapped in bubble wrap!!
Standing: You are standing solidly now, with one hand free to explore and on occasion both hands though this has resulted in a few tumbles and one head egg.
Walking: You are side stepping along furniture that you’re standing against and on the 8th you made definite steps when holding onto my hands.
Coordination: This is improving hugely just lately. Your pincer grip is pretty much mastered and you’re marvelling at being able to pick up feathers and small bits of paper from the floor and trying to grab at dust particles that you can see in the air then studying your hand afterwards, obviously wondering where they’ve gone. You pass things from one hand to another without faltering now and open your fist to eat whatever’s inside it. You’ve also begun clapping, although rarely.
Speech: You continue to experiment with sounds and your volume favouring the Ba’s, Ma’s, Pa’s and Wa’s. Talking and laughing in your sleep is becoming a regular occurrence these days, it’s so cute.

Anything musical or anything that makes a noise. You love nothing more than to bang, shake or rattle things with amazing rhythm. You continue to love your books still favouring the “If I Were” Jellycat books. They’re great for pulling you back into line if I can’t be bothered to get up and get you for the thousandth time that day.

No change

I got you weighed this week and you’ve put on an incredible 1Ib 1oz in the last four weeks taking you to an amazing 19Ib 10.5oz and taking you well into the 50th centile. It’s safe to say that you are most definitely consuming enough food now. I’m slowly having to retire some of your 3-6mo clothing, mainly trousers that are fitting a little too snugly. T-shirts still seem to fit you in this size though.

New Tastes: Due to a whole weekend away and a day at a wedding where I wasn’t sure what offerings would be available I bought some Ella’s Kitchen pouches for ease. You had the Vegetable Pie with Lentils and her fruit purées which I figured would be like a yogurt without the fear of going off in my bag. You loved it all and I supplemented it with some bread for some finger foodage. I’ve done a lot of batch cooking too and have trialled some new recipes in Butternut Squash and Basil Pasta Stars, Quinoa Balls with Spinach and Feta and Popeye Sweet Potato. On the 11th you actually ate your first supper, this has been a mealtime that you’ve never been interested in before so I haven’t pushed it on a regular basis.

On the 11th we had our first successful supper, you haven’t shown much interest in this mealtime up until now and I’m hoping that adding it in may mean you sleep a little better (pah… I know!)

I’ve now bought some different bottles to try and encourage more water drinking. I went for an Avent Classic Spout Cup because it’s got a soft spout and you have really taken to it and are now readily drinking from it… Success, at last!

36 Weeks Old

This fortnight saw you turn 8 months old, amazing to think you have been part of me for 17 months now. I seriously can not remember what my life was like before I knew about you. It sounds contrived but it’s true. It was always something friends said when they had children and I never really understood what they meant until I had you. What I did with my time back then is a source of intrigue.


To make up for last fortnight we’ve done quite a lot this time round. The fortnight started with a lovely weekend as a family. On Saturday 19th we did lots of walking, down to The Weir where you and daddy had a nice swing together and you tasted your first chip 😏

Then down to Tommy Jack’s where we saw Kate and Grayson for a little chat. On Sunday you woke up a little wheezy but we decided to take a trip over to Budleigh to see Uncle Dan, Auntie Sam, Ella and Tom. You had your first bounce on a trampoline and you loved it, as did Ella and Tommy who, again, found you fascinating and doted on you. It’s lovely to see you all together, I just wish you were closer in age but there’s not a lot I can do about that one.

You were as good as gold and had a lovely day although that night you terrified us with your breathing at midnight so Daddy and I didn’t get much sleep, you on the other hand slept soundly after the initial meltdown. You were still a bit wheezy in the morning so I took you to the doctors. Of course you didn’t wheeze when we saw him but he checked you over. Your lungs were clear and temperature ok so we just had to monitor you. At the time of posting this you still have it but we now know it’s phlegm that you just need to cough up, it’s slowly going.

The weather has been simply incredible but because of this we’ve been pretty much trapped inside after our early morning strolls so we can literally ‘chill out’ under the ceiling fans. Though the ladies and babies did get stuck with us one Thursday as a massive thunder storm took us all by surprise.

On the 28th I took you home to Lyme Regis to spend a few days with Auntie. I bought an O Baby travel cot but had to purchase an extra mattress from Argos as it’s so hard, a fault all travel cots seem to have reading the reviews. It is nice and easy to put up and down though and doubles up as a play pen it’s so sturdy. Of course you don’t particularly like it as a play pen but it does buy me time to at least go to the toilet or put the washing on.

We had a lovely time at Auntie’s where you were doted on by both her and David who didn’t quib at nipping out and getting you a paddling pool and some fruit to save us a trip. It was so hot but we enjoyed al fresco meals and long walks along the Cobb and Marine Parade showing you my childhood haunts. Caroline and Grace came over to see us too bringing us a cot and highchair so we have one to leave there saving me carting them to and fro.




On the way back home on the 30th we stopped off at Uncle Dan’s so we could drop off Ella’s birthday present and had a nice walk along Budleigh seafront and a naughty sundae. You also had your first sit in a proper swing at the park there, you appeared to like it despite it being a little on the large side.


On the 1st we spent the day in the car driving up to Farnham for Jen and Phil’s wedding on the 2nd. You did amazingly well despite the awful traffic meaning it took a couple of hours longer than we had anticipated. We stayed in fleet at the Premier Inn there. Talking of travel cots, I wish I’d brought the mattress with us that we’d bought. The one provided was awful and you didn’t settle in it for long before we brought you in with us. I was so proud of how well you behaved in the restaurant that evening. It was late when we ate and you were so good, unlike the other little boy that was there screaming the place down (and he looked to be a little older than you).

You’re still holding on to this mucus on your chest so I think I might take you to the docs again on Monday.

Lots of drool, lots of chewing but no sign of anymore coming through just yet.

Trampoline on 20th July.
First doctor visit on the 21st July. It was very strange seeing your name come up on the screen.
On the 22nd you started climbing things… Anything so you’re up on your knees. You look so proud of yourself when you do it and are fast wanting to bring your feet under so you stand but haven’t quite mastered this yet.



By the 24th you were climbing to standing and have since mastered this nicely, even daring to let go of own hand.
An 8 hour straight sleep on the 27th.
On the 28th you had your first night in your new travel cot.
The 29th saw your first time on the Cobb also your first splash in a paddling pool.
First time in a proper swing on the 30th at Budleigh Salterton’s park by the sea.
The 1st saw your first trip along the A303 past Stonehenge… You were thrilled


You’re in a Wonder Weeks leap phase at the moment and are a little more clingy than usual, in fact I can barely put you down without you whinging, crying or crawling over and climbing up me to be held again. Then you spin around and want to get down again, and so the cycle continues. You do love your pram though and calmly sit in it, expecting a trip out no doubt. You love the outside too, in fact you can’t get enough of it which is a shame that it’s so blooming hot at the moment as it means we’re holed up indoors to keep you cool.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Movement: You’re climbing up and over everything now, nothing appears to obstruct you without a concerted effort to conquer it.
Sitting: Mastered
Standing: You’re doing this brilliantly now, with support of course, and you look so proud when you’re up even letting go so that you’re only holding on with one hand.
Coordination: Improving daily. You love tapping and banging things together and rarely miss your mouth with your spoon now except when a little over zealous.

Speech: Same.

Anything and everything that you can climb so you’re in a more upright position. Drumming… You’re properly banging blocks together and on things now and will mimic us when we tap on things that make a noise.n fact mimicking is your new favourite pastime, be it sticking out tongues, drumming, tapping or facial expressions you are mimicking us… It’s kinda cool.

On the 27th you slept a FULL EIGHT HOURS STRAIGHT!!!! You didn’t do it again!

I haven’t got you weighed this fortnight.

New tastes: Chips (naughty I know), Melon, Blackberry, White Potato, Bean Pate, Three Bean Chilli, Macaroni Cheese, tea cake,
You’re finally making a concerted effort to drink now but soon revert back to hurling your cup around. You seem to be dropping some milk feeds at night and don’t seem to be feeding as often during the day either.

Due to a drop in milk feeds (I assume) my cycles have returned which has been met with panic, panic that you will soon no longer need me, stupid I know as you’ll need me for a few years yet but the thought of our special bonding, quiet time together may soon be over is really quite upsetting.

34 Weeks Old

Nothing particularly special happened this fortnight, our cold’s pretty much had us quarantined except for swimming and coffee with the ladies.

Another cold and this one was a doozy. So ill you were we had to cancel your first gig and Daddy had to go and see Elbow at the Eden Project on his own. Was such a shame but it just wouldn’t have been responsible for us to take you out when you were feeling so grotty. We even bought you ear defenders for it.

I’m not sure that you’re not beginning to cut your next two teeth. You’ve suddenly developed an interest in all your teething toys again and if the old wives tale of colds with teeth have anything to go by, who knows!

Your first definite Mama to get my attention occurred on the 5th. You were incredibly grouchy and I’d gone into the kitchen out of sight. My heart skipped a beat.
On the 10th July you did your first total submersion (dive) at the swimming pool, you handled it so well.
Jumperoo/Poo incident, don’t think we need a date but I did promise I’d put this in the blog 😂
On the 15th you (officially) ‘slept through’. From 2100 until 0440 you didn’t wake once, when you did you fed and settled within 15 minutes. I felt awesome the next day. At the time of completing this blog entry you hadn’t repeated this.

You are a determined little man and now you’re so mobile your determination is only more evident. You refuse to give up and despite your frustrations your perseverance shines through. You have started giving proper hugs and understand what kisses are now and willingly partake showing your loving side which melts my heart every time.

Muscle Development & Coordination
Movement: You still haven’t progressed to a proper crawl from all four rocking yet but you have put the accelerator down on your commando crawl. Jeez Louise the cat’s in for trouble.
Sitting: You’ve nailed this now, the only time you do topple is if you look round too far or are tired.
Standing: You’re desperately trying to pull yourself up into a standing position on your own using the sofa, or your cot, it won’t be long until you master this.
Coordination: Your pincer grip is starting to develop and you’re practising it at every given opportunity, usually with something on the carpet, to my dismay.
Speech: You continue to practise this a lot and we often laugh because you come out with definite sounds that seem like words such as: “Hiya”, “Nah”, “Abba”

The cat! What more can I say. The poor old soul is being terrorised now you can crawl, though your commando style does allow her plenty of time to move out your way, not that you give up easily. You’re a persistent little monkey and follow her behind armchairs, under tables, into the kitchen, it’s hilarious to watch but she better watch out when you finally master proper crawling.

I hate to tempt fate but this seems to be improving, you have actually slept through with one wake up a fair few times recently. I’m not saying it’s every night but the odd night is better than nothing and on the 15th you slept for a solid 7.5 hours. Whether this is to do with your cold or the fact you’re so active now who knows but it can continue please. This, of course, doesn’t mean I’m getting much more, in fact probably less because I wonder why you’re not waking up lol. You have taken to lying face down more and more now too wis a mild worry but we have the monitor on so I shouldn’t fret really.

Weight: 18Ibs 9.5oz
I’m finally having to discard a lot of your 3-6 month clothing now, mainly trousers as T-shirts still fit. This has caught me off guard as the weather has been so good lately you’ve just been in rompers, on a chillier day I realised you have no 6-9 month trousers, oops

You continue to enjoy your food and new favourites include blueberry pancakes, croissant, sweet potato, pizza toast. You still prefer to hoy your cup around rather than drink it’s contents but I’m trying a few techniques that friends have recommended. I think we’ve finally cracked you handing the spoon back to me instead of hoying it on the floor which benefits the carpet whilst penalising Lolly



It never ceases to amaze me how quickly you are growing up and developing. I can’t quite comprehend that you will be 8 months old on Tuesday, this month has galloped past.